Realtor photos

I don’t know.  Color me curious but why is it that Realtors have to have their pictures on their business cards, their ads and their signs in front of homes they are selling?  I guess I am just not a marketing genius…but still….do you really need to plaster your face all over the place like that?  Is that really drumming business up for you?  It’s not like your face is a golden arch or the little apple so you have brand recongition.   Maybe someone can enlighten me on this subject.  I would love to hear a good explanation why a sales person must use a glamour shots photo to sell homes. realtor   Most of the time when you finally do meet them you have to acknowledge the fact that the picture on the business card must be five to ten years old! 

You know, I found several good, funny photos of Realtors online but I really don’t want to use any here because I truly don’t want to damage their business but really….do I need to see a 50 year old woman with a feather boa and ample cleavage with Tammy Faye makeup in order to buy a home?  Now, give me a realtor like the one I have pictured here and I’m there…even if I don’t need to buy a house!!!!   Anyway, let’s get a moratorium on Real Estate Agent photos…except for ones like my example.   😉

BTW, here is a good site for some thoughts on real estate agents.



3 Responses to “Realtor photos”

  1. justinmundie Says:

    I was amazed when I first started at Keller Williams how many attractive middle aged women there were working there. Its unbelievable.

    However, I agree, some of these photos are ridiculous. I personally don’t plan on doing glamour shots, but I’m gonna have my picture on some of my ads, cause in some circles people will recognize you when you’re out and will come and talk to you. And that’s good for business.

  2. newhoosier Says:

    Funny you mention Dave’s blog, because I’ve been waiting for more. One good post, then nothing. 🙂

    As for the pictures, the problem I have is this:
    Do I care what you look like? Damn straight I do. It probably wouldn’t mean you’d earn or not earn my business with your looks, but if I’m going to deal with a person and all other things are equal, I’d choose the beautiful person.
    But do I really care what you look like? I couldn’t care less; I’d rather hire someone who will do a good job.

    Do people choose their surgeons based on their looks? Probably not. I’m reminded of an old joke, “What do you call the guy who finished dead last in med school? Doctor.” Just because someone’s a doctor doesn’t mean you’d want them working on you.

    And just because someone’s a realtor doesn’t mean you should choose them. The best realtor and the best looking realtor are probably different people. If you’re going to make a financial decision that impacts the rest of your life, wouldn’t you rather have the smart one over the pretty one? (Additionally, Tammy Faye makeup and wrinkled clevage that sits at naval-level is hardly “pretty.”)

    Those that choose their realtors based on looks will get hosed. But look on the bright side, at least they’ll be happy cause they won’t know any better.

  3. stacey Says:

    There’s pros & cons to the photo thing. A lot depends where you are and your market. When I first started in Indy, the I was told the photo was a given, but not all that important. People just wanted a good job done. But when I moved to the small town I’m in now, it’s like night and day. Your face (along with your name) is your brand. I’m a minority, and the only African American Realtor in the area, so for me they’d probably remember me anyway. But this is a town where everyone (thinks they) know everyone else. I’m for the photo – but lean towards a more professional, personable one. I don’t see the point in a red-hat-lady vaudville photo session either. Too bad people can’t just see you for the quality of your work.

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