Women in the workplace


Now, don’t get all worked up ladies.  This is not a moratorium that women should not be allowed in the office.  Are you crazy?   The day would be so boring if they weren’t there!   No, this is just a point I wanted to bring out that I am sure goes on in offices everywhere.  

First of all, let me throw a little caveat out there.  The women I am talking about are usually young and loud.  I’m not talking about actual professional women out there (such as my friend Marty) but the 20 something ones who never miss a chance to make sure that 1. their thong  or tramp stamp is showing or 2. they show enough clevage to make you think you are at Hooters.    You know….the ones who still say “You go girl!” or “I know! Right?”   Those are the ones I am referring to in this post.  

Anyway, the gist of the this post is this one, simple point:

Office meetings would be so much shorter if it was just men.

There.  I said it.  It’s true though.  I can’t tell you how many times we have to wait for the laughter to die down to continue with the meeting because the person speaking said something such as “I bought some new pants today”.  After a comment like that we have to hear the cat calls, the “Ooooooohhhh! Big spender!!” or the obligatory “You go boy!” and then have to endure the loud laughter and chatter.

Now, I know that some of you don’t work in an office or you work with professionals.  God bless you.  You are so very lucky.  So, can we have a moratorium on women acting like they are still in 7th grade in the workplace?  While we are at it, can you dress just a tad professional?  Business casual does not mean you wear skin tight clothes, shorts, halter tops or flip flops.  Not that I mind those sort of clothes at all.  Heck, I’m a guy.  Of course I don’t mind them…when the right person wears them.  I don’t need to see someone like Rosie O’Donnell dressed like that.  (Rosie…thong….sorry you got that mental picture in your head now).   Also, if I can’t be comfortable, why should you get away with it? 

Ok, now I know some of you ladies are going to insist that guys do these things as well (maybe not the thong part but just the meeting disrutpion…….I hope).  My only reponse is no.  No we don’t.  For one thing we can’t.  A manager can say “I bought some new pants today” and the ladies can cat call and say things like “Turn around! Let’s see the back side!” or “Uh-huh.  Those fit you nice and snug!” but if a woman manager said “Hey, look at my new top” and us guys said “Yeah, that fits you nice.” or stared at the top/breasts and said “Yeah, I like that on you” we would get hauled into HR.  Also, we don’t do stuff like that because it is just SO gay.  Plus, we want to get thru the meeting and back to our desk to get some work done or we want to actually get on with the meeting and learn something.  Sigh! How I long for the old days when we could just say “Hi Susie.  Nice rack!” and get away with it.  😉

 So, this one is simple.  Just like I said above.  A moratorium on the women in the workplace who act like 7th graders.  Now, I’m sure this post will hardly get any responses at all.


3 Responses to “Women in the workplace”

  1. Marty Says:

    I’m going to agree with you on this one–my boss inherited an office full of women…but in my case, the worst one is 60+. Some things should be handled between two people, not in the weekly staff meeting. I know, right?

  2. newhoosier Says:

    Dead on Marty. The meetings where only one person needs to be there are terrible. Don’t call everyone to the room if you only need to talk to one person.

    And what’s with meetings that accomplish nothing but when the next meeting will be? You should moratorium that, Roland.

  3. bebenibadoodles Says:

    We have someone in the office who talks nonesense all day to the point of disturbing all other workmates who just wanted to work and make themselves productive…. i am referring to a male workmate and mind you this guy is straight.

    But i still could not figure out why he is more talkative than a woman!

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