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June 28, 2007


 Why is it that President Bush is more concerned with the border security of Iraq than the border security of the United States of America?

Can we please get a moratorium on ALL these political jackasses who keep on wanting to give away American security?


Global Warming (again!)

June 26, 2007



What do you hear all the time from these global warming nuts?  You hear about how the earths temperature is going up.  Ever wonder how they know?  They have different stations set up that give them a read out of the earths temperature.  Ok, that is easy enough, right?   Now, let me ask you, wouldn’t it make sense to position these weather stations in isolated places so as to get the most accurate measurement?  I mean, if you are going to guage rainfall do you put your rain guage under the gutter?  By the same means, would you place your station in the middle of a black tar parking lot?  Surley not, right?  Weeeeellllll you gotta know what is next don’t cha? 

Anthony Watts of California is a former TV meteorologist.  He began to take a gander at where the over a 1000 surface stations that our beloved Govco uses to collect data on temperatures.   This is the same information that the global warming crowd (including our lovely Senators and Congress folk) uses to bolster their claims that the earth is frying like a egg on a skillet.  Now, keep with me here….Govco states these surface stations should be, just like I said, isolated in order to give the best readings possible.  They should be around 100 feet from things like concrete or other things that generate or give off heat.  Makes perfect sense (even for Govco…a broken clock is right twice a day, yada, yada, yada).  Think these regs are being followed though?  Here are a few examples of where some of these stations are located:

  • Parking lots and airports
  • By vents from AC units
  • By fire (yes, you read that correctly)
  • Across from buildings
  • Beside vehicles
  • Electronic, heat generating devices placed right next to sensors
  • In front of jet blasts

Nice, huh?  Check his site out.  He has pictures and everything.   This just, once again, makes the whole global warming hype look like the travesty, the sham, the mockery, the travashamockery it is.  What a joke. 

Now, once again, can we get a moratorium on global warming nuts?  Actually, let’s just get one on Algore and the rest will take care of itself.  Speaking of the nut job Gore, do you really think he would still be as much into all this global warming frenzy if he had actually won in 2000?  No way!!  He just cannot take not being in the lime light.  Have you noticed that he really didn’t get neck into this until after he lost the primary in 2004 and he was no longer considered a viable candidate?   Sure, he has talked global warming BS for a long time, even before 2000, but he was never in it this deep or this wide spread until he saw no future as a Presidential candidate.  Now, it looks like he might have enough popularity due to all the recent press of the last few years to jump back in…enough popularity mabye but he is still too wacko to be taken seriously. 

Cell Phones

June 24, 2007


 Do you really HAVE to talk to someone ALL the time?  What did you do prior to having a cell phone?  It’s really sick how much people talk on them.  I was waiting for my wife outside a store once and saw a woman come out talking on her phone while carrying a bag in one hand and her little boys hand with the other.  She then crossed the street (without looking mind you) and just kept talking.  All the way to her car…getting in her car…then driving away.  I mean, come ON!!  You can’t miss even one call?

And kids!  You see these 8 year old playing on the playground with cell phones!!!! 

Oh, and Mr. I gotta wear my Bluetooth all the time…you look stupid! Bluetooths have become like a watch.  People put them on in the morning just as they do a watch or a ring.  I even saw a guy walking around with one in his ear on a Saturday morning at a school fair. 

Now, I am not against driving while talking on a cell phone.  It shouldn’t be a law, it’s just dumb to do.  It’s one thing to make a quick call but when these people live their lives on the phone while driving is just nuts.

Don’t use it in the restroom…I can’t take a pee in peace but I gotta hear you talk to your wife about the color of the curtains?  Whenever that happens, I try to make as much noise as possible and flush a few times.  Nothing like letting the person on the other end know that their boyfriend called them from the john.

Can we get a moratorium not on cell phones but on the stupid usage of them?

Liberal bias? Say it ain’t so!!!

June 21, 2007


MSNBC has a great article concerning left leaning bias in the news.  Starting in 2004 thru the start of the 2008 campaign, they revealed 144 “journalists” who made political contributions.  Take a guess as to how many lean Liberal.  125 (2 gave to both and 17 to GOP).  I think most people with even a smidge of intellegence know that the majority of the mainstream media leans left but it is very interesting when it is revelaed in this way. 

Thes same Leftists are the first ones to cry and whine about Fox News being so Conservative yet ignore the left bias on everything else out there.  Remember all the Democrats running scared from the Fox News debates?  What a bunch of hypocrytes. 

Many of the people on the list write copy, edit, anchor and report the news that you see every day that is supposed to be without any sort of bias.  The best part of this is that many of these same news organizations have strict rules against contributing because they want the appearance of being impartial (even though they are just fine with “reporting” the news with such a slant you could race your hotwheels down it).   Here are some great quotes when MSNBC confronted these folks about their giving being made public:

“To be honest, I don’t have any answer for you.  Can I get back to you?”

“I mean, what the f**k, man?”

“I mean- who’s your editor?  I’m going to call him right now.”

“I wouldn’t do it again”

“I don’t make campaign contributions”  “You call that a campaign contribuition?”  I don’t beleive I have to answer that question.  Goodbye”.

“I don’t feel comfortable talking about my politics.  I’d prefer not to answer questions.”

“I’ve never  thought of myself as working for a news organization.”

“Damn right!”

“It did not impact my coverage one bit.”  (Get the shovel out!)

“I don’t want to be interviewed.”

“the fact of a political donation doesn’t imply lack of impartiality or bad news judgment to begin with…”  “I’m not comfortable being included in the story.  Do not publish my name.”  (MSNBC did)

“I’m not going to comment on this, I’m not going to have a conversation about this.  I’m not going to give you a read one way or another.”  *click*

There are many, many more and all are priceless.  One reporter had a picture of herself on Facebook with a candidate and the words “Vote for him on Tuesday!”.    Remember, these are the same people who stood behind Dan Rather when he tried to take down a sitting President with his forged documents.   Tom Brokaw said that the attacks amounted to a political jihad against Dan Rather.

Now I don’t care if they lean one way or the other.  That’s fine…but at least be honest.  Don’t try to stand there and act above it all or impartail as you misquote and slant the news reporting a certain way.  

This moratorium is on Liberal bias in the media.  Since we have had about 40 years of it in the majority of our news, can we have a 40 year reprieve from it?

Calling in sick

June 19, 2007



What are we teaching our kids about responsibility?  Are we teaching them that if you just don’t feel like doing something, just pretend you’re sick?    If you have a slight sniffle, then it’s ok to call in?  If things are very busy in the office and you have a lot to do, just act like you are sick and leave early…it’s ok? 

What a crock!!  I can’t tell you how many people I deal with each and every day that call in sick.  It’s so strange how, when we are really busy, is when the most people call in!!!  There is one person in my group that must call in at least once a month!!!  In 10 years with the same company I have NEVER called in sick.  Lucky?  Maybe.  Good immune system?  Big time!  Sucking it up and taking my work and responsibility seriously?  You bet! 

Now, I am not talking about someone who is genuinely sick.  Of course they should stay at home however, I would lay odds that is a small percentage compared to the people who just want to stay home and watch Oprah. 

I mentioned the person who is always calling in and how I never do.  Imagine when I do call in someday.  They are going to know that I am truly sick whereas my co-worker is the butt of jokes whenever they do.

Instead of a moratorium on calling in “sick” what we need is SCID.  That is Sick Caller ID.  They need to invent phones that will show you if a person is truly sick or not.  That would solve everything.  🙂

“Inspired by True Events”

June 17, 2007

If the story is THAT good, why not just tell IT then instead of some Hollywood concoction?


June 13, 2007

dietNow, I know that new diet fads have been around for a while but hasn’t it been just in the last 10 years that this craze has really taken off?  It seems that every year there is a new diet that is sweeping the country.  Did I already do a moratorium on this?  I almost feel I have.  I’m too lazy to go back and check though so I will just keep typing.

Ok, back to the story.  You have Atkins, South Beach, Trim Spa, Slim Fast, L.A. Weight Loss, Weight Watchers, Curves, Vic Tanny (are they still around?) and others….yes I know that some of these are just supplements but you get my point.  Now, before I go on, I know I am going to hear it from the same people that I criticize for wearing rugs or doing the comb over and that is this: “You skinny people! It’s so easy for you to talk about losing weight when you don’t have to! You and your stupid metabolism!”.  Well, that is true to a point.   I never really have had to lose weight.  I used to be able to eat anything I wanted to and exercise zero and not worry about gaining  weight.  In fact, I once tried to put on weight and found it all but impossible.  Now, please note I said “used to”.  That has changed… a little.  I found since my early 30’s that now it is not so easy to do that.  In fact, I noticed I was gaining weight around the mid section.  Not much to notice by others but enough for myself.   I am about 10 to 12lbs over my college weight from 15 years ago so that ain’t bad but still, I noticed a difference in maintaining my weight.

So, what did I do?  I changed.  I began to take more walks at night.  I began to eat less.  At dinner I have one serving.  Maybe…MAYBE an occasional 2nd helping but not much.  I drink tons of water now.  I have cut soft drinks down to one, maybe two a week.  I now maintain a decent weight and don’t really worry about getting big anymore.

Ok, so big deal.  Those who  know me probably never saw a change in my appearance.  What I am saying here, after all this writing, is just that I am sick of all these diets out there.    I am sick of all these diet supplements out there.  Do we really need anymore???  Can’t we live with what we already have on the market?  Do we really need any more fat celebrities hawking this crap?  Can we not just get a simple 10 year moratorium on any new ones?  Not that we need to do away with what we have…much…but can’t we just stop with the new ones that don’t really work anyway?  Better yet, can’t we all just eat less, eat right and exercise just a little bit?

Realtor photos

June 9, 2007

I don’t know.  Color me curious but why is it that Realtors have to have their pictures on their business cards, their ads and their signs in front of homes they are selling?  I guess I am just not a marketing genius…but still….do you really need to plaster your face all over the place like that?  Is that really drumming business up for you?  It’s not like your face is a golden arch or the little apple so you have brand recongition.   Maybe someone can enlighten me on this subject.  I would love to hear a good explanation why a sales person must use a glamour shots photo to sell homes. realtor   Most of the time when you finally do meet them you have to acknowledge the fact that the picture on the business card must be five to ten years old! 

You know, I found several good, funny photos of Realtors online but I really don’t want to use any here because I truly don’t want to damage their business but really….do I need to see a 50 year old woman with a feather boa and ample cleavage with Tammy Faye makeup in order to buy a home?  Now, give me a realtor like the one I have pictured here and I’m there…even if I don’t need to buy a house!!!!   Anyway, let’s get a moratorium on Real Estate Agent photos…except for ones like my example.   😉

BTW, here is a good site for some thoughts on real estate agents.


Hillary Part 3

June 5, 2007


“You know, we can’t keep talking about our dependence on foreign oil and the need to deal with global warming and the challenge that it poses to our climate — and to God’s creation — and just let business as usual go on.  That means something has to be taken away from some people.”

-Hillary Clinton, June 4th, 2007

Bet you can’t wait to vote her in office, huh?    Once again, I’m calling for a moratorium on Hillary.