Lenin = Commie = Lennon


So, today is the anniversary of the death of John Lennon.  You’re not hearing much about it today as it is not a major date (such as the 25th or 30th).  It really bugs me every time it comes up though.  Not that it was not tragic.  We did lose a great musician/song writer (ok…mediocre songwriter).   We didn’t really lose a great humanitarian though.  We lost a father who decided to completely ignore his son from his first marriage as if it never happened.  We lost someone starving for attention after the collapse of the Beatles phenomenon.   Most of all, we lost a posing socialist commie. 

Have you ever listened to the lyrics of his most famous song?  The song that critics still, to this die, have mini orgasms over? 

“Imagine there’s no Heaven…and no Religion too.”  No, John.  I don’t want to imagine that.  That is what Marx, Lenin and Stalin would have us do. 

“Imagine there’s no countries, It isn’t hard to do, Nothing to kill or die for…”  Yes, let’s have one big world economy and see how long we survive.  I remember you were so enamored with no countries that you became a US citizen.

Here is the best one:
“Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can, No need for greed or hunger, A brotherhood of man, Imagine all the people, Sharing all the world”  Yeah, John.  I notice that before your death you were giving up all your millions, your homes and your life style for the “brotherhood of man”. 

As you can clearly see, that song is nothing more than a Communist manifesto.   Just as with so many of the leftist wackos that are running around Hollywood today, or the Global Warming nut jobs, he wanted all this…but ONLY for others, not himself.

Do you really think he would be as revered today if he was not Anti-war?  If he was pro capitalism?  Heck no!  His death would be another footnote of classic rock tragedies such as Jim Morrison or Janis Joplin.  If Paul had died, we would not be celebrating the anniversary of his death even though Paul was a much better song writer/musician than John could ever hope for.  Look at the works of Paul from the time the Beatles broke up to Johns death then look at what John did. 

As for being such a remarkable song writer…whatever.  Throw up songs such as Townshend’s “Love Reign O’er” or Springsteen’s “Thunder Road” or even “Gimmie Shelter” by Jagger/Richards against Lennon’s and his pale in comparison.  Lennon wrote tripe such as “Imagine” while Paul wrote “Yesterday”. 

You want someone whose song writing should be revered, it is Warren Zevon yet most people don’t even know who he is and couldn’t name a single song.  A guy of moral virtue he wasn’t but he sure knew how to write a song.  Most people, if anything, only know “Werewolves or London” or “Lawyers, Guns and Money” but his collection of works is stunning.  I fell in love with his music, sadly, after his death.  His lyrics were pure genius and blow away anything that Lennon and Yoko put out.  If you really want to hear good songwriting, buy his last album (that he made in the last year of his life when he knew he had cancer and only months to live) called “The Wind” and I guarantee you will become a fan and want to hear his earlier works.

 Anyway, can we please just have a moratorium on celebrating John Lennon as some mystical god-like musician…at least until the 50th anniversary of his death.

Oh!  And isn’t it strange that we “celebrate” these deaths as an “anniversary”?


48 Responses to “Lenin = Commie = Lennon”

  1. shunha7878 Says:

    Where can I find more information like this. My daughter is reading a book about how great John Lennon was and I would like to balance it out. I am still mad I bought his records when I was a kid.

  2. wow Says:

    please tell me this is a joke. its people like you that make the world stupid. if stupidity were outlawed… you two would be the first to go. shunha, i feel VERY sorry for your daughter, please stop messing her up.

  3. Roland Says:

    Nice response Wow. You talk a lot like Obama. A lot of words but not point.

  4. Steve Says:

    There’s way too much stupidity in your comments to even acknowledge, however I will try. John Lennon was a monumental voice of peace and freedom in a time when the world needed it. He was in fact one of the most influential song writers and musicians of recent times. Even years after his death he still has people like us debating his purpose in life. He touched a world of people who needed something positive to embrace, and he did it with his God given passion for music. True, he was not perfect – is anyone. He had personal issues in life just like everyone, but who are you to be the judge of his issues. I would say if someone dug into your life like you obviously have Mr. Lennons there would be a few skeletons in your closet as well. Anyone who would say John Lennon didn’t live his life trying to better the world must be an over the top ass. Love ya man, but me and the rest of the world think you need to shut the hell up and get a life. Really, SF

  5. Roland Says:

    Yeah, “Imagine” is such a great song. In fact, he believed in it so much, he gave away all his riches for…oh! Wait. He didn’t.

  6. hfgffhfh Says:


  7. Dexter Says:

    Your an idiot whats wrong with you. Why would you even make this website its just about putting people down. Who are you to judge lennon. what have you done with your life thats so great and personaly I think its people like you should be on this website

    P.S. Roland no maybe he didnt give away his ‘riches’ but maybe thats because the world he described in the song Imagine DOESN’T exist. I don’t no if you got that, that MIGHT be why its called IMAGINE.

  8. Roland Says:

    “I don’t no”. lol. That is classic!

  9. Freddy45 Says:

    it is people like you who destroys the world with you “idiocracy”, your ignorance and your stupidity!!! John Lennon was a god and he never said such a thing! John Lennon just wanted peace for the world! John Lennon just wanted to do something for the world! When evrybody was too afraid to speak he stood up and spoke! when he saw injustices he fought! he was the voice of a lot of people! So no! John Lennon was not a god but we have to admire him and what he tried to do and the GOOD influence he brought upon the people on that time (except the bloody bastards like yourself who want to see the world blown up in pieces)! He was a great musician and I think it’s an aberration to try and compare it with everyone else! What counts anyways are the words! but ignorant idiots like yourself only criticize the sound ( which is awesome by the way and has inspired and influenced MANY other songwriters after him) so shut the fuck up and open your fucking eyes you assfuck and stop babbling and crying because you stupid monkey brain can’t understand the truth of things!

  10. P&C Says:

    Wow, what an intelligent comment, Freddy45. And nice use of the word ‘fuck.’ You must be some kind of genius!

  11. AvaP. Says:

    I am always amazed at how people say this guy was such a humanitarian and all he wanted was peace. All I ever saw him do was write songs and drum up peoples emotion with rallies and a lot of talk. People who really care about people actually DO things like take meals to people, mow old ladies grass just because it needs to be done, take care of people in their communities…not blab about “world peace” and create emotional riots! It’s all for attention. Show me someone who does it without the media and then and only then we can call them a humanitarian! John Lennon..please.

  12. A concerned teen Says:

    John Lennon is an inspirational song writer and singer. He still has an impact on this generation. I know he has on me. It is sad that you would even compare Lenin and Lennon. Two different personalties completely. It is like comparing Bush with Hitler (I don’t think he is Hitler it is just something I heard from chats).
    If it is true that Lennon was indeed a commie, which to me it just sounds like you’re just insinuating something that you just don’t know about(You sound like a little like McCarthy, and it frightens me), why is it so bad?
    Communism is not bad. It is a idealistic idea that unfortunately would never work in this world which is full of greed, envy, and mass murderers like Stalin and Hitler. I would actually prefer communism over to capitalism because it seems capitalism only works for the rich or the ugly thing we call our Congress, who gets bought out by the lobbyists. George Washington must be rolling in his grave.

  13. Roland Says:

    That’s right..George Washington who himself was wealthy as were all the founders.

    What was wrong with McCarthy?

  14. A concerned teen Says:

    Well McCarthy and Palmer(1st Red Scare) destroyed the lives of many by persecuting civilians based on their beliefs, which violates the 2nd amendment. Also most of their victims weren’t commies in the first place.
    Well at least Washington did something for this country and fought with his country men instead of invading a country that was no harm to us and sit in his oval office drawing pictures. Washington is a better man than any one in the government nowadays.

  15. Roland Says:

    Teen, you might do well to actually read the Constitution then maybe readdress your comments, esp the one about the 2nd ammendment.

  16. Chris Says:

    Actually, you are just interpreting the lyrics in the way that suits your agenda. Anyone can twist lyrics, especially Lennon’s, which were colorful and used references and analogies. The fact is that you really don’t kow what he meant… you’re just shooting in the dark and getting off on someone that you obviously have a personal issue with. And while we’re talking about songs John wrote, let’s don’t forget Revolution: “Before you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, You ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow”. If my memory serves me correctly, Mao was a communist leader. And how about “All You Need Is Love”,
    “Merry Christmas (War Is Over):… promoting peace.

    You said: “… even though Paul was a much better song writer/musician than John could ever hope for.” Well, that is solely YOUR opinion. They were both amazing songwriters and they BOTH account for 95% of all Beatles lyrics… and a team. As far as a muscian, John was MUCh better, hands down. Paul wasn’t proficient in playing bass in the beginning… until Sutcliffe left the band and Paul had to step up on bass. Lennon learned to play the banjo at age 11, then to guitar and organ. So they were both great muscians, but Lennon was more talented (my OP).

    But this is not a comparison between the two. This is just your tyraid about one man that you simply just don’t like. Trust me son, you are in the minority. John’s lyrics were about so many different things and really left a lot to imagination. Look at “Lucy In The Sky”, “Come Together”, “HELP”, “Day Tripper”… etc. Many differnt meanings, many different interpretations.

    He was anti-war and pro-peace… so what’s wrong with that. You say he was a communist; that’s only your small opinion. You mention the he sanf about giving away possessions, but never did. Well, so what? Many artists sang about similar things, and doing other great things to promote peace of their personal cause… but they don’t do it either.

    Bottom line: Lennon was a brilliant songwriter and a great muscian. Without him, we’d never have had The Beatles… no doubt. You’re critical of his work, calling it “medicore”. I find that funny considering the fact that some of the most respected music critics in the world call his work, and I quote, “The mark of a true lyrical genius”.

    If you don’t like him or his work or what he stood for, then fine. I’m sure that none of the fans will lose sleep over it. But you have many holes in your game and have misconstrued the facts and have twisted history to your benefit. Try again, jounior.

  17. Socialism « The Moratorium Site Says:

    […] In regards to Capitalism?  I think it’s clear where they stand.  Sounds like she and John Lennon have MUCH in […]

  18. Roland Says:


    Let’s see…all the songs you listed were BEATLES songs. That means they were Lennon/Mccartney songs. Not simply Lennon ones.

    Nice try Chris.

  19. Chris Says:

    “Come Together” was written by Lennon, as well as “Lucy”. Never-the-less, the only thing you responded about is your claim that I made an error (which I didn’t). Seems that you danced around the major points of my comment, which is really not surprising given your previous posts and comments.

    And by the way, you said they were BEATLES songs… but who do you think was primarily responsible for the formation of The Beatles? Who do you think sanf lead vocals on over 90% of all Beatles songs? You seem to like the Beatles, but hate John Lennon. I think it’s ironic considering that, as I stated before, without Lennon there would’ve been no Beatles. John was the driving force behind them through the early years. Not Best, not McCartney, not Sutcliffe, not Harrison, not Starr: Lennon. In fact, Lennon’s voice is is the one associated with The Beatles, so is many of his guitar riffs And his controversial lyrics, like in “Lucy”, have left their mark in music history. John was also responsible many, many of Beatles songs. They were just credited as Lennon/McCartney.

    You try to put-down John Lennon simply because you didn’t believe in what he did, thus allowing you to interpret (or misinterpret) his lyrics to fit your cause. And you speak of McCartney like he was an angel. Let’s forget the fact that he, along with Best, were arrested and deported from Germany on charges of arson. How about his attitude, the one that gave him somewhat of a reputation of being a jerk? What about all the fighting with Yoko (who I don’t like) and law suits regarding the songs? What about Paul wanting to retain control of all the music he and John wrote? What about him wanting to have the credits changed to McCartney/Lennon. Nice to do all this after John’s death. I like Paul and think he’s great. But he’s not the angel and lyrical god that you made him out to be. On the same token, John isn’t what you alleged in your post.
    You can’t argue against facts. And you can’t argue Beatles with me. Nope, won’t happen.

  20. Roland Says:

    Go and look at the song writing credit for all those songs. They clearly say Lennon AND Mccartney.

  21. Roland Says:

    Facts? The fact is, Lennon was a Socialist. Not only in the song “Imgaine” but in many interviews he spoke about people having too much. About how people need to learn to live with less. How communes are so great. In the song he talks about and advocates socialism. Imagine no posessions, imagine no country, imagine no religion. Simply because he says “imgaine” does not mean he didn’t actually mean it.

  22. A concerned teen Says:

    Oh my bad it is the 1st. The 2nd is about how Red Necks have a “right to bear arms” or can shot innocent animals and people.

  23. Catherine Says:

    Do you realize his ideas? You’re interpreting the fact that he thought spiritualism was good….especially compared to materialism was bad. He was encouraging others to do it…not trying to start up riots but let people realize what they need to do and what would be best. Oh, and those songs were mostly and almost ALL of Lennon…not as much McCartney….Idiots like you have no business putting down people who were great..people who DID change the world…and the way he did it was with his music…

  24. AvaP. Says:

    You all are sad. This is some dude who LEFT HIS CHILD to pursue his selfishness and you call him “great”? Here are a few quotes from this peace loving genius (from Rolling Stone)

    The reason why kids are crazy is because nobody can face the responsibility of bringing them up. Everybody’s too scared to deal with children all the time, so we reject them and send them away and torture them. The ones who survive are the conformists — their bodies are cut to the size of the suits — the ones we label good. The ones who don’t fit the suits either are put in mental homes or become artists.

  25. AvaP. Says:

    “I don’t know which will go first – rock ‘n’ roll or Christianity”

    “Jesus was all right, but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It’s them twisting it that ruins it for me. ”

    I am amazed at how many people “worship” this guy? HE IS JUST A GUY and believe it or not he did not change the world.

  26. liberal Says:

    “Go and look at the song writing credit for all those songs. They clearly say Lennon AND Mccartney.”

    First, it’s a well-known fact that, after Sgt. Pepper’s, Lennon and McCartney wrote almost completely separately from each other. So your argument is void. “Revolution” was written entirely by Lennon. The only reason all those songs say “Lennon/McCartney” is because they agreed they would always share credit. It doesn’t mean McCartney actually helped him write those songs or that he ever shared the same views.

    Second, the point of “Imagine” is not to promote communism. Rather, it’s the exact opposite. Lennon understood that a utopia could never be forced upon its people by a government. People are inherently too corrupt. “Imagine” is about making a personal change. It’s about people making the decision to live in peace, not one communist government ruling over the entire world.

    Third, people don’t worship John Lennon. Or at least, sane people don’t. He carried a good message and he spoke it eloquently. He was not the first to do it, and he won’t be the last. To worship John Lennon would be to go against the very ideals he stood for.

    And finally, John Lennon didn’t just abandon his first son to pursue his selfishness. He got a divorce. Thousands of parents do it every year. And, for the record, John Lennon disappeared from the music scene for a great deal of time to spend more time as a house-husband and a father with his second son, Sean. In his last years he also managed to get a great deal closer to his first son, Julian, before he was killed.

    Basically, your entire article is based on misinterpreted song lyrics and a lack of research into John Lennon’s life. Gotta love the internets, eh?

  27. Dude Says:

    Liberal, whether he meant it as a song about Govt. or just about individuals, he is saying the same thing. He is saying no individual but all corporate.

  28. Yeah... Says:

    If you didn’t know, the song Imagine was about a Utopian society not even CLOSE to communism, and why should he give his ‘riches’ away? He earned his money and assholes like you would just look at it as a publicity stunt and crucify him for that too, get over yourself.

  29. AvaP. Says:

    Beg to differ with you…according to Cynthia (his wife) after the divorce he would “periodically” see his son and, according to a Dallas Morning News article, Julian” was subjected to repeated violent outbursts and mocking criticism by his father. John Lennon once so severely criticized the boy’s manner of laughing that, to this day, Julian rarely laughs, Cynthia Lennon says.”
    I know it is hard to hear the truth but face it he was dick to his kid! Everyone knows that Sean was the “GOLDEN CHILD”…and if you are a kid that is abandonment in your eyes! He didnt even go to his christening when he WAS married! As for you saying people don’t worship him, look around and see how angry people get if you even mention anything negitive about him. They go crazy! (case in point) Totally offended like you have blasphemed! Personally, I see that as worship. Again, just because a bunch of people say this guy changed the world doesnt make it so. Sorry.

  30. liberal Says:

    Wow. Okay, so you’re getting your info from some random ass newspaper in Dallas? How the hell would they even know any of this? I guess you read the tabloids frequently, too.

    Straight from Lennon: “Sean was a planned child, and therein lies the difference. I don’t love Julian any less as a child. He’s still my son, whether he came from a bottle of whiskey or because they didn’t have pills in those days. He’s here, he belongs to me, and he always will.”

    More: Julian Lennon played drums for his father on one of the tracks from “Walls and Bridges”. John encouraged his son to get into music in the later years of his life and taught him some of what he knew.

    Plus, John and Cynthia got a divorce when Julian was about 3 years old. He barely ever saw his father. Julian, in every interview I’ve ever seen him in, has been really laid-back and seemed to be a happy person. He hardly seems to be traumatized for life, and the account of John attacking the manner in which he laughed is completely untrue.

    No one is saying John was a good father to Julian. But the tabloids have taken that story and blown it exponentially out of proportion.

  31. AvaP. Says:

    you are obviously not a parent. To think that one of my kids would ever read “Straight from Lennon: “Sean was a planned child, and therein lies the difference. I don’t love Julian any less as a child. He’s still my son, whether he came from a bottle of whiskey or because they didn’t have pills in those days. He’s here, he belongs to me, and he always will.”
    blows my mind! WHAT a dick! I only used the DMN because of the direct quote from Cynthia. What it comes down to is that when you like someone you justify their behaviour. All I am saying is that he portrayed himself as such a peace lover yet he couldnt even have peace in his own home! He beat Cynthia ( to many quotes to site here) for dancing with someone! WOW peaceful dude! Enough said. I am sure we both have better things to do than try to get the last word in on this a-hole….he is dead and all of this doesnt amount to anything.

  32. Allie Says:

    yeah fuck you. he was a great person. you don’t know anything. imagine was about an eutopian society so fuck off. you suck as a human being

  33. Politics & Culture Says:

    It’s so refreshing to hear from gentle, peace-loving people like Allie. John Lennon would be so proud.

  34. alex Says:

    your are a fucking retard

  35. Politics & Culture Says:

    Ah, another sensitive, peace-loving liberal. Way to go, Alex!

  36. Mikey Says:

    Well, im no politician. But i do know greatness when i see it. John Lennon was an outstanding person, your only reason for busting on him was your interpretation of the song Imagine. Thats cool. But you need to look at his life in general instead of one song. It is like writing a review on a book after reading one page. And you know what. What have you done to change millions of peoples lives and be one of the more influential non politicians in history. Remember back then if you werent for American wars. You were a communist. And this is a serious question, like I actually want to know. Where in the Constitution of this great and glorious nation does it say we need to police the entire world? Does the United States actually separating from the British not prove that every group of people have the right to the government they choose? I love America and I love being free. But if my memory serves me correctly we made this government with no help from any other nation. Should we not let them develope as we did and hope that they get it right?
    Got way off topic. My bust

  37. Roland Says:

    Hey Mickey, I agree. I don’t think we need to police the world. In fact, I don’t think Govco should be giving trillions in aid to other nations. That might sound harsh but if they didn’t do that and then, in turn, lowered taxes so we actually had more money, we would, in turn, give more. Private companies and individuals usually give more to humanitarian relief than Govco ever does.

  38. Evermarked Says:

    *sigh* So here I was looking for pictures of Lennon when I stumbled onto this site. I wish I could say that I had not heard all of these arguments for and against Lennon before, but I have.
    Firstly, Lennon was a self-proclaimed Socialist. Socialism, while it carries an ugly stigma in the United States, is the basis of most modern monarchies and oligarchies. It attempts to utilize the government’s resources to better the entire country. The major difference between it and Communism is that in a communist state, the people work for the betterment of all with the government making the decisions on how it should be doled out to the masses. It is a subtle difference but it creates a vast void between the two.
    On paper, Communism is not a bad theory. The problem arises, as it has every single time, that once a person or group of people take power they are loathe to spread the wealth. That is when Communism leads to Fascism. I highly recommend, if you want a better understanding through metaphor, reading Animal Farm by George Orwell for a greater explanation.
    Back to Lennon, however. Being a Socialist, he was opposed to war for very obvious reasons. He did utilize the limelight that had been cast on him to spread his word. I see no difference in that and what Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (as well as countless others) do to bring awareness about global issues to the masses. Sure, it comes off as preachy sometimes, but we all do when we feel strongly about something and want others to feel the same way. Needless to say, Lennon rubbed many people the wrong way with his very outspoken manner. Billy Graham had the same effect and for the same reason: He spoke out against the norm and refused to be silent.
    Finally, as far as his son goes, Lennon was not a great father. I do not believe he professed to be one, however. And yes, it does smack against everything he sang about when he chose to favor one child over the other. Truth be told, we all have our own hypocrisies. Every single one of us. Myself, I believe in recycling and composting, buying organic and taking care of our enviroment. My hypocrisy: I own a 1990 Chevy Blazer, full-size with 33 inch tires and I get about 15 miles per gallon. And I love every second that I drive it. That is the ugly, naked truth about being human: We are ALL imperfect. So take off your fig leaves and bask in your imperfections. It is what makes you human.

  39. Evermarked Says:

    Ok, I couldn’t take it: You are seriously comparing John Lennon to Warren Zevon?! This is not some “Lennon-Is-God” fan talking, but a guy with an unending love of music. Warren Zevon is not even in the same category as Lennon. I am not talking about talent but merely musical style. Granted, ROCK as it is known today was not yet fully established at their time. Instead most music fell into Pop or Folk with a little leanings towards rock with bands like The Who and The Rolling Stones. Warren Zevon was pop. John Lennon was most closely related to folk. Your comparison is like comparing Brittney Spears to Eddie Veder. Even if we ignored their opinions and public lives, talent-wise they are in two totally different arenas of music. You want to hate Lennon, go on and knock yourself out, but at least complain that he wasn’t as popular as talented groups like The Byrds or Crosby, Stills, and Nash, or that he stole thunder from bands that could have made it big like Stealer’s Wheel, all of which are closer to the folk-rock that Lennon produced.

  40. Roland Says:

    Warren Zevon…pop? Please. Do you even know any of his songs besides “Werewolves of London”? Is that why you find much of his music under Rock AND Folk? LOL…is that why he won, in 2004, a Grammy for Best Contempoary FOLK album and another for Best rock Performance by a duo?

    Until you learn a bit more about what you are talking about, don’t bother posting.

  41. Evermarked Says:

    In 2004 he might be Folk, but at the time he was not. You cannot compare today’s categorical reference to that time frame. They simply did not exist. Warren Zevon and John Lennon were two totally different types of musicians. Period. Love or hate of either one aside, they are as different as night and day. I have nothig against either musician and think both are good in their own right. Zevon might be a closer fit to Weird Al since they both took the comedic, dry, and sataric approach to music. If you don’t believe me that Zevon was and is pop, go to allmusic.com and see what music critics rate him as: singer/songwriter, pop rock, hard rock, album rock. No folk rock anywhere. And by the way, do not use the Grammy’s as the definitive expert on music. Those guys thought Jethro Tull was Heavy Metal.
    As far as me learning a bit more about what I am talking about, I have provided sources for my viewpoints as well as valid counterpoints for yours. If you wish to continue, please avoid the needless insult banter.
    Oh, and my personal favorite of Zevon is not Werewolves in London, which is trite and irritating, but instead I prefer Excitable Boy and I’ll Sleep When I Am Dead.

  42. Roland Says:

    Not talking about just 2004. Talking about his whole time frame. Check out any number of articles or reviews and they speak of Zevon as folk or rock. Not pop at all. Frank and Jesse James, Desperados under the eves, Roland the headless thompson gunner, reconsider me, dirty life and times and my rides here are anything but pop.

    Unlike Lennon until he was dead, Zevon was referred by the greats.

  43. Evermarked Says:

    I still don’t see how you can compare the two. While Zevon was great (and this is not to say Lennon was greater or less than him), he and Lennon are just not close enough to be a comparative equal. There just aren’t enough similarities in the two for a good basis of comparison.
    Whether or not a musician is referred by the greats is not a method of determining value. I think Warren Zevon was a great musician, but that argument of being referred by greats begs the question of what about greats who “referred” one-hit wonders or almost-famous type bands. To use my own previous example, Stealer’s Wheel was heralded as a possible European equivalent to Crosby, Stills, and Nash however they went virtually nowhere as far as “greatness” is concerned.

  44. GregWilliams Says:

    I grew up on The Beatles 2nd handedly, with my brother’s 8-tracks. They became my music standard for creativity, imagination, and excitement, and remain there, musically.

    But despite the enjoyment had by their music, you gotta admit, the political philosophies of JL were the philosophies of Communism in its purest form. As Utopian as it may seem to sing about, it’s been proven, by the fall of the USSR and the deaths of millions under Communist regimes throughout the 20th century, that “the world will (NOT) be as one” by those means.

    I won’t stop listening to the Beatles or John Lennon. I will speak up when truth needs to be told, as unpleasant as it may seem to be.

  45. Roland Says:

    Yeah Greg, I still like the Beatles (but honestly don’t think they were as great as they are made out to be) and will still listen to them. Just like Springsteen. I don’t care for his views and some of his songs I roll my eyes at but they guy makes good music and his live shows….wow!

  46. British Commie Bastard Says:

    You’re just an ignorant Fascist pig, and deserve to have your brains blown out…that’s if we can find any brains in that thick numbskull of yours. You murdering Yank arsehole.

  47. Max Says:

    John Lennon was the singular most influential and brilliant songwriter in the past 100 years. Paul is definitely up there, but his stuff is much more conservative compared to John’s. Strawberry Fields Forever and A Day in the Life (mostly John’s) were much more revolutionary and brilliant than anything that we’ve seen in the past thirty years. And by the way, I wouldn’t call a man who went into self imposed exile for five years ‘starved for attention’

  48. desmond whittle Says:

    I find your comments really rich, little good has ever come out of the usa so one would not expect an american to understand the concept of image or being a world citizen. America, acountry of near bankrupt freeloaders who breed assassin to kill a talented man like John Lennon, i mean they even bred assassinnd to murder a talented president and his brother and a freedom fighter like Martin Luther-King. I found your comments on Hohn Lennon to be rubbishy.

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