Go along to get along?

Do you go along to get along sometimes or do you like to cause waves and speak your mind, regardless of the outcome?  Does it matter who you are with or where? 

 Just curious.  I tend to hold my tongue political sometimes when I am with friends.  Sometimes I hold it religiously when really I never should.   If it’s a neighbor or Co-Worker I might not speak up about something just because I have to see them every day. 

How about you?


3 Responses to “Go along to get along?”

  1. newhoosier Says:

    Absolutely! I always have an opinion, usually a strong one, but I rarely will put it out there. It’s not worth the hassle to argue with someone. People rarely say, “that was a fantastic point, you’ve really made me rethink my position.”

    They’re just so wrapped up in themselves, they’d rather irrationally argue with you.

    I’ve seen it on this very blog, actually (not from you). I have no problem with disagreements, it’s just not worth the headache and time to make a valid point if the other person’s head is in the sand about an issue.

    And, I definitely keep my trap shut with neighbors and co-workers. My neighbor was talking about the Inconvenient Truth (because these flowers that come up in March used to come up in May–it must be global warming) and asked if I had seen it. I wanted to say, “I have a degree in it–I don’t need Al Gore to tell me about science.” Instead I said, “no” and changed the subject.

  2. Roland Says:

    You know, I really do say “that was a fantastic point, you’ve really made me rethink my position.” Seriously. I do. I plan on putting up a post about “Jersey Wearers”. Those folks who will support and defend anyone with a ‘D’ or a ‘R’ on their chest. Those kind of people drive me crazy.

    I am like you Hoos. I have strong feelings but tend to keep them to myself. That is one reason I have this blog…to vent some of those feelings. I would rather vent here.

  3. Marty Says:

    It was smooth sailing until I started teaching history, then EVERYONE wanted my opinion about every controversial topic…I usually fire, duck, and run.

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