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December 25, 2007



Hillary Impoding

December 14, 2007


As any faithful reader of the Moratorium knows, the two most asked for and repeated moratoriums are on Global Warming and Hillary.  Well, things are looking rosy for us here at the Moratorium site.  It appears that the Hillary camp may be imploding.  They keep losing more and more footing to Obama. 

Yesterday, Bill Shaheen, the national co-chairman of the Hillary campaign, resigned after suggesting that the voters ask Obama if he was a drug dealer.   What a joke!  We are always hearing how Conservatives are such racist pigs yet here is the first, legitimate, black candidate for President and all the Democrats do is rip him apart and actually use the old stereotype that all blacks are drug dealers.   Where is the outrage?  Trent Lott makes a silly comment to an old man on his 100th birthday and he is forced to apologize and it was demanded he step down yet Hillary does it and you hardly hear a peep from the mainstream media or from the holier than thou DNC.

Don’t count your chickens but we may be able to claim a victory soon for all the hard at work staff of the Moratorium Site and our demanding of a moratorium on Hillary.

Bob Dylan

December 11, 2007


Along the same lines as Lennon, another artist that is SO overrated is Dylan.  I just don’t understand the way the press as well as other artists bow down to him and his lyrics.  I mean, if his voice doesn’t turn you off, his face has got to!  If he had a decent voice, I could probably get into his stuff but when you throw that face and that voice together with typical liberal rhetoric, it is just such a downer.

 Just as with Lennon, if Dylan had not been singing his anti-war songs or his political mumbo jumbo he would be just another forgotten has been from the 60’s.  

Actually, the only thing I really like of his is the stuff he did with the Traveling Wilburys.  Now THAT was good.

Let’s have a moratorium on bowing down at the feet of Bobby.

Lenin = Commie = Lennon

December 8, 2007


So, today is the anniversary of the death of John Lennon.  You’re not hearing much about it today as it is not a major date (such as the 25th or 30th).  It really bugs me every time it comes up though.  Not that it was not tragic.  We did lose a great musician/song writer (ok…mediocre songwriter).   We didn’t really lose a great humanitarian though.  We lost a father who decided to completely ignore his son from his first marriage as if it never happened.  We lost someone starving for attention after the collapse of the Beatles phenomenon.   Most of all, we lost a posing socialist commie. 

Have you ever listened to the lyrics of his most famous song?  The song that critics still, to this die, have mini orgasms over? 

“Imagine there’s no Heaven…and no Religion too.”  No, John.  I don’t want to imagine that.  That is what Marx, Lenin and Stalin would have us do. 

“Imagine there’s no countries, It isn’t hard to do, Nothing to kill or die for…”  Yes, let’s have one big world economy and see how long we survive.  I remember you were so enamored with no countries that you became a US citizen.

Here is the best one:
“Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can, No need for greed or hunger, A brotherhood of man, Imagine all the people, Sharing all the world”  Yeah, John.  I notice that before your death you were giving up all your millions, your homes and your life style for the “brotherhood of man”. 

As you can clearly see, that song is nothing more than a Communist manifesto.   Just as with so many of the leftist wackos that are running around Hollywood today, or the Global Warming nut jobs, he wanted all this…but ONLY for others, not himself.

Do you really think he would be as revered today if he was not Anti-war?  If he was pro capitalism?  Heck no!  His death would be another footnote of classic rock tragedies such as Jim Morrison or Janis Joplin.  If Paul had died, we would not be celebrating the anniversary of his death even though Paul was a much better song writer/musician than John could ever hope for.  Look at the works of Paul from the time the Beatles broke up to Johns death then look at what John did. 

As for being such a remarkable song writer…whatever.  Throw up songs such as Townshend’s “Love Reign O’er” or Springsteen’s “Thunder Road” or even “Gimmie Shelter” by Jagger/Richards against Lennon’s and his pale in comparison.  Lennon wrote tripe such as “Imagine” while Paul wrote “Yesterday”. 

You want someone whose song writing should be revered, it is Warren Zevon yet most people don’t even know who he is and couldn’t name a single song.  A guy of moral virtue he wasn’t but he sure knew how to write a song.  Most people, if anything, only know “Werewolves or London” or “Lawyers, Guns and Money” but his collection of works is stunning.  I fell in love with his music, sadly, after his death.  His lyrics were pure genius and blow away anything that Lennon and Yoko put out.  If you really want to hear good songwriting, buy his last album (that he made in the last year of his life when he knew he had cancer and only months to live) called “The Wind” and I guarantee you will become a fan and want to hear his earlier works.

 Anyway, can we please just have a moratorium on celebrating John Lennon as some mystical god-like musician…at least until the 50th anniversary of his death.

Oh!  And isn’t it strange that we “celebrate” these deaths as an “anniversary”?

Green Hanukkah

December 6, 2007


 So, have you heard the latest from the Global Warming pot heads?  I guess that every candle that burns down to the bottom produces 15 grams of carbon dioxide.  They are now suggesting that those of the Jewish faith light one less candle during Hanukah to “save the atmosphere.” 

 I know, I know…I sound like a broken record but PLEASE can we get a moratorium on these Global Warming nut jobs?