No.  Not that guy from “What’s Happening“.  I’m talking about these new shows that have 3 or 4 new episodes then 3 months of reruns then 2 new ones then another month of reruns.  They save all their stuff for Sweeps time but it makes me sick.  Give me shows like “Lost” or “24”.  They usually run their whole series without interruption.  Yeah, I know that “Lost” had a 2 month break in the middle of their season 3 but that is much different from having to always ask “Is The Office new tonight?”.  With other shows you KNOW it is. 

Also, shows back in the 60’s thru 80’s had much longer seasons then they do today.  What’s up with that?   Are they running out of new ideas?    I’ve got an Idea…stop making Hospital and Lawyer shows and concentrate on NEW ideas!!!

Let’s get a moratorium on reruns during the regular season.  We want NEW shows!!!


One Response to “Reruns”

  1. cmoore Says:

    This drives me insane… what happened to a show running for an entire season before showing the re-runs???

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