Workout clothes


Can you wear any less?  You know, I am all for hot chicks who   don’t wear much….but even I have to draw the line at some of   the workout attire I see on the streets.  When I was in Middle  and High School back in the early 80’s, girls would wear long, baggy sweat pants and an old t-shirt.  Have you seen what they wear these days?  Have you seen the Mom’s speed walking and what they wear? 


 It’s not just the chicks either. You see these dudes with practically speedos on and nothing else.  You know,  I don’t need to see some 45 yr  old, balding,  sweaty man like   that jogging down the street nor do I need to see a 45 yr old Mom with only a sports bra and teeny tiny shorts (unless she is really hot..and I don’t know her.  How embarrassing is it to be checking out some woman only to get closer and see she is one of your neighbors or worse, some High School chick). 

Seriously though, I thought of this moratorium driving home from work.  I stopped at a light and at one corner were some cross country runners from a local high school.  I would usually see runners on this corner from time to time on my way home from work.  Today it was 4 girls.  What they had on shocked even me.  They all hardly had anything on but two had on the shortest shorts you could imagine and t-shirts.  Two others had on those short shorts (the kind you see the women of beach volleyball wear) and just a small sports bra.  Nothing else.    Their parents let them wear that stuff?  I just could not beleive what they had on (or not on). 

You know, it’s just not fair.  How come they didn’t wear stuff like that when I was in school?  I can only hope that by the time my girls are in High School the new fad will be another throwback to the 70’s and they will want to wear baggy sweat pants and old, big t-shirts!!!

Here is something else I will throw in here.  Have you ever heard of people NOT wearing underwear when they work out?  My wife overheard the instructor in one of her classes at the gym telling someone how she doesn’t wear underwear when she exercises.  Is that just another fad or really strange?

Let’s get a moratorium on people who don’t wear enough when they work out.


2 Responses to “Workout clothes”

  1. Dave Says:

    The gym? That ain’t nothin’. Try going to King’s Island, Cedar Point or Six Flags. I just came back from Six Flags and I think the park should reject people from wearing some of the things they do. People that should be rejected include but is not limited to:

    – 45 yearold moms that weigh over 250 who don’t wear a bra.
    – 45 yearold moms that weigh over 250 who don’t wear a bra and have on a halter top.
    – Old over weight men wearing tank tops, especially home made tanks. I hate seeing their armpits and the fat under their armpits.
    – Girls who are fat and wear the low cut shorts with the belly hanging over.
    – Anyone wearing jean shorts.
    – Anything that says Dale Earnhart or number 3.

    You see all kinds at an amusement park.

  2. SOG knives Says:

    SOG knives…

    Interesting ideas… I wonder how the Hollywood media would portray this?…

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