Bridges, Govco, Pork and the Blame Game


So, within 24 hours of the horrible bridge collapse up in MN, the Liberals were already finding ways to blame the President or Republicans for it.  Their battle cry is that all the money being “wasted” in Iraq could have gone to shore up the infastructure of Americas highways and bridges.  Come on now, say we hadn’t gone into Iraq and all that billions of dollars was there…do you really think the Democrats would have saved it?  Hell no!! They would have found some way to spend it (like they would ever give it back to the people).  That money, no matter what, would have gone to something else besides securing bridges and roads because the mantra of Govco is, don’t fix it UNTIL it’s broken then just tax the people for it.

 You want to know what the good Govco of MN is using tax payer money for?

  • The Bailout of the Minneapolis Teacher’s Retirement Fund
  • $30 million for Zoo exhibits
  • $12 milion to renovate a theater
  • A  new $700 million stadium for the Twins
  • A Vikings ship model for $1 million
  • A $500,000 skating rink
  • $1 million for a replica Vikings ship in Moorhead
  • Nice, huh?  These Politicans complain about having no money for roads or Police or this or that yet they find the money for their pet projects and what is worse, many of these projects could easily be paid for by who the project will benefit.  In the city of Charlotte, NC, tax payers paid for a brand new arena for the NBA Bobcats which is owned by Bob Johnson.  You know, the founder of BET?  This guy has billions yet the CITY paid for the whole arena.  Well, the people paid for it.  What a joke.  They pay these criminals  millions of dollars to play sports yet the tax payers foot the bill for the stadium then when something goes wrong, the Politicans say they need to increase taxes to pay for it or they, like the Liberals, just point the finger at Republicans and blame them for the foul up.

    The city of Charlotte is a great example.  The Mayor (a RINO) is always complaning there is not enough money for more police or for more prosecutors or to build more/better roads yet he has no problem at all paying for:

    •  A new NBA Arena
    • A light rail line that is already 3 times over budget. 
    • a NASCAR hall of fame
    • A new downtown minor league ball park

    Now, what happens when a bridge in Charlotte comes down?  Will the mayor cite lack of state of federal funding?  The funds are there, it’s just that he refuses to use it for the right things.  Instead, he just wants more shiny things to make Charlotte a “world class city” (his words). 

    Let’s get a moratorium on pork and the politicans who continue to serve it up.


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