Evil Business


Where did responsibilty run off to?  How about it’s elusive cousin Common Sense?   Check out this exerpt from a Washington Post article:

 “The U.S. economy is going to take a hit, though no one can say when or how big. Government’s challenge is to limit the damage — especially to low- and moderate-income borrowers — without protecting lenders and investors from the consequences of their own bad business decisions.”

WHAT?????  So, we need Govco to bail out these folks who decided to buy a home they couldn’t afford?  A home they just had to have (along with that huge SUV, flat screen TV and digital cable).   Oh, and while we are at it, SCREW the businesses.  We will give all the help (via your tax dollars) to the individual who made a bad business decision but not to the business who took the chance on that individual?  Who took the risk that they would pay?  What a bunch of BS!

Hey, I am all for punishing the business that was engaged in fraud.  That was engaged in lies and deceict.  That was, perhaps, unethical.  They need to be brought to justice or stopped from continuing.  I am not for Govco business bailouts at all.   Don’t get me wrong.  I think it is just as absurd.

The bottom line is this: while I am compasionate towards individuals who made a poor decision, to simply bail them out is not teaching them one damn thing.  Ok, can Govco help me out?  I really screwed the pooch on a few business decisions of mine in the past…can I get a lump sum from Govco to help me out? Reaping what you have sown is difficult sometimes.  For individuals AND businesses.

No moratorium this time…simply a call for indivual and business responbility and common sense to return.


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    […] 5, 2007 Once again, The Moratorium Site says what I’m thinking better than I could have: WHAT????? So, we need Govco to bail out these folks who decided to buy a home they couldn’t […]

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