Speed bumps


Are you as sick of these as I am?  I totally understand what they are for and they do work but the way they are laid out at times simply drives me crazy!  Take a look at the picture there.  Now, speed bumps are to slow you down, right?  Can you really get up that much speed between those?  Do they really need THAT many in row like that?  As crazy as it sounds they use them like that all over the place.  Better yet, they put them right in front of a stop sign.  Ok, I have to stop anyway, what is the speed bump doing here?  Sometimes I think they put so many in just so they can spend more money.  You know, one of those situations where if you don’t use up all your budget money you won’t get as much next year. 

I don’t remember them being used as much growing up as they are now.  Anyway, I just think we need a moratorium on them being used in the wrong way or simply do away with them all together!


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