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This is not really a moratorium but more of an observation.  Why is it that the majority of overwight or just plain big (as in musular) men have goatees?  Ever notice that?  Also, how many bald men grow goatees?  The numbers are up there.  Next time you are out at the mall, take a look around (isn’t it fun to people watch?) and see how many big or bald men have a goatee. 


5 Responses to “Goatees”

  1. Luke D Says:

    Bald men (like myself) grow them to balance out our faces and draw attention away from the baldness. It’s an aesthetic choice. Please try to be understanding.

  2. MC Says:

    Oi… I am a little hefty and I resemble that remark.

  3. RunAroundSue Says:

    Nothing new there as its been a fashion choice for bald men throughout the ages most likely to, (as mentioned), give some balance. Goatees are manageable and provide a frame for the face. Its not a bad look and tends to impart a certain “professorial” look, which can be nice.

    Now there are bald/balding guys who grow those long, ZZ top style beards which practically screams of insecurity – “I can’t grow hair on my head but check out what I can do on my chin”. Unless you are actually in ZZ Top or maybe a biker club member then you should avoid this look. I know almost no one who thinks this is attractive. On the other hand many of the men who go the ZZ Top style beard route don’t seem to care about generally accepted notions of physical appeal. They are usually seeking to win the attention of that narrow social segment of women who really get off on (perhaps literally) the 3 ft. long beards. To each her own.

    I work at a bar and there is this guy with a really long beard who thinks its cute to tell women “let me use my womb broom on you”. He says this and busts out laughing and wheezing (as if he has emphysema). This exposes his teeth (lack thereof) and he likes to wiggle his tongue around. Of course this is just his act to try to shock people I suppose. He is a nice enough guy once he settles down but this girl will not be lletting him use his “womb broom” on me.

  4. Mike Idoni Says:

    I grew a goatee after I began drinking and partying heavy with my friends. By staying out all night and eating late I got heavier..ie over 200lbs. Then I realized I had no chin and I could not yet afford lipo. So I grew my hair long and grew a goatee. Now I look like a biker bad boy and a Jesus cross. It does work to keep the hoodrats away and the women seem to like me better this way. Now when I slim back down I have no idea what I will do. Of course these are just my opinions and opinions are like butts.

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