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September 30, 2007


Ok, who was the idiot who thought of these stupid menus on DVD’s?  You know, when you want the menu screen to come up so you can either choose to run the movie, scan thru the chapters or pick something else and you have to wait for the little short movie clip to roll before you can choose?  It’s on all the Star Wars movies and a lot of the Simpson’s DVD’s to name a few. 

For example, all I want when I start the Simpson’s DVD is to go to the show selection screen so I can pick the show I haven’t watched yet.  I have to wait for Homer to do a little dance (every time) then I pick the show then I have to wait once again for him to finish the dance before it starts the show.  How about on Star Wars.  All I want is to select the commentary feature but first I have to watch a 10 second clip on a space battle then I pick the documentary feature then I have to endure another 5 seconds of the end of the space battle before it goes to another screen with yet another movie clip.



Hillary Care

September 19, 2007


So, Hillary unveiled some of her proposed heath-care plan.  I wasn’t sure I believed some of the headlines…but they are correct and once again smack of socialism.  They smack of more Govco in our lives.  Here is a priceless quote from her:

“you have to show proof to your employer that you’re insured as a part of the job interview — like when your kid goes to school and has to show proof of vaccination,” 

She also goes on to say that her plan would require every American to buy health insurance and give tax credits and subsidies to help those who can’t afford it.   You HAVE to.  It’s required.  If you decide to go out and buy it yourself you will face a penalty. 

WHAT A CROCK!!!  And people actually want to elect her?  Do you really want someone to tell you that you HAVE to buy something? 

To show you what a true idiot she is, she went on to compare mandatory health insurance to how States require you to have insurance before you can drive.   What she fails to point out is that it’s only if you want to drive on public roads.  If you choose to walk, you don’t need car insurance.  If you want to drive on your own private property, you don’t need car insurance.

 I know I sound like a broken record but can we PLEASE get a moratorium on Hillary for at least 20 years!!!!!!

 OH! By the way…can anyone please show me where in our Constitution it states that Govco is required to provide health care…or force it on us.  Or, can you show me where it states that free heath care is a right.

Anti-Smoking Nazi’s

September 15, 2007


Ok, I gotta tell ya…I am so sick of these anti-smoking Nazi’s!!!  These people need to get a life.  It’s a legal product.   If you don’t like me smoking (not that I do…except for a choice cigar from time to time) then leave!!!  If these people spent half of the energy they expend to hound the smokers on tracking local sex offenders or on keeping criminals behind bars, we would have much safer neighborhoods.

 Oh and I ain’t just talking about these wacko groups.  No, I’m talking about your friendly neighborhood GOVCO.  What is it with these cities, counties and states enacting all these smoking laws?  Forcing businesses to ban smoking?  What happened to private enterprise?  If a business chooses to not allow any smoking, shouldn’t that be up to them? If they have smoking, can I not choose to go elsewhere?  Besides, IT IS A LEGAL PRODUCT!!!!!  The very fact that Govco makes SO much money off the sale of cigs then turns around and bans it is outrageous!  If smoking is so bad, then BAN it!!!

 Here are a few examples of how bad it has gotten:

Smoking is now considered in movie ratings.

 Woman fired for smelling like smoke.

A man in the UK is refused medical treatment until he stops smoking (but wait!  I thought Mikie Moore told us how wonderful the UK Health Care System is).

Maine banned smoking in the privacy of your own car.

Can we get a nice long moratorium on these Anti-Smoking Zealots!

Evil Business

September 4, 2007


Where did responsibilty run off to?  How about it’s elusive cousin Common Sense?   Check out this exerpt from a Washington Post article:

 “The U.S. economy is going to take a hit, though no one can say when or how big. Government’s challenge is to limit the damage — especially to low- and moderate-income borrowers — without protecting lenders and investors from the consequences of their own bad business decisions.”

WHAT?????  So, we need Govco to bail out these folks who decided to buy a home they couldn’t afford?  A home they just had to have (along with that huge SUV, flat screen TV and digital cable).   Oh, and while we are at it, SCREW the businesses.  We will give all the help (via your tax dollars) to the individual who made a bad business decision but not to the business who took the chance on that individual?  Who took the risk that they would pay?  What a bunch of BS!

Hey, I am all for punishing the business that was engaged in fraud.  That was engaged in lies and deceict.  That was, perhaps, unethical.  They need to be brought to justice or stopped from continuing.  I am not for Govco business bailouts at all.   Don’t get me wrong.  I think it is just as absurd.

The bottom line is this: while I am compasionate towards individuals who made a poor decision, to simply bail them out is not teaching them one damn thing.  Ok, can Govco help me out?  I really screwed the pooch on a few business decisions of mine in the past…can I get a lump sum from Govco to help me out? Reaping what you have sown is difficult sometimes.  For individuals AND businesses.

No moratorium this time…simply a call for indivual and business responbility and common sense to return.


September 2, 2007


No.  Not that guy from “What’s Happening“.  I’m talking about these new shows that have 3 or 4 new episodes then 3 months of reruns then 2 new ones then another month of reruns.  They save all their stuff for Sweeps time but it makes me sick.  Give me shows like “Lost” or “24”.  They usually run their whole series without interruption.  Yeah, I know that “Lost” had a 2 month break in the middle of their season 3 but that is much different from having to always ask “Is The Office new tonight?”.  With other shows you KNOW it is. 

Also, shows back in the 60’s thru 80’s had much longer seasons then they do today.  What’s up with that?   Are they running out of new ideas?    I’ve got an Idea…stop making Hospital and Lawyer shows and concentrate on NEW ideas!!!

Let’s get a moratorium on reruns during the regular season.  We want NEW shows!!!