McDonalds Lounge

McDonalds Lounge

Driving back from a weekend trip a few weeks ago, we stopped at a McDonald’s.  I like McDonald’s.  Always have.  Now, with kids, it makes long trips all the better since they get a new toy to play with.  Anyway, the one we stopped at was really nice.  They had flat screen TV’s, nice soft chairs set up coffee house style and just an overall relaxing, clean feel about it.  I know that on my long trips back and forth to college, it would have been so nice to kick back in a recliner for a half hour and eat lunch before getting back on the road instead of sitting on a hard 20 minute bench (20 minutes because that is all you can take before you have to leave).  I found this article online.

I like it!  Let’s get a moratorium now on all the other fast food restaurants, especially Burger King and Taco Bell that ALWAYS look and feel dirty when you eat in.


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