Doh!  I’m really sick of people apologizing for everything under the sun!!  Look, if I spill my coffee on your new blouse, I will apologize.  If my kid throws up on the slide at McDonald’s and your kids slides down on it, I’m sorry.  I will apologize over and over again.  However, if I meet someone from Japan, I’m not going to apologize about dropping the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima in WWII.  For one, it wasn’t me.  Two, we were at war.  Three, it was a long time ago.  The same thing goes if my great, great, great Grandfather owned slaves.

Another thing that bugs me is when these celebrities say something then come back later and apologize for it.  I’m not talking about saying something in the heat of an argument or when you are drunk or something.   Don’t backpeddle.  Have some guts and stand by your comments when you call Paris Hilton a Tramp or David Letterman an idiot.   I loved it when George Bush was overheard saying to Cheney “There’s Adam Clymer, major league a**hole from the New York Times…”.  The press went crazy and many demanded he apologize.  He did…for being overheard and not for calling him an a**hole.  I checked and as far as I know he never did apologize for it. 

That’s something else! Demanding an apology.  Who are you to demand anything from someone else?  If I know the person I may go to them and talk to them but where in the world do people get the gall to demand that someone apologize for saying something?  Get your own life!

10 year moratorium on needless apologies.


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