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Arrested Dev.

My wife and I have been watching Seinfeld DVD’s lately and you know, you sometimes forget just what a great show that was….that is until you turn it off and see the crap that is on TV and then you remember.  And then you pop the DVD back in.  What was so great about this show is that there was no stupid plot line (“Can a single Dad raise two kids on his own?”) there were no “very special” episodes and there were no predicitable storylines (The Husband forgets to do something so comes up with a zany excuse to the wife that ends up snowballing into a huge, wacky situation).  It was just funny.  We need more of those.  The closest thing we have now is “My name is Earl” and “The Office”.  You know what is so great about these shows that no one seems to notice….NO LAUGH TRACK!  How sick and tired are you of those?  I feel like I am a 10 yr old and hearing “Happy Days was filmed before a live studio audience”. 

Something else that really grinds my nerves is when they end up cancelling good shows.  Arrested Development is one of those shows.  It was similar to Seinfeld in that there was never a “very special” one and had no laugh track.  It was also similar to “The Office” in that it was filmed in a sort of documentary way.  It won a couple of Emmy’s in the short 3 seasons it was on but it could not get the ratings for some reason or Fox didn’t want to give it a chance….yet “According to Jim” just keeps going and going and going.  Probably because they always keep the studio nice and cold for Courtney Thorne-Smith .  That’s the only reason to watch it.  You diffenetly don’t watch it for Jim Belushi.  Right?  Anyway, I would highly recommend picking up the first season of Arrested.  Just rent the first disk and you will be hooked. 

Family Guy and King of the Hill are two other shows worth noting that are actually funny and not so predictable. 

If anything, can we at least get rid of the laugh tracks?


3 Responses to “TV Shows”

  1. newhoosier Says:

    Yeah, I watched Seinfeld and have watched it on and off since it ended. Great show.

    Don’t watch The Office, Earl or Arrested (I believe reruns are on HDNet).

    Family Guy is good and the only thing predictable is that they always draw out jokes 10 seconds too long. Obviously that in itself is a joke.

    Never seen According to Jim, although I remember Courtney Thorne-Smith as the “hottie” in Side Out (a bad C Thomas Howell volleyball movie) and Revenge of the Nerds II (as Skolnik’s dreamgirl).

  2. Jeff Slater Says:

    I agree, although not concerning Family Guy. That show was funny the first two seasons, but now is just offensive. It’s like The Simpsons. The Simpsons was fantastic for the first 7-8 seasons. But now it is rarely funny. They try too hard, and it just doesn’t work anymore. The same thing seems to have happened to Family Guy.

    Anyway….. just my opinion.

  3. Roland Says:

    No, you’re right about Family Guy. They are now being offensive just to be offensive and not to be funny.

    The Simpsons is still ok..just getting old.

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