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You know, I like Bruce Springsteen.  I really do.  I have 8 of his albums plus a box set.  I have seen him in concert twice.   I really like Jackson Brown as well.  CSNY, also.  I really enjoy many rockers who write protest songs.  I just picked up the latest Eagles album and there are some on there.  It’s still a good album. 

Well, listening to the Eagles album got me thinking about these songs.  I really don’t mind the generic protest songs.  CSNY have a great song called “Clear Blue Skies”.  Yeah, it’s an environmentalist song but it is still very good.  I am a Patriot by Jackson Brown is another good one.

 I gotta tell ya though…the protest songs I hate are the specific ones.  Neil Young singing “Impeach the President” or “American Skin” by Springsteen just irk me.  Be as general as you want.  Sing about anti-capitalism or wars in general but don’t go singing about pulling our troops our of Iraq or the Rodney King verdict.  What happens then is that 30 years down the road you try listening to that song and it just sounds so lame. 

“Street Fighting Man” by the Stones is a great song that transcends time.  Yeah, it was written about the war in Vietnam but is doesn’t get specific so you can listen to that song and it can apply to any time frame, not just the 60’s. 

Oh, and while we are at it, no one wants to hear you preach at a concert.  Just shut-up and sing.




2 Responses to “Protest Songs”

  1. Howard Gibson Says:

    How about it’s only rock n roll, or the spoof, it’s a protest against impotence

  2. Tina Says:

    “Street Fighting Man” was used as an anthem during an anti-illegal-immigration protest held in Atlanta in June.

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