Toyota Sienna Commercial


Ok, is there any commercial more annoying than the one for the Toyota Sienna?  This Dad comes out to the van, all covered in paint and obviously finished with some huge project.  He opens the van and his kids are in there with headphones on playing cards and watching a DVD.  The Dad proceeds to tell them about the treehouse he finally finished after four weeks.  His kid asks him if it has leather seats, a stereo system or a DVD player.  The exacerbated father sighs “no…” and the kid then proceeds to say “no thanks” and dismisses the Dad. 

 There are so many things wrong with this.  First of all, a treehouse is every kids dream.  Second, what a bunch of lazy ass kids – if your Dad is building something for you, you better be out there helping.  Third, the Dad is portrayed as just a doormat for the kids.  He just walks away, defeated by a 8 year old.  Lastly and most important, what a bunch of spoiled brats!!  If my kid just dismisses me like that after spending four weeks building him something he is getting yanked out of there by his ear, the DVD player in the van is coming out for good and he is losing any privileges he had for at least a month. 

Sadly, this is the kind of society many people live in.  EVERYTHING revolves around their kids.  Their priorities are Kids, Spouse, Job.  They plan everything around their kids.  Their vacations, their homes, even their friends.  They throw these HUGE parties for them and I’m not talking about the MTV Sweet Sixteen crap either.  These parents have these large parties for their 2 year old at some Jungle Gym place, invite 20 people and spend $300 on something the kid won’t even remember. 

HEY!  It’s not all about your kids.  What happens when they move out and it’s just you and your wife?  You will have spent so much time, energy and money on your kids for so long you won’t know what to do with yourself or your spouse.

Anyway, I guess I got carried away.  It started as just a rant about a stupid annoying commercial but, as happens many times, art imitates life and reflects how society truly is.  Let’s just get a moratorium on annoying commercials, spoiled brats and doting parents and be done with it!


5 Responses to “Toyota Sienna Commercial”

  1. Karen Says:

    There are so many things wrong with what you wrote!!! What is the mater with you?
    First of all I don’t think I would call the two boys lazy ass kids! For one it’s wrong to talk about kids that way and second of all when you were sitting on your LAZY ASS watching that commercial on TV the two boys were making good money for a job WELL DONE! Then when you moved your LAZY ASS to the computer to rant about it, the commercial probably came on again and they made even more money! Now all you can say is that you spent your day pissed off about a commercial and then went and wrote nasty things about two little children.
    Maybe you should get some help for your unhappy childhood that you clearly are referring too!
    Maybe you could try looking at this commercial as a normal nice person would and you would see that it is FUNNY!!! Toyota is just trying to show you how nice the van is! It’s too bad you don’t get that.
    How do you know that the boys mother didn’t just buy the van for them that same day and they were trying to show her how much the liked it? Maybe she had to work two or three jobs just to get enough money to buy it because her husband spent all his time building things instead of working.

    These kids are NOT spoiled brats and society is just fine, but sadly there are negative people like you in it! Oh and by the way it’s okay for it to be all about the kids for a while. They aren’t children for very long and if you were a nicer person maybe you wouldn’t have to worry about what will happen with you and your wife when the kids move out. You could start by spending less time and energy on the computer being such an ass. I know if I were her when the time came I would get in my nice new minivan and get the hell away from you!

  2. Ben Says:

    dude. its a commercial. get over it. it wasn’t meant to offend of upset anyone. just take a breather and a laugh at the commercial. (thats one of the reasons why commercials are here) all toyota was doing was showing us how awesome their van is. and in case you didn’t know this, but the people in the commercial are actual actors….. duh!

  3. Roland Says:

    Sadly, Ben, you miss the point in that the commercial is a commentary on how many live their lives and raise their kids.

  4. Robin Says:

    I never saw this commercial, but would agree wholeheartedly with you. Parents and men in general are portrayed badly on television and in commercials. Karen’s response is an unfortunate reflection on the lack of parenting in America today. The first thing I thought when I read the original post was lazy kids too. They should have been helping and making the treehouse a family project. I know it is just a commercial, but all too real.

  5. harold hansen Says:

    Hey dude! Thank you so much for posting this! The post was really helpful, thanks again!

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