On the lighter side….Boobs

A moratorium on them?  Yeah…right!  Dream on!!  No, no.  This post is about the fake ones and how just about every chick has hers done these days!  They are almost as common now as a tan or an ear peircing.  I have worked with several chicks who have had them done.  Some are so big on their tiny body that they look…well…deformed.  Some of these chicks looked pretty fine before and I was really surprised they got them done.  My question, if I were to ask, would be…why?  You were hot before.  What prompted you to go under the knife?  These girls are just in their early 20’s for goodness sake!!

I guess I am just a bit puzzled as to why they feel the need to get them done.  I mean, breasts are nice and all but there are so many other things about a woman that makes them beautiful.  I can understand, sorta, if you are using them for your business as a stripper or something but if you work in an office and worse, you are married, then why are you getting them done?  Is your husband saying “Hey Babe, I need me some bigger boobies!  Here is $5000 now go get me some.”?   That is like the husband of 20 years who goes out and gets a rug.  Who is he trying to impress?

Anyway, this is a touchy moratorium.  I mean, do I call for a 20 year moratorium on breast implants?  Who in their right mind would call for that?  Do I just call for sensible ones?  Maybe so.  Not sure but I do think there are too many happening out there.

To end though, I will relate a story.  I once met  a woman with big ones about 10 years ago.   She was 72HH.  That was her bra size.   She was semi famous and had been on Jerry Springer.  She was funny looking  but the closer you got, the worse it got.  After about 20 min, she just looked wrong.  She never looked sexy in the least.  She actually held a large coffee can with them with no hands.    They were HUGE.  She really belonged in some circus freak show.  Now, THAT I am willing to call an end to permanently.


One Response to “On the lighter side….Boobs”

  1. Marty Says:

    Never been tempted myself, but I see a lot of the young women where I work getting these things done. Says a lot about the media-wrapped standard of beauty–and that these young women buy into it. Shoot, so much will happen to them from 20 onward, they just have no idea.

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