I’m sorry but I’m just sick of tipping.  Yes, I still do it but am so very tired of it.  It’s gotten to the point now that you have to leave a tip, even if you get horrible service. I just don’t understand why I am supposed to give someone extra money for doing their job.  Just pay the waiter or waitress more money!!!! 

You know what is worse is that many restaurants divide the tips between the busboy, greeter and waiter.  How about when the waitress takes your order then someone else refills your drink and still someone else brings out the food.  Who do you tip then???  Many times, unbeknownst to the patron, the wait staff has to share their tips with other employees such as bar or kitchen staff so if someone doesn’t tip, they still have to pay out from money they never got. 

Go to a subway lately?  How about a Baskin Robbins?  You see those little cups “Tips please”.  Hey!  You get paid minimum wage, unlike the true waiters or waitresses….I’m not gonna give you extra for doing your job!   

That’s what it really all comes down to these days.  You are not tipping someone for going above and beyond.  You are tipping someone for DOING THEIR JOB.  The stock room guy at Toys R Us who brings me out the bike and then proceeds to tie it to the roof of my car, in the rain, deserves a tip because really, all he had to do was to bring the box to me and leave but he went above and beyond.  Consequently, the 17 yr old chick at Chili’s who takes my order then brings me out the food is doing her job yet I need to tip her.   Do you tip the cashier at Target?  How about the drive-thru dude at McDonald’s?  Do you tip him when he hands you your Cheeseburger?  No.  That is their job.  So, why in the world do we have to tip a waiter or waitress? 

A friend of mines wife always leaves really big tips, even for lousy service.  She always argues with her husband saying “They don’t get paid much!  You need to leave them a big tip!”  I always thought that to be so amusing. 

Now, with fewer and fewer people carrying cash, for some services, tipping is downright difficult.  I almost never carry cash so, for a valet, I usually don’t have any money to give him.  The Pizza delivery guy usually doesn’t get much.  I’m just so glad that Trixie down at The Men’s Club takes credit cards!


17 Responses to “Tipping”

  1. Marty Says:

    My dad is a barber, and so always cut my hair. The first time I got a haircut in a salon, I had no idea I was supposed to tip…and I had to go back the next day b/c I had nothing to tip her with. Then it dawned on me that I’d been living on tips for most of my childhood. The way I understood it, a bigger tip meant you did a fantastic job, and this idea served as an impetus for better service.

    Are you trying to say that doesn’t happen any more? 😉

  2. Roland Says:

    I ALWAYS leave my barber a tip. Mostly out of habit but I love the way she cuts my hair. Best barber I have ever had.

  3. Roland Says:

    I would hope that tipping provides better service the next time around but I am still sick of it. I think that self-employed people, such as barbers, are in different category when it comes to tips. That IS their pay. If my barber suddenly raised her price from $14.00 to 20.00 I don’t think I would tip her. Right now, I usually tip $1.00 to $2.00 a month and then about $5.00 to $8.00 at Christmas.

  4. newhoosier Says:

    I tip well, in the sense that at restaurants I usually tip 25-35%, but I absolutely hate tipping and think it is antiquated and has no meaning.

    Unless you frequent a place and see the same person multiple times, giving them 15% will yield you no different service than 30%.

    I don’t fault the worker, as it is the business owner who is screwing both the worker and person being served.

    I’m probably a bad tipper in that I usually give the pizza guy and the person that cuts my hair $2. Why $2? Because it seems like if you advertise a pizza for $9.99 I shouldn’t have to pay $20 for it after tax, delivery fee, and tip. Besides, it’s 20%.

    Like I said, I absolutely hate tipping and think it’s out-dated and useless. I just had to say it again, because it makes me so mad. 🙂

  5. Roland Says:

    Newhoosier, another point is that if you do to Denny’s and have a $5.99 breakfast and you tip the usual 15%, that is only .90 cents.

  6. Marty Says:

    I’m opposed to the tip jar in a place where tipping has never been appropriate. Like Subway. What’s that? No wonder Jared lost so much weight…he emptied the change from his pockets.

  7. Marty Says:

    And you know, if you’d have told me I’d be listed on a website right after Mark Elrod…all things ARE possible, lol!

  8. Jill Says:

    I have heard that the tips ‘expected’ at the end of a cruise can really add up! These people work on a cruise ship and get to see the world while getting paid…. and they still get mega bucks in tips after each cruise. (okay, maybe they have to sleep in the bottom of the boat, deal with annoying passengers and hear “Where are Gopher and Isaac the bartender?” hundreds of times, but still….

    BTW, I TOO have a friend that will tip no matter how bad the service. Sounds very familiar.

  9. newhoosier Says:

    Right Roland, I usually spend ~$14 on breakfast for two and tip $3-5.

    And another thing with the pizza guys is that they usually don’t get paid for gas. I figure if they have a car that gets 20 mpg (they usually drive Civics so that’s a conservative guess) then $2 gets them 1/3 a gallon of gas (which covers 7 miles, more than a round-trip) and $1 in their pocket…. Work 8 hours at 4-$10 pizzas an hour, it’s probably closer to $15 for gas and $49 for the pocket.

    As far as tip jars, they’re ludicrous. Your job is to serve me–do it well and I come back. Do it poorly, you lose your job. Tip jars are for suckers.

  10. gbowen99 Says:

    I say let’s all just stop tipping. It is getting out of control. If no one tipped then employeers would have to PAY thier employees. WOW! What a concept.

  11. Biff Says:

    The current culture of tipping may be too entrenched to abolish, but one can dream. Still, the arguments to simplify the system are too strong to ignore, and worth a good discussion.

    Tipping can promote an antagonistic division between the customer (who might perceive the service as mediocre), and the server (who assumes the tip is a given). Why are the customers put this position and why are we expected to participate as a financial planner for the server ? Why is it the customer’s job to provide the restaurant’s employees an incentive to perform? Isn’t that the job of the restaurant manager/owner ? The customer’s only involvement should be assessing the quality of the food, service, and atmosphere, and determining if it’s worth a future visit. What if this insanity was the norm for every industry out there ?
    People who are or were in the waiting industry are constantly making the point that “you don’t know what it’s like to be a waiter, and that anything under 20% is a personal insult”. You’ll get the usual weak arguments (or should I say misdirection and personal attacks) from those in the industry if you question any part of the process. Funny how they never seem to address the substance of the tipping issues.

    • “The prices will double or triple if tipping is abolished and waiters paid an appropriate wage”. Yeah right. Supply & demand will continue to work. Prices will naturally seek a level where the customer can still afford to eat out, and the restaurant can make a profit. If there’s a niche, it will be filled.

    • “It’s really hard work and low pay”. Jeepers, that can be said for a lot of jobs out there. Face it – It’s primarily menial labor with some basic people skills and memorization mixed in. It’s not rocket science. Take some personal responsibility. Either accept it, or move on to a job that’s easier and/or compensates you more. This is America. As for low pay & below minimum wage stuff, save that red herring for someone else.

    • “Tipping well gets you better service”. Maybe, assuming you get the same server and are recognized as a regular high tipping customer, but then you should tip every service related profession using that logic. Let’s end the bribery and the veiled threat of inflicting poor service. In most fine restaurants, tips are often pooled and the incentive for the server to perform probably diluted. Professor Michael Lynn has studied tipping habits and written numerous papers on the subject. He indicates that the biggest reason people tip is not for great service, but for social approval. For me the bottom line is simple – If an establishment wants my continued patronage it had better give me good service or I’ll go elsewhere.

    • “You’re just being cheap, if you can’t afford to eat out stay home”. This is my favorite irrelevant misdirection. Just insult the person questioning tipping culture ethics instead of addressing the substance of the issue. I can afford to tip 1000 percent on a $200 meal, so what. That’s irrelevant (By the way, I don’t like strawberry ice cream).

    The process is frustrating and adds an unnecessary complication for the customer. Pay the server a wage appropriate for their skill level, pass any added costs onto the meal, and let the free market do its work !

  12. Confused Says:

    I guess I am just confused. I was under the impression that a server was supposed to bring your food and refill your drinks. See, if they didn’t do that, I wouldn’t go back (And i’m not sure why it matters if you’re serving 2 people or 10. It’s part of the job). Most every other industry operates this way, why can’t restaurants ?

    When servers do something that is above and beyond their job description, then a tip might be in order. If I go out for a steak, I assume that I will get a steak. How is this extra service? It’s not like I get a steak and a free car wash. I’m already paying a 300 to 400 percent mark up on food and wine. Why do I pay a tip on top of that. When a coke costs 1.50, shouldn’t I expect a rapid refill? I mean, isn’t payng 1.50 for a 15 cent product worthy of such a reponse?

    Does a bar tender really need a 15% tip for pouring Jack in a glass with ice? I mean, why the heck else is he there if not for that EXACT service?

    I was under the impression that the term “busboy” implied some sort of table bussing. Why should a tip be rendered for such a service.

    And don’t tell me the pay is crap. With tips (much of which is unreported to IRS), many servers make good money for a menial labor job. That’s why they’re there. It should be the owners job to pay the employee, not the patron (what a concept !).

    PS — I can make these statements as a former slave of the industry. Guess what, I left.

  13. Casey Says:

    Tipping should be banned!!!!!!!!!.. If a waiter/waitress is tipped even 15% of every bill, they would be making more then most college graduates. At a nice restaurant the bill can easily exceed $200 for 4 people. A waiter has 4 to 6 tables. Usually it takes about an hour to order and eat the meal. If a waiter has only 20 parties a night that would generate at 15%, $600 and at 20%, $800. Not bad for someone that, with minimal training, can walk in off the street and display good manners while serving the diners.

  14. newhoosier Says:

    Excellent points Biff and Confused; I agree.

  15. Byron Says:

    Here’s an idea to all the waitstaff/bartenders, etc… if you can’t tolerate the fact that some people tip well and some people don’t agree with the antiquated concept, get out of the industry. OR just shut up about it because you can train a monkey to go back to the kitchen and carry out the food. That’s why it’s a minimum wage job. It’s menial labor not rocket science ! You defend tipping so much cause if you were really paid what you were worth, you’d never get more than minimum wage. Get some education and get in another industry where you don’t have to rely culturally accepted begging and on your customers being your financial planner.
    I tip; In restaurants I tip so I don’t look like a dolt, and I really hate that there is that pressure not to look like a dick to those poor waitresses who can’t make money any other way that they live off my $5.

  16. Low wages Says:

    I find it funny that you bitch about having to tip, and yet you support the same business practices that allow restaurants to only pay workers 2.13 an hour.

    You can’t have it both ways. Either you need to tell the business to pay their wait-staff a livable wage, or you need to shut up and tip your wait-staff so that they can earn an income.

    To all, regarding pizza deliveries… ever factor in the gas cost to deliver your pizza? At .40 cents a mile (total car expenses), an average delivery costs the driver about $2.00 out of pocket, not to mention providing the driver income. THAT is why you should tip your pizza delivery person.

    It’s a shitty business, but you can’t bitch about free-market enterprise where wait-staff makes ALL (yes, ALL) of their money from tips and then NOT TIP your wait-staff.

  17. Roland Says:

    Low Wages, not at all. I beleive that a business should pay whatever they please. If a worker doesn’t want to work there for X wages, then they go somewhere else.

    I tip only because I pretty much half to. I don’t have to like it though.

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