Why is it that President Bush is more concerned with the border security of Iraq than the border security of the United States of America?

Can we please get a moratorium on ALL these political jackasses who keep on wanting to give away American security?


4 Responses to “Iraq”

  1. newhoosier Says:

    The one good thing about having a moron Republican in office is I don’t have to hear about those “crazy liberals” all the time. Likewise, in 2009 when we have a moron Democrat in office, I won’t have to hear about those “staunch conservatives” all the time.

    I enjoy it when the liberals/conservatives have to look at themselves before pointing the finger; though they never do.

    I don’t care if our leader is conservative or liberal–I just want our leader to do a good job. And that’s something I haven’t seen in quite some time.

    As for the more specific point about our border security, it’s a joke and won’t get taken care of anytime soon. But I’m curious as to what your specific idea is for the problem. And if you want my view, I’ll give that to you in exchange. 😉

  2. Roland Says:

    First, secure the border. Get our military on the border. Stop the leak.

    Second, when illegals are found, deport them. I don’t think we should start rounding them up but when they are found, ship them out. Don’t do as they do in many states and simply let them go.

    Third, let’s get some serious damage for employers who hire illegals. I’m talking jail time if they are found to knowingly hired them and huge fines, revoking of tax incentives and license for those who don’t go thru the process of verification.

    Fourth, let’s revamp our immigration policy and make it easier for employers to check the status of people they hire.

    Last, we give the Mexican Government Paris Hilton in exchange for them helping to curb the invasion.

  3. VintageC Says:

    R~ All great ideas..I think hitting the employers is great, I think that would put a big dent in the situation. My biggest concern is the children of these illegals. Their children are citizens. What will we do with all of these children who will be left behind? When parents say…Yah know what, they are better off here than in crappy Mexico! I just think it is so out of hand that there is No good solution. Hey…your a history buff, is there anytime in history that the Mexicans have fought to change their government? As I see it, they need to change their own gvmnt and country if they dont like it instead of comming here and taxing our social programs so much! I know that sounds like I have a black soul but..this is getting OUT OF CONTROL! PLEASE take a few min to watch this…a bit long but totally worth it!

  4. Roland Says:

    That is a good point that I will jump on…I think we need to make some changes in law that just because you are born here does not make you a citizen.

    People often will use the argument that the illegal immigrants are filling the jobs that Americans won’t do. That is just a myth. A better way to put it would be that they are doing the jobs that American’s won’t do for X amount of money. If construction or landscape companies paid more money, the free market would fill that void but instead these companies can get by with paying illegals much less and the consumer wants lower priced items so they are willing to turn a blind eye to what these companies do because it affords them a lower priced item.

    Also, you bring up a good point with the social programs. People use the “jobs American’s won’t do” argument….you know why? 1. It doesn’t pay enough as I said above and 2. why should they when they can sit around at home and collect welfare?

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