I don’t know about you but I am disgusted that NBC choose to show and play that sicko’s “manifesto” he sent them.  Instead of making a stand and stating that out of respect to the families AND to not give this scum the attention he wanted, we are not going to show this, they end up showing it adnausm  This is the same network that decided to stop running the Imus simulcast due to the offensive remarks by Imus.  This is the same network that does not show any video from 9/11 anymore (along with other networks) to be more sensitive to the families and not to have viewers have to see that tragedy again.  What a joke.  Not just NBC either.  This goes for all the major networks that have this killer’s face plastered every where every time that they talk about the massacre.  They are doing the exact same thing  they did with Columbine.  They are giving these bottom dwellers exactly what they wanted.  Fame.  NBC was one of the ones that passed on the whole OJ “How I would do it if I did it” interview thing, why not this? 

I have so much respect for those stations that choose NOT to.  Specifically, WCSX in Detroit.  Their morning hosts JJ and Lynn announced on the air at 6:00am that they would not be running ANY of the audio from the killer’s “manifesto”.  Good for them.

Let’s have a lifetime moratorium on sensationalism in the media and ban these idiots who play to it such as Lauer, Couric, Sawyer and the rest of their ilk.


3 Responses to “NBC”

  1. Marty Says:

    I was shocked to see it being aired last night, and immediately turned the channel. They are helping to create the next killer.

  2. Roland Says:

    Exactly. Why could they not have just told us about it? Now I am hearing all their excuses, esp from Sigmund Freud aka Matt Lauer in that this will help us figure out why he committed this massacre. Hey Matt, why not show it to some professionals and let THEM figure it out?

  3. Roland Says:

    You know something else? The media won’t show when a fan runs out on the field at a major sporting event because they “don’t want to encourage others to do the same” yet they will show this scum ranting and raving about murdering people.

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