Media Catch Phrases


“Controversial”  If they don’t like what you do or say that’s what they call it.    Such as “Controversial talk show host” or “Controversial GOP candidate…”  Why is it that Conservatives are the ones who are always controversial yet Liberals are always “Underdog” or “Compassionate” or “Award winning…”?  How come Rush is controversial yet Dan Rather, who tried to take down a sitting President is “Retired News Anchor”?  You also hear things like “Failed” put in front of certain people but perky Katie doesn’t get that in front of her name even though she bombed and is still dredging the bottom of the lake with her ratings.

“Critics say” you also hear.  Just who are these so called “critics” and why don’t they ever reveal exactly what they say?

The media also throws words like disaster, tragic and shocking around far too easily.  They say things like “This shocking home video of a deer running loose in a Target is coming up next.”  No.  Shocking is a Mother killer her child or something like that. 

Anyway, once again, can we get a moratorium on the idiots that make up the media and especially the left leaning ones (that would be 90% of the media)?


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