hart.jpgThis may seem like a petty moratorium but then again isn’t most, if not all, of this site just petty rants?  Yeah, I thought so too but it’s my site so just read on….

What is it with people, mostly guys, who feel the need to wear their shades INSIDE?  This has been a rant of mine from way back in the 80’s so it’s not as if this just started or something.  I’ll be walking around the mall shopping and see this dude walking towards me…..wearing his shades!!! What, is he on the run from the FBI or something?  Is he some Vampire and can’t take those bright mall lights?  OR, is he still stuck in that “It makes me look cool” mode?  If so, he probably smoked in High School because, you know, that made you so cool.   Sorry but it just cracks me up.  Always has.  

What’s worse is the office.  I have watched people come in, walk over to their desk, drop their keys or purse on the desk, organize a few things and THEN take them off…after they made sure everyone saw them with the shades on.   

The best though is when you combine the men in jewelry, shades on inside, smoking and wearing the bluetooth in their ear yapping away on the phone.  Classic!!!

 Unless you are a major celebrity who just might want to hide their identity, I call for a 25 moratorium on these “I am sooooooooo cool” types.

One Response to “Sunglasses”

  1. newhoosier Says:

    LoL great post. I don’t know about everyone else, but I wear my sunglasses all the time. Of course, that’s because my future’s so bright!

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