Excessive nodding


 I was sitting in a meeting at work the other day and came up with this moratorium.  There I was, trying to pay attention to the speaker because, you know, she is imparting important information that I can use in my job duties.  Now, the speaker was a higher up.  An important figure in the company.  Needless to say, I didn’t want to be seen falling asleep or acting uninterested.  Anyway, I was focused on what she was saying but I gotta tell ya, it was difficult to pay attention because this chick 2 rows in front of me was nodding at everything the speaker said.  Well, let me rephrase that.  She was excessively nodding.  I mean, she was like that stupid drinking bird toy but the only time she did it was when the speaker looked at her.  Other times she was off on Planet X for all I know yet whenever the speaker would walk or look our way there she was with her happy, brown nosed head nodding away as if saying “Yes, Ma’am!  I know just what you’re talking about.  You can count on me!  I agree with you!  You are so right, I mean, you are always right.  About everything.  You rule.  I wish I was you!  Look at me, I am the only person who knows what you are saying and even if you told me you kill dead puppies I would still happily agree with you!”  Ugh! Makes ya sick, I know. 

GET A LIFE!!!!  It’s one thing to pay attention.  It’s also one thing to feign paying attention but it is quite another to brown nose until your head hurts from bobbing up and down as if you’re Monica Lewinsky.  Don’t be a Zombie.  If you agree with something, sure, it’s ok to nod…once.  You don’t need to run a nodding marathon though!  Jeeeze!

I know this happens in school as well.  Nothing like making sure that Political Science professor sees you nod excessively when she says something like “Bush lied, kids died” or some other political cliche. 

So, can we get a moratorium on in your face brown nosing?  I mean, if you are going to suck up, at least do it in private…………. like Monica did. 



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