Jersey Wearers


I can’t stand ’em!  Those people who wear a certain Jersey either with a big ‘R’ or big ‘D’ on it.  The people who are so blinded by their jersey that their mind slowly closes and they refuse to even listen to other ideas.  It’s enough to make you want to write a blog about it!!

 Now, I’m talking about both sides here.  Yes, I know, I rip Liberals all the time in my blog however, if you take the time to read, you will notice I really don’t have many good things to say about the GOP or about President Bush.  I try to be as open minded as I can.  I am, or try to be, as true to a real Conservative as possible.  Sadly, not many in the GOP are conservative these days.  Also, there are just so many things to make fun of Liberals on that I tend to blog about that more.  🙂

Seriously though, those people who are so critical of a Republican President then when their side does the same thing, you don’t hear a peep out of them.   Those kind of people lose all creditability when they do things like that.  A great example is the Feminist movement.  They are so blinded by the big ‘D’ on their chests that when Bill Clinton did things and was accused of things that, in other times, when send them out, knives raised, screaming their lungs out, they were conveniently quiet…all because it was a Liberal and not a Conservative who was under fire.  Conservatives are not much better.  Things that President Bush has done, that they would be going crazy over if it were a Democrat, they don’t say a word about.  Like I said, it happens on both sides (however, due to the extreme slant in the media, it is more easy to point out how much it happens with the Left).

The media is another example.  You have all these groups out there who cry and whine and moan about Fox News and their Conservative slant yet where is the moaning about CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and NBC who are so far to the left it’s not even funny? You don’t hear a peep…because of the jersey.  Speaking of the media, folks like Sean Hannity just make me want to puke with how big the ‘R’ is on his chest.   Limbaugh is another (but at least he can be funny).  Ann Coulter as well but not as bad a Limbaugh and Hannity.  Of course, on the Left you have just about everyone else in the media.  I do enjoy Neal Boortz though as he takes swipes at both sides. 

I feel really sorry for those kids on college campuses with the professors who lean so far one way or another and actually teach that way.   Dr. Mark Elrod at Harding University is one of those.  He has a blog that a friend of mine turned me on to.  The sad thing is, it is all one sided.  Only Liberal.  If you try to post a legitimate argument, if it makes sense and actually refutes what he wrote, he refuses to post it.  If you try to take a shot (a clean shot I might add) at a liberal – say a silly joke – he will not post it but has no problem posting ones about the GOP.   There are too many instances to bring up when he posted something negative about the GOP when the exact same thing was going on or had happened on the Left.   Sure, it’s his site and he can do what he wants but this is a Political Science Professor!!  You would think he would be open minded and actually want to engage his students in free flowing thought and debate.  Can you imagine being in his classroom?  From what I have heard, it’s the same thing.  He shuts you down when you try to bring up any sort of hypocrisy on the left or from him.  He is so blinded by his jersey that he refuses to even listen to any other argument.   By the way, this is the same professor who once said:  

“I’m a Democrat because I believe that party has a better track record on two things I believe in very strongly: tolerance and free expression.”

Sorry…the milk is spewing out of my nose I am laughing so hard at that quote from him.  I wonder, does he also teach hypocrisy 101?  John Leo has a great article  that you should take some time to read on free speech on college campuses.

I give a lot of credit for those folks who do a 360 degree eye poking.  Those who can take the jersey off and actually call a spade a spade.    Neal Boortz, as I said, is one.  Juan Williams with NPR actually does a pretty good job from time to time.  Bill O’Reilly is ok but he is such a jackass that I can’t listen to him.    There are others out there in print and on TV or the radio who at least try to hit both sides.  They try to take the jersey off.  I try to here as well. 

Anyway, let’s get a moratorium on jersey’s and get some more open minds out there. 


4 Responses to “Jersey Wearers”

  1. Politics & Culture Says:

    I’m with you on this one. Sean Hannity is one of the worst — I can hardly stand to listen to him (and I’m a conservative!). I like Glenn Beck — he is definitely not a Jersey Wearer.

    Your comments about Elrod are right on target. I have experienced his censorship and intolerance firsthand. He (and his cronies) love to put down and ridicule conservatives and conservative ideas. But he does not like to have his ideas challenged or made fun of. He can dish it out, but he can’t take it.

    His blog has become nothing more than a bunch of self-righteous liberals patting each other on the back. Its really sad, because it could be a great place for interesting discussion.

  2. Great Post « Politics and Culture Says:

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  3. jdproctor Says:

    In defense of Dr. Elrod, I bring my libertarian ideas there semi-frequently and have never been “censored.” Clearly I’m just one person, and can’t speak for anyone else, but I haven’t had a problem with it.

    Yes, I do think it’s funny that people still think the Democrats are the party of tolerance and free expression. They may have a decent historical record, but I’m not feeling those ideas coming from their direction today.

    Also, I really like this blog and your concept. You should definitely post more. We don’t want a moratorium on moratoriums (moratoria?).

  4. Roland Says:

    JD, thanks. I used to post quite a bit but just got too busy. I hate it because I have a lot of saved drafts that I just need to finish.

    If you ever think of a moratorium, let me know.

    Concerning Dr. Elrod, I only know that some of mine have been censored and now two other people I know have had theirs censored as well. I just feel he needs to be more open there. I understand he doesn’t want crude things said or nasty things said about the University however those are easy to catch and censor. Just censoring me because I made fun of the fact that he, Dr. Elrod, was silent on a certain issue that made the Democratic party look bad is just sad.

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