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Who would you rather have a beer with?

March 29, 2008

Russel Crowe

My wife and I just finished watching American Gangster.  Although I didn’t like how it glorified a drug dealer, murdering gangster, much like Bonnie and Clyde did in the late 60’s, it none the less a pretty good movie. 

After the film we watched the making of the movie on disk two.  It was interesting  and all but at the end was the best quote of all.  Russell Crowe, who played the detective who finally brings Lucas down.  He plays a honest cop in a city full of corrupt ones.   Anyway, he is talking in this documentary about the real Frank Lucas and states that “I would rather have a beer with Frank Lucas than with Dick Cheney.”  So, let’s see…a former drug lord, murdering piece of scum or the Vice President of the United States?  Hmmmmm….

Of course, what do you expect from someone who throws phones at people?  Let’s just get a moratorium on the Hollywood Elite and be done with it.

 (BTW, here is a nice quote from a good article on Frank Lucas talking about one of his murders):

“He started cursing, saying he was going to make me his bitch and he’d do the same to my mama too. Well, as of now, he’s dead. No question, a dead man. But I let him talk. A dead man got a right to say what he wants. Now the whole block is there, to see if I’m going to pussy out. He was still yelling. So I said to him, ‘When you get through, let me know.’ “

“Then the motherfucker broke for me. But he was too late. I shot him. Four times, right through here: bam, bam, bam, bam.

“Yeah, it was right there,” says Frank Lucas, 35 years after the shooting, pointing out the car window. “The boy didn’t have no head. The whole shit blowed out back there . . . That was my real initiation fee into taking over completely down here. Because I killed the baddest motherfucker. Not just in Harlem but in the world.”

Then Frank laughs.


I heard a Tiger cry…

March 27, 2008


Did you happen to catch Tiger whining and crying about how the cameraman screwed up his swing on the 9th hole at last weeks tournament?  Man!  What a baby!  Have you watched the replay?  He is in mid-swing when the shutter goes off.  Now, if you are already committed to the swing, a simple click of a shutter should not screw you up that much.  Especially not someone like Tiger Woods.  Heck, Brain Surgeons even jam to Ipods while they work.

This brings up a good moratorium.  I’m really sick of how much quiet these golfers need.  This latest blubbering is just the last in a long line of them.  It is so pathetic how these professional golfers need complete and utter silence in order to make a shot.  Let’s really see how good these guys are when they are shooting that free throw in front of thousands of screaming and waving fans.  Or that place kicker, in OT, having to make that field goal to win the game in front of thousands of screaming fans in the dead of winter.  There is NO comparison at all. 

I’ve heard people compare Tiger to Jordan or Elway or others in other sports.  Hardly!  Golf is a completely different category.  You cannot begin to compare the athletes and their talent to each other. 

I believe the simple fact is that the little click of a shutter is just an excuse for being off his game.  If Tiger had nailed that shot and gotten birdie would we be hearing this?  No way.  Fact is, he choked and now has an excuse.  What a baby.

Wouldn’t it be great to take all the best golfers and put them in a match that was akin to a football stadium on Sunday afternoon?  THEN we would see exactly how good they are. 

A moratorium on whining, crying golfers who need total silence is on the table.

Arlo and Janis

March 25, 2008

If you have never read Arlo and Janis, drawn by Jimmy Johnson, you need to check it out.  I LOVE it.  Been reading it since High School back in the 80’s.  He writes/draws a couple like no one else can.  It’s the perfect sitcom on paper with a bonus – no stupid laugh track. 

 Check it out.  Especially this one. 


March 24, 2008


Don’t you Love the suburbs? I do. I grew up in a suburb and LOVED it.  I wouldn’t want to think about living elsewhere. 

Let’s get a moratorium on those anti-suburbs people.  The people who insist that suburbs are ruining America.  Heck, if it wasn’t for suburbs I wonder where everyone would live!

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

March 24, 2008

Guess who is NOT in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? 

Kiss, Yes, Genesis, T Rex, Alice Cooper, Grand Funk Railroad, Chicago, BTO, Deep Purple, Guess Who, Linda Ronstadt, Moody Blues, ELO, Bad Finger, Blood Sweat & Tears, Blue Oyster Cult, Boston, Cars, Cheap Trick, Dire Straits, Doobie Brothers, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Bad Company, Heart, Humble Pie, J. Geils Band, Jethro Tull, Joe Cocker, Journey, Mitch Ryder, New York Dolls, Peter Frampton, Rush, Procol Harum, REO Speedwagon, Steppenwolf, Steve Miller, Styx, Ted Nugent, Warren Zevon, Pat Benetar…

This is just a partial list!  I mean, there probably would be no Madonna without Pat Benatar yet she just got in.  What a crock.  It’s all commercial now.  How sad.

 Anyway, let’s get a moratorium on the lame induction process for the hall of fame and get some of these cornerstones in there!

What party?

March 24, 2008


I have written moratoriums on the media before and I have probably mentioned this before but I thought it deserved a post all by itself.  As you may have heard today, the mayor of Detroit was charged with perjury.  In this article, from USA Today, there is no mention AT ALL of what party he belongs to.  Funny, huh?  No mention he is a Democrat. 

When the whole Elliot Spitzer thing came to light a few weeks ago, you had to read down to the middle or end of most articles to find out he was a Democrat. 

Why?  When it is a Republican, it is usually the first line.  Usually they have something such as “Mark Foley, Republican…” or something of that nature.  You usually don’t have to read and read and search and search to find what party he belongs to.

Can we get a moratorium on crap like this? 

Coffee and TV

March 22, 2008


Ok, so this one is minor and will seem, to most folks anyway, pretty lame but it still BUGS me to no end.  I’m referring to when people drink coffee (or other drinks in a mug) on TV.  You can always tell that there’s nothing in it.   They will walk around the room with it and you never see any slosh over the side.  They talk and use their arms as they express themselves and no liquid ever spills.  They put it down on the table and you can see, because of the camera angle, that there is nothing in the cup.  I gotta tell ya, it drives me crazy.  If they are going to be so damn meticulous on wardrobe and props and such, why skimp on the beverage? 

It’s along the same lines of the actors who drive in a show or movie and almost never look at the road.  They just constantly look at the passenger.  Strange Brew has a great example of this.  If you haven’t seen the movie go, right now and rent it.

I don’t know.  It just has always bugged me so, I got a blog, I write about it!

Crying at work

March 22, 2008


Hey, I’m sorry, but don’t cry at work.  Or, at least don’t sit at your desk sobbing uncontrollably.  Call me callous and call me mean but the office is not the place for that kind of drama. 

Now, before you jump down my throat, do you really think I am referring to the woman (yeah, it’s 99.9% women.  The men who do are just wanna be women) who just got the phone call that her Husband was killed in a head on collision with a truck?  Or the woman who was just told she has six months to live?  Please.  I’m crass but not that much.  I’m talking about something completely different.

Just what am I referring to?  The women who can’t keep it together.  They get off the phone will a demanding client and they…they just…it’s…”He’s just so mean!” and the waterworks start flowing.  She starts to fan herself with her hands (why do they do that?) and starts to sniff and sniffle and look around to see how many people are watching the drama unfold.  Pretty soon others are coming over with the pat, pat, pat “It’s ok Ruth, I never did like that client too much…” 

PLEASE!  Take it to the ladies room!! 

How about the ones who just got dumped.  They come into work the next day, a wreck and start to wail and moan at the drop of a hat.  Or, how about the ones who get a bad review or they get talked to about something they did wrong or messed up on.  They hold it together until they get back to their desk then, as they tell you the story, they have to grab the tissues.

I’m serious here.  Take stuff like that outside or to the ladies room!  Other people don’t want to hear it!!  I’ll never forget when one chick was talking to her ex on the phone.  She started to cry and she was wheezing and sniffing and making EVERYONE around her uncomfortable.  No one wanted to meet her eyes and everyone just sort of looked the other way.  Get out of your seat, go to your car and let it out there.  Not in the office.

About 4 years ago I was filling in for my manager.  I was busy doing my work and I looked over at my co-worker “Sue” and she had her head bent down, one hand over her eyes and her chest was heaving.  She blew her nose once and I could tell she was sobbing.   I had to go get one of her co-workers and say “Hey, Beth..can you go see what’s wrong with Sue?  Why don’t you take her outside.”  First of all, do you really think me, a guy would have done much good? Secondly, with everyone so friggin’ PC these days, if I had gone over there and she had said her Lezbo girlfriend had just dumped her and then if I would have giggled or rolled my eyes it would have been “Hello HR!”. 

Anyway, Stephanie Rosenbloom of the NY times wrote a great article on this a few years ago.  I remember a friend of mine at work (yes, a woman) gave it to me.  She totally agreed and would always say, “They just need to hold it together!”.  It’s a good read.

So, how about a moratorium on women crying at work.  Say…25 years?

Jesus Marketing

March 20, 2008


Are you as tired of ripped off logos as I am?  Is it me or does the church do most of this?  From T-shirts to VBS to retreats Church’s around the country seem to lack creativity or something.  They just can’t help themselves, I guess.  They see a popular logo or movie and have to change it just slightly to make it their own.   I mean, stuff like this just screams “We have no originality, no creativity, we are just lazy!” 

What really cracks me up is that many of these same people who stand up and preach against Hollywood have no problems at all ripping off the current hot movie title to slip into their VBS or sermon series. 

Some people I know will say “No,’s a clever way to evangelize.  See, people will see your shirt, think it says one thing but once they get up close they see it is actually about the church and then that will open the door for you to talk to them!”  No.  It’s just lame. 

I used to have a great shirt that really got conversations going.  It said “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.  Jeremiah 1:5.”  The only thing that ripped off was the Bible. 


March 19, 2008


Ok, can we get a moratorium on this Obamamania.  I mean, take a look at the Liberal Mark Elrod site.  The guy and his pointy head, pompous followers are just about passing out whenever Obama burps.    Check out some of the comments by Elrod:

 Obama said, we can either keep making race and religion an issue in American politics and imposing an informal religious test to candidate, or we can move on to something more substantial.

Sorry to break it to Elrod but the only person making this about race is Obama.  Here is more:

I’ve been thinking a lot about all of the sermons, chapel talks and other speakers I’ve listened to over the years and not walked out on or condemned.In most of those cases, I was just being polite but I can see where someone might conclude (incorrectly) that I agreed with everything that was said because I didn’t say “I don’t agree with everything he just said”.

Give me a break.  Elrod is actually equating the hate mongering SERMON of Obama’s Minister to listening to something and not leaving because you are being polite?  What a joke!  Check out this from one of Elrod’s lapdogs:

The conservative right is determined to make race an issue.

Sorry Dude but the ONLY one making race an issue is the guy who supposedly “transcends race”. 

Here is one of the best ones by some dude named JH

White people have used black people like chattel for many centuries. White people still treat black people very badly. Black people are angry about the way they have been treated in the past and continue to be treated today. Black people complain about it, sometimes bitterly. White people have a cow.Looking at the situation as impartially as I can, I’m tempted to go even farther than Rev. Wright. Shut up, white people. You’re being ridiculous.

First of all, this dude NEVER looks at ANYTHING impartially.  Second, let me get this straight, if your black, because of slavery, you can say ANYTHING you want and others just have to accept it?  Actually, this is the Liberal bed-wetting victim philosophy.  Liberals always throw “victims” up as spokespeople so you can’t refute anything they say.  They do this with 9/11 widows, with minorities, Cindy Sheehan and others.  They can say anything and if you say anything against them it’s “What are you doing? Don’t you know she lost a son in Iraq? How dare you!!!!”.  Can you imagine what these Jersey Wearers would say if Pat Robertson said something like this?  They would not only crucify him but they would lump Bush and the rest of the GOP in with him because they firmly beleive in guilt by association…except when it’s a Liberal, then it’s different.  What a joke.

Of course, you can’t really blame Elrod and his little puppies.  They are only doing what he does best.  Be a hypocrite.  Elrod is always one of the first ones to rip into the GOP and point out guilt by association but never with a Liberal.  He was blogging about the Mark Foley scandal almost before Drudge got to it but didn’t post a thing about Eliot Spitzer for about a week.

 Anyway, unless something changes, it looks like I might get that Moratorium I have been calling for on Hillary so maybe I should start calling for on on Obama.  Wait! Scratch that.  I’ll just call for a Moratorium on Socialists and that should cover them all.