Useless resolutions


Congress is now looking to pass a resolution condemning Turkey for Armenian genocide of almost 100 years ago. 

WHY?  This is just useless feel good political crap…or it’s a way for the Liberals in congress to be able to demonize Bush once again.  I mean, if they really want to demonize him, I can give them a list of real, legitimate things to do it with.  All this will do is allow them to call him a “genocide denier” when he vetos it. 

The thing that really pisses me off is it could cause disruption in the Iraq war.  This resolution has already upset Turkey so much they recalled their ambassador.  They are a key ally in the war and all this will do is weaken that relationship.  Once weakened, it could very well lead to worsen the war when things finally are looking up over there (something the Liberals just cannot have). 

Of course, Dr. Elrod at Harding University is all for this resolution (only because Bush is against it, of course).  Check out this idiotic, wimpy-ass quote from him:

“If we want to be a great nation and not just a powerful nation in the eyes of oppressed people, we need to walk the walk, even when it hurts.”

Did you notice something in that quote?  The word “if”.  You mean we are not a great nation already?  Oppressed people don’t risk their very lives to get to this country?  If you ever needed an example of hippy mumbo jumbo rhetoric, all you need to do is browse his blog.    We won’t even discuss his post where he just about wets himself talking about Gore.

 Anyway, isn’t it time Congress stopped wasting time on useless things like this?  Hey! I’ve got it! How about a moratorium for 50 years on this?


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