Men wearing jewelry


Sorry….it’s gay.  Aside from a watch and a wedding band (note: BAND..not some diamond studded Elvis ring) and maybe…MAYBE a class ring (if you graduated from West Point or Harvard or something like that) and a Major Sports championship ring, men just should not wear jewelry.  This guy was in the office today.  He had a nice mock turtleneck on…and a long gold necklace.  He also had a gold bracelet.  This guy is married with kids but looked soooo gay!!  I wanted to ask him if his brother George was here.

Now, I will allow college dudes to wear those leather, bead or cloth necklaces or things like that but not gold and not silver.  Maybe a surfer dude can wear a shell necklace but only when on the beach.   Once you get out in life and are a working stiff, put that Saturday Night Fever stuff away!!!  Oh, and a pinky ring?  Please!  Just give it up.

Sorry if you guys out there who wear this stuff take offense at this but I’m just being truthful.  Most chicks I talked to at work thought it looked stupid as well.

Oh, and while we are speaking of jewelry, my 5 year old said she wanted her tongue pierced!  What is the world coming to???????

30 year moratorium on men wearing jewelry.


17 Responses to “Men wearing jewelry”

  1. Politics and Culture Says:

    Gay? Gay???

    You homophobe!

  2. Obscured Says:

    I disagree.
    A little jewlery on men is okay.
    Like Keith Richards and his rings.
    Hes just the coolest guy ever.

  3. Roland Says:

    You know, I had not thought of that. I would have to give a pass for Keith for his scrull ring. Not sure about his earing though but the skull ring is just cool. You’re right….Keith is the epitome of Rock and Roll so he gets a pass on much.

  4. Marty Says:

    You might give a pass to rockers, and personally, a small earring doesn’t offend me (small!). Women (ahem, ‘chicks’) want jewelry from a man, not on a man.

  5. Roland Says:

    Speaking of jewelry, you know what does offend me….tongue and nose rings in the work place. Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned but…it just bothers me when some chick is talking to me at work and I notice she has some huge stud thru the middle of her tongue. Ok, how old are you?

  6. Marty Says:

    Try explaining that to some of the students where I work…(rolls eyes)

  7. clever clasp Says:

    clever clasp

    clever clasp

  8. Sergey Says:

    As little jewelry on men as possible

  9. John Says:

    I strongly disagree, with those comments that you just made. I dont belive that jewlery is…”gay”…it doesnt have a sex to it. I think that you should just wear what ever you want to wear, if it looks good its fine. (no, i am NOT gay..if thats what your thinking)

  10. matt Says:

    Im not gay, i’ll make that clear.

    I don’t find jewelry on men “bad” at all.
    If you can pull it off, i don’t like men who wear
    earings, and a half dozen rings, but what i do think is
    acceptable is this…….

    Mens watch
    Wedding band if married
    Right hand ring (onyx, diamond, ruby, etc)
    Good size bracelet (not something “girly”
    Figaro chain, or rope chain

    Their is nothing wrong with wearing those items, I do.

  11. Roland Says:

    A watch and wedding ring, sure. Fine. A class ring even is ok. But, that is it. Anything else screams GAY!!

  12. Lillian Says:

    Okay, for you men…
    What do you think about mens’ David Yurman, or Mens’ Tiffany & Co? I am on a desperate mission to find the perfect gift for my boyfriend’s graduation…and I was thinking a rope chain bracelet. He is stylish, and could pull it off, but would he like it?

  13. Roland Says:

    Depends. If he likes it…you might have to question his manhood.

  14. Bill Says:

    Actually, it was very common for men to wear pinky rings back in the day, especially in late sixties. My grandfather was an Irish immigrant and despite popular belief that you need to be in the mafia or a thug is a misconception. Many men wearing pinky rings today are simply wearing a ring that was passed down from their grandfather or father, more of a family thing than a fashion statement.

  15. Bob Says:

    Hey , just look at some of the Engelbert Humperdinck videos
    from the early 80’s, he wore big long gold chains, 3 rings, diamond
    nugget bracelets, and more, and he was quite the womanizer.

  16. Sam Says:

    Any man who is self-possessed will make his own fashion choices. A guy who caters to the opinions of some random, average woman doesn’t have a high value. A high-value man doesn’t really care what you think.



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