According to President Bush, even one day in prison for Scooter Libby is “excessive” but 11 and 12 years for border agents doing their job, protecting the United States, is just fine.   How is THAT justice?  Can anyone out there defend this?

What a travesty of justice!  I am so very sorry that I ever voted for Bush and even worse, defended him time and again over the past 7 years.  I am actually very embarresed by those facts.  What we were sold in 2000 was snake oil.  The so called “Conservative” we all thought we were getting turned out to be nothing more than a RINO  (or worse, just a plain old Liberal).   I used to think that, well, at least we don’t have Gore or Kerry running things but you know…I am not really sure anymore.  All I know for sure is that two men who were trying to protect our country are now rotting in prison and have recently been beat to hell while a wealthy and affluent friend of the President walks free and probably has a book deal in the works already. 

How about a moratorium on Bush and his lack of principals.


2 Responses to “Excessive?”

  1. Jill Says:

    I heard Peggy Noonan on the Dennis Miller show this past Friday discussing an article she posted regarding the President that day (7/13/07). Dennis Miller made a comment along the lines of, “When you have Peggy Noonan speaking against a Republican President, you know things are going poorly.” It was an interesting interview. She made the comment that Republicans have supported the President in the past because, even when he made mistakes, they felt his intentions were good. She feels this all changed with the Immigration bill debacle. Loyal Republicans are now scratching their heads and wondering, “What is he thinking?!” I think this applies to the Border Agents as well. They sit in prison and we wonder how this is happening.

  2. newhoosier Says:

    Once again, I agree Roland. This incident is an embarassment.

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