“They are just misunderstood…it’s just the owners..I mean, you hear about Labs tearing into people every day.  Don’t you?  Well, it’s just the breeding.  They train them and breed them to be so vicious.   Remember, judge the deed, not the breed.”

Need a shovel yet? 

Aren’t you tired of hearing about children being mauled by a Pitbull?  It seems that at least every year there is a story in your city about some Pitbull that got loose or something and tore into someone.  Usually children.    The papers and talk shows light up with condemnation on the breed and then the owners and breeders ooze out of the woodwork and feed you the lines like “The breed of dog should not be the sole factor by which an attack is judged.”  I’m sick of it I tell ya!

Just to add a few stats to this rant I found “Fatal Dog Attacks, the Stories Behind the Statistics,” by Karen Delise.  She notes that Pitbull and pit mixes account for 21 percent of all human fatalities, while mixed breed dogs account for 16 percent and other non-specified breeds, 15 percent.   Also  Merritt Clifton, editor of Animal People did a study of dog bites from 1982 to the present. According to the Clifton study, pit bulls, Rottweilers, Presa Canarios and their mixes are responsible for 74% of attacks that were included in the study.

I really didn’t need any study to know that I would much rather have my kids playing with a live bee hive then a Pitbull.  Yes, yes, I know that the owner DOES play a factor however, you could have the owner be your sweet Grandmother and I still would not want that dog near me or my kids!

Does this mean I am in favor of banning Pitbulls?  Possibly.  I can’t really say that the world would not be a better place without them…but it’s still a fine line.  Regardless though, I think a 20 year moratorium on them would be nice. 


108 Responses to “PitBulls”

  1. newhoosier Says:

    I think it’s perfectly acceptable to ban a breed of animal for the sake of public safety. It’s no different than not allowing people to keep wolves, coyotes, tigers, panthers, or lions.

    Yes, I know pitbulls are the same species as other breeds, but governments have to balance personal freedoms and public safety. I think a case has been made to ban certain breeds of dog. And I think you’ll start to see municipalities or counties enact bans on vicious breeds more frequently. But probably not states, just yet.

  2. Jaime Says:

    You people are so ignorant…obviously you’ve never owned a pitbull. Ever Pitbull that I’ve met, including my 2 year old and 8 month old have been the best dogs I’ve ever came in contact with. You obviously know nothing about the breed except what you hear on the news. Pitbulls are the most loving dogs…all they want to do is make you happy. Yes there are some bad owners that train beat their dogs to make them vicious. But why should you ban a breed of dog because of a heartless owner. I think they should have a new law where you need a home check…record checks things like that to own a pitbull…Because the poor dogs don’t deserve to be beaten and given a bad name… READ UP ABOUT THE REAL PITBULL before you judge…its the same thing as racism..people think “all black people are criminals” well that obviously isn’t the case…its the same thing with pitbulls

  3. lauren Says:

    for instance take a poodle very loving and family show cruffs style, then put it in the hands of a wrong owner and it will turn out like the cases you hear on pitts. its not the breed it the owner you could bring a pitbull up to be as soft and cuddly as you want but rong owner rong frame of mind on the dog i believe in keepin the pit it is like racism its just like one day someone important sayin ban all black people in the world would that happen? no of corse not because they can stick up for themselves but a dog cant !! pitt poodle rotwiler collie all the same just like black white asian chinese its the owner just think about what ive written n re think on the pitts!

  4. Kate Says:

    I think that pitbulls are terrible animals and they should kill them all. They are considered a weapon in some states for a reason. So those of you who own a nice one, just give it time. Its true colors will shine and you will wind up in a horendous lawsuit one day

  5. Roland Says:

    Jamie and Lauren, how come every mauling you hear about has a pitbull in it? You know, you throw all this rhetoric up there yet you IGNORE the stats.

    Every time I hear a news story I just wait to hear what kind of breed it is and you know what? Most of the time it’s a pitbull.

    But no, you’re right. I would feel sooooo much safer having my 3 year old laying beside a pitbull rather than my black lab.

  6. Dante Says:

    I own a pit bull have owned it for the last three years I also have a three year old son who gets a long with my pit just fine they play together quite often the dog has never harmed anyone or anything. I’ve never even seen it show any sort of aggression toward another dog or person. I’ve had labs that were more aggressive than my pit bull. It’s a ridiculous stereotype, the media plays up pit bull attacks but never any other kind of dog attack it’s a joke. If you want to ban pit bulls you should ban any type of dog that has ever bitten someone or any animal for that matter. As the owner of a pit bull you assume responsibility for the dog and it’s actions if you cannot handle it you shouldn’t own one. People who love and enjoy the breed shouldn’t be punished because some white trash dirt bag thought it would be fun to own a pit and mistreat them so they have a violent temper.

    I say kill the people who mistreat the dogs, the dog has no control over the situation it’s entered it to.

    You guys need to grow up.

  7. Dante Says:

    PS.. of course you didn’t find a picture like this

    you had to ad fuel to the fire by adding that ridiculous picture.

  8. Roland Says:

    Dante, so all the stats that were listed are just made up?

  9. newhoosier Says:

    1) I’ve seen a lot of racist comments in those commenters saying it was racist to ban pitbulls.

    2) Banning them doesn’t mean killing them, it means not allowing them in your municipality/jurisdiction. They don’t let convicted sex offenders in some cities either. Why? Well, they might never repeat offend, but some municipalities would rather be safe than sorry. And, so far, they have that right.

    3) Of course owners have something to do with it. And guns don’t kill people, people kill people. But they still make you get a gun license. People die from car accidents all the time, and they don’t let anyone drive. You have to prove your able to do so in accordance with the law.

  10. Rikki Says:

    Yeah I disagree with this article. I don’t think any of these people know what they are talking about. I don’t even think they owned one in the first place. I have a 14 week old pitbull, and he lights up my life. It isnt the pitbulls fault that they attack people. Its the owners, they let them loose, they teach them to be mean, or maybe they abuse the pitbulls and it just has nothing else to think in this world. I would rather have my children play with a pitbull then a “bee hive.” Number one thats a stupid comparison, number 2 bee’s cant protect your children and family, and number 3 Pitbull’s can be your child’s best friend. Getting rid of pitbulls is soo ignorant. People get hurt everyday, and if we ban what hurts people then we need to take care of things like cars, and knifes..and most of all people. People hurt people everyday, let alone kill them..I think we need to worry about crime and murderers than pitbulls. Pitbulls can save lifes, and maybe next time when your child get its life saved by a pitbull, you might change your mind, and that is kind of sad that it has to come down to that. That you have to worry about yourself then other people. BANNING PITBULLS IS STUPID, DONT MAKE A BEAUTIFUL ANIMAL EXSTINCT!!!

    • Andrew Says:

      I just read this and I agree with The commenter Rikki. Pit bulls are loving animals I hear about more attacks by other dogs then pit bulls and its a fact that pit bulls can be mean but to people who try to harm there owners.See If a pitbull is raise by a good owner the only time it will attack is to protect the owner but if raised by a bad owner who beats them they will attack anyone because they think that every one is there enemy just like there owner thinks every one is so stop being punks and that Roland guy you need to shut your mouth

      • Lisa Says:

        Well Andrew, I have been on here trying to get Roland to see the light for a few months now and he just isnt gonns get it but I agree somewhat, i am a Pitbull owner and i have 2 males and they get along great and I also have 2 boston terries and a papillion and they all get along. To say that pits are vicious is redicoulous but to say that they cant be is being blind. It is in part how they are raised but all dogs have the ability to be mean and as for Roland shutting his mouth wel it is his blog so what can we say about his opinion and everyone has one. Hope you enjoy this blog and keep being an advocate for these wonderful and loving dogs… 🙂

  11. Roland Says:

    That’s right Rikki! In fact, I think I should be able to own a full grown tiger and have it on my suburban property!! Nothing wrong with that, right?

    • Lisa Says:

      Duh Roland thats comparing apples to oranges. Domesticated animals verses non domesticated animals. Please actually look at what you are comparing before you make a comment like that because it just makes you sound like you are grasping at straws to make a point and its not working. The point isnt wether pitbulls are mean but what and who makes them menas and how to fix it besides making the breed banned. Like rikki said them lets ban people cause they hurt eachother and animals more than anything else. Wow comparing a dog and a tiger thats not even a comparison….

  12. Natali Schofield Says:

    Ok, I don’t know the name of the “smart guy” who posted whis page, but he needs to do his research and get his facts straight before he tries to post another webpage. The so-called “Facts” he based this page on are all a crock of … Here’s the REAL statistics of Fatal dog attacks…so read on for better info on Pit Bulls.

    The Stories Behind the Statistics
    An Investigative Study into the Circumstances Surrounding Dog-Bite Related Human Fatalities from 1965 through the Present.
    by Karen Delise

    “There is nothing to fear

    except the persistent refusal to find out the truth,

    the persistent refusal to analyze the causes of happenings.”

    Dorothy Thompson, (1894 – 1961)

    Today’s media is filled with sensational headlines of dog attacks. Routinely quoted in these newspaper accounts are dated statistics from the Centers for Disease Control. The last CDC study released documented which breeds of dogs caused the most human fatalities from 1979 through 1998. While the CDC did an admirable job of studying fatal dog attacks, and went to great lengths to point out that irresponsible owners were the cause of most of these incidents, the media and lawmakers continue to use CDC statistics to substantiate claims that certain breeds of dogs are inherently more “vicious” than other breeds.

    The result of sensationalizing individual incidents of severe or fatal dog attacks, included with the use of unexamined statistical “evidence” has created an unfortunate and inaccurate public and political perception as to the dangerousness and predictability of certain breeds of dogs. Despite enormous public and political interest in fatal dog attacks, there is no agency or organization that does investigative work (with the exception of this study) into each of the individual cases of fatal dog attacks and records the number and circumstances of fatal dog attacks on a continuous, yearly basis.

    This study is conducted in an attempt to understand the human and canine behaviors that contribute to a fatal dog attack. Only in understanding the events and circumstances surrounding these incidents can we hope to prevent future tragedies.

    After reviewing over 431 cases of fatal dog attacks it is apparent there is no single factor that translates in a lethal encounter between a person and a dog(s). A fatal dog attack is always the culmination of past and present events that include: inherited and learned behaviors, genetics, breeding, socialization, function of the dog, physical condition and size of the dog, reproductive status of dog, popularity of breed, individual temperament, environmental stresses, owner responsibility, victim behavior, victim size and physical condition, timing and misfortune.

    While many circumstances may contribute to a fatal dog attack, the following three factors appear to play a critical role in the display of canine aggression towards humans;

    Function of the dog – (Includes: dogs acquired for fighting, guarding/protection or image enhancement)

    Owner responsibility – (Includes: dogs allowed to roam loose, chained dogs, dogs and/or children left unsupervised, dogs permitted or encouraged to behave aggressively, animal neglect and/or abuse)

    Reproductive status of dog – (Includes: unaltered males dogs, bitches with puppies, children coming between male dog and female dog in estrus)
    It is necessary to emphasize that a fatal dog attack is an exceptionally unusual event. Approximating 20 deaths per year in a dog population of 53 million yields an infinitesimal percent of the dog population (.0000004%) involved in a human fatality.

    Many communities and cities believe that the solution to prevent severe and fatal dog attacks is to label, restrict or ban certain breeds of dogs as potentially dangerous. If the breed of dog was the primary or sole determining factor in a fatal dog attack, it would necessarily stand to reason that since there are literally millions of Rottweilers, Pit Bulls and German Shepherd Dogs in the United States, there would have to be countless more than an approximate 20 human fatalities per year.

    Since only an infinitesimal number of any breed is implicated in a human fatality, it is not only unreasonable to characterize this as a specific breed behavior by which judge an entire population of dogs, it also does little to prevent fatal or severe dog attacks as the real causes and events that contribute to a fatal attack are masked by the issue of breed and not seriously addressed.

    Pit Bulls in particular have been in a firestorm of bad publicity, and throughout the country Pit Bulls often bear the brunt of breed specific legislation. One severe or fatal attack can result in either restrictions or outright banning of this breed (and other breeds) in a community. While any severe or fatal attack on a person is tragic, there is often a tragic loss of perspective as to degree of dangerousness associated with this breed in reaction to a fatality. Virtually any breed of dog can be implicated in a human fatality.

    From 1965 – 2001, there have been at least 36 different breeds/types of dog that have been involved in a fatal attack in the United States. (This number rises to at least 52 breeds/types when surveying fatal attacks worldwide). We are increasingly becoming a society that has less and less tolerance and understanding of natural canine behaviors. Breed specific behaviors that have been respected and selected for over the centuries are now often viewed as unnatural or dangerous. Dogs have throughout the centuries served as protectors and guardians of our property, possessions and families. Dogs have also been used for thousands of years to track, chase and hunt both large and small animals. These natural and selected-for canine behaviors seem to now eliciting fear, shock and a sense of distrust among many people.

    There seems to be an ever growing expectation of a “behaviorally homogenized” dog – “Benji” in the shape of a Rottweiler. Breeds of dogs with greater protection instincts or an elevated prey-drive are often unfairly viewed as “aggressive or dangerous”. No breed of dog is inherently vicious, as all breeds of dogs were created and are maintained exclusively to serve and co-exist with humans. The problem exists not within the breed of dog, but rather within the owners that fail to control, supervise, maintain and properly train the breed of dog they choose to keep.

    It is important to emphasize that dogs bite today for the same reasons that they did one hundred or one thousand years ago. Dogs are no more dangerous today than they were a century or millennium ago. They only difference is a shift in human perception of what is and is not natural canine behavior and/or aggression and the breed of dog involved.

    Examination of newspaper archival records dating back to the 1950’s and 1960’s reveal the same types of severe and fatal attacks occurring then as today. The only difference is the breed of dog responsible for these events. A random study of 74 severe and fatal attacks reported in the Evening Bulletin (Philadelphia, PA) from 1964-1968, show no severe or fatal attacks by Rottweilers and only one attack attributed to a Pit-Bull-type dog. The dogs involved in most of these incidents were the breeds that were popular at the time.

    Over two thousand years ago, Plato extolled a basic understanding of canine behavior when he wrote “the disposition of noble dogs is to be gentle with people they know and the opposite with those they don’t know….” Recently, this fundamental principal of canine behavior seems to elude many people as parents allow their children to be unsupervised with unfamiliar dogs and lawmakers clamor to declare certain dogs as dangerous in response to an attack.

    Any dog, regardless of breed, is only as dangerous as his/her owner allows it to be.

    Addressing the issue of severe and fatal dog attacks as a breed specific problem is akin to treating the symptom and not the disease. Severe and fatal attacks will continue until we come to the realization that allowing a toddler to wander off to a chained dog is more of a critical factor in a fatal dog attack than which breed of dog is at the end of the chain.

    Only when we become more knowledgeable, humane and responsible in our treatment of dogs can we hope to prevent future tragedies.

    “Fatal Dog Attacks” explores and discusses the truth behind fatal dog attacks; including:

    Where and under what circumstances do many of these attacks occur?

    Why are certain breeds of dog implicated in more fatal attacks than other breeds?

    Who is most likely to be a victim of a fatal dog attack?

    What are the REAL causes of a fatal dog attack?

    Who is ultimately responsible for these incidents?

    What can be done to prevent these types of attacks?

    PURCHASE “Fatal Dog Attacks” NOW

    ©Copyright 2002 FatalDogAttacks.com
    Web Site Powered and Maintained by Loafin’ Tree LLC

  13. Roland Says:

    These stats, mentioned in the initial post, don’t lie:


  14. Nolan Says:

    We live in a society that is so petrified of pitbulls that any dog that attacks is a pittbull. Pittbulls attack far less than German Shepards, Chow-Chows and even Dalmations, Labs and Golden Retrievers.

    The American Temperment Test Society rated dog breeds based on temperment. The Beagle, Bichon Frise, Border Collie, Chihuahua, Collie, Dachshund(4 of 6 varieties), English Setter, Lhasa Opso, Pomeranian, Shar-Pei, Shih Tzu, Schnauzer, and Toy Poodle all score below average and many more far below that of the PitBull.

    As a final note CATS are far worse than any type of dog based on bite frequency and severity. So before you force me to get rid of my beloved pit that allows kids to ride on him. Get rid of your horrible feline.

  15. Jessica Says:

    Time and time again pitbulls are being descriminated against because of their bad rap. I completely believe that it is not the breed of dogs that are the main reaason there are so many attacks. I have a pitbull of my own and several of my friends have them also. It is all how you treat, train, and raise your pitbull. My pitbull would rather lick you to death rather then eat you to death. He is very caring and loving as are the other pitbulls that I know. There are people out there who abuse them and treat them like crap, which in returns makes them hate people. If you socialize you pit to like people and be around people then they wont attack. You are more likely to get bit by a German Shepard or a Rot rather then a pit who has been brought up in a good home. People do however need to stop beating their pits and teaching them how to fight. For people to want to ban the breed entirely is rediculous. I do however believe that the pitbulls should be put down if they are the attacking kind. Pitbulls are one of the largest breeeds out there and 90% of them are harmless unless you teach them to be otherwise. Just like any other dogs.

  16. Roland Says:

    Nolan, it’s hard to argue with stats. Funny…I never hear of fatal Lab attacks…

  17. Ban Ignorant News Junkies Says:

    The reason it is always a Pitbull on the news is because no one watches the news to hear about black labs biting people. I own a pit and am sickened by this blatant doggy racism.
    Lots of minorities kill people every year, we don’t ban them though. Why because all minorites are not killers. That would be RACIST and IGNORANT.
    I had an absolutely beautiful girlfriend in highschool. She was self conscious though. You see, she had a large scar on her face from when she was mauled by a dog as a small child. Ofcourse, the cocker spaniel attack didn’t make the news and no one tried to ban them.
    If my pit has her tennis ball or toy in the floor and I get down with her, look her in the eyes and then move in face to face, she moves to the side or looks under me to keep her eyes on her toy. When playing with her rope toy I can make her release simply by moving my hand to her mouth even though she is snarling, growling and shaking it for all she can.
    Ya, she is a viscious killer alright. I guess that’s why the dog trainer I let babysit my dog let my killer pitbull play with her toddler. For cripes sake, the kid fed the dog by hand from it’s dish and the dog backed off to let the kid closer to the bowl. Come in my house and attack someone she knows, and you may lose the use of an arm. Ofcourse, my MalamuteShepard mix may make you lose the arm entirely. But that wouldn’t make the news. I have owned several dogs capable of maiming or killing. I’ve never had a dog of mine bite anyone. But, I don’t allow that type of behavior and I was raised knowing that if my dog bit someone it would immediately be taken out and shot by my family.
    Everyone who knows my pit loves her. If you meet her in my yard, she will run at you and bark. Knock on my door and her hair will stand up and she will bark and snarl. She is a dog, that’s her job. Hold your hand out to her and she won’t bite it, she will fall over on her back and expect to be pet, or she will find a tennis ball to throw at you.
    I took my dog to petsmart for the first time recently. Her natural instinct to fight was so overpowering that before I left. A little girl about 8 years old had apologized to me for her tea cup terrier barking at my dog. about a dozen people just had to pet her. I met 3 women in the store who didn’t even ask to pet her, they just reached out and did it. Then they explained that they had pits and they were the sweetest dogs they had ever owned. I even had to stop to see pictures of other peoples pits. People who own these dogs and know them, love them and for good reason.
    Go out, find a pit owner who isn’t an ignorant !#@# with a chrome logging chain on their pit and talk to them. Pet their pit. Play with their pit. Educate yourself. Do not believe everything you see on the news. There is a real world and it exists outside of the magic glowing box in your living room.

  18. Ban Ignorant News Junkies Says:

    try checking out workingpitbull.com the ABOUT PITS section has some nice pics of pits snuggling and playing with infants and toddlers.

    Oh, and one more thing. My pit has 4 good friends she plays with. A yorkie (yorkshire terrier), an 8 year old girl, my mother who is in her 50’s and my arthritic uncle who is in his 70’s. I must admit, my uncle has suffered pain and injury due to the pitbull. His shoulder hurts very much from throwing the ball to her constantly.

  19. Ity Says:

    This breed is eager to please and brimming over with enthusiasm. Because most APBTs exhibit some potential level of dog aggression and because of its powerful physique, the APBT society requires an OWNER WHO WILL CAREFULLY SOCIALIZE AND OBEDIENCE TRAIN THE DOG. The breed’s natural agility makes it one of the most capable canine climbers so good fencing is a must for this breed. The APBT is NOT THE BEST CHOICE FOR A GUARD DOG SINCE THEY ARE EXTREMeLY FRIENDLY, EVEN WITH STRANGERS. AGGRASIVE BEHAVIOR TOWARD HUMANS IS UNCHARACTERISTIC OF THE BREED and highly undesirable. This breed does very well in performance events because of its high level of intelligence and its willingness to work.

  20. Ity Says:

    The American Pit Bull Terrier makes an excellent family companions and have ALWAYS BEEN NOTED FOR THEIR LOVE OF CHILDREN…

    the information i have givin you in the last 2 post can be found on the website http://www.pets.ca/breedprofiles

  21. Pit lover Says:

    You are right, the statistics don’t lie. According to the survey, half of the Beagle and Dauschund attacks resulted in death but less than 10% of Pitbull attacks resulted in death. The statistics prove beyond doubt that Beagles and Dauschunds are 5 times more dangerous than Pitbulls!!

    2 Labrador kills were also reported despite the fact that posters say it never happened.

    Never mind the fact that the opening statement says that the survey is incomplete and disregards cases where the breed is not clearly evident. So, if 10,000 people were killed by mutts, it would go unreported.

    Pitbulls are among the oldest breeds and were selected for hundreds of years for breeding for two main factors. Aggresiveness when working with larger animals and also for friendly temperment toward humans. Yes, they were bred to be friendly to people.

    The little rascals dog was a pitbull. Alfalfa and Buckwheat managed to survive somehow.

    Pitbulls are used in rescue work and as search dogs (Drugs,bombs and people) but rarely as police or military attack dogs because they tend to lack interest in attacking humans. DUE TO BREEDING!!!!

  22. John Says:

    You are ignorant. Any one who thinks I should wait for my 4 year old pitbull to show “it’s true colors” and attack a child is a retard. I don’t mean that in a derogitory way, I mean that you are actually suffering from some sort of mental retardation. You are pea-brained and lazy. You don’t know any pitbulls and all you do is believe the bullshit that is pushed on you by the media. You are probably also scared of black people because as we all know, they all carry guns. Your a moron.

  23. salvatore Says:

    Thats crazy u think that pitts should be baned they are the most loveing and caring dogs in the world they are very loayal if trained rite they will listed to every command and will never bite someone you cant ban a animal just because of it past or what the media makes it out to be if they wanted they could bring up all the records on other breeds of dogs and the media can just focas on one it will make it look bad of course so before you down grade the most wonderful breeds in the world own one and i bet your mind will change

  24. Sylvia Says:

    I’ve lived my life around dogs. I’ve seen vicious poodles, and vicious Dautsuns, as well as pitbulls.

    The only pitbull i ever saw bite-was in protection of its puppies. Which ANY DOG will do. And yes it was a child that was bitten, though not badly hurt. but the parents were to blame, for not supervising the child around a protective mother, and for not educating the child on how animals should be approached.

    Anydog will turn viscious when you don’t know how to handle them and dont give it what it needs–Dominance, exercise and affection. Without know who the boss is (no violence need to show dominance btw) then the dog thinks it’s the boss and it will treat you and anyone in its territory as such. Without exercise, Dogs have pent up energy they don’t know what to do with. . . they become neurotic and territorial. . . And then theres affexction. . Dogs are social . they are eager to please their masters. . . if the master rewards good calm behavior, then good calm behavior is what you well have most of the time from them. . . If the leader rewards nervous vicous behavior. . then that is what you get. .at the encouragement of its owner.

    I am afraid of any dog 3lb to 200 lb. . that is not lead by a strong Dominant human. . . any of them can maul a child. Pit bulls are just the strongest, and hardest to deal with because they are the strongest of all breeds.

    but they should not be banned. . . just controled. Pitbulls should not be owned on a whim. . and people who wish to own one should be tested for their ability to lead dogs. If they can’t lead a dog. . without violence, and show dominace. . then they should not be allowed to own a pit. . . because while i believe they are the most loyal and loving dogs in the world. . they only respect dominance before affection.

  25. Roland Says:

    Please note I did not come out and suggest and out right ban. I stated it is a fine line and something I have mixed feelings on

    You know, people also keep pythons as pets and swear they are so gentle…

  26. Danielle Says:

    http://gprime.net/flash.php/thepitbullproblem…. watch this then post your opinion

  27. Scott Says:

    So, let me get this straight………this animal, that was bread for the sole purpose of killing and maming is really a trust worthy loyal ball of love and joy? Every pit that attacks small children playing in their yards (often the children of the oweners) is the result of the bad oweners and it is not the dogs fault? I say fine, lets make a law that says when your loving ball of terror eats a childs face off you are the one that gets put down! Still willing to say you trust your pet 100%? If you own one of these dogs and you have children, you are either as genetically screwed up as these animals or you enjoy playing russian roulett with your kids lives!

  28. Jessica Says:

    HAHAHA I’m sorry I had to laugh when I read the last post. Saying pitbulls are viscious is saying that a race is viscious. There are lots of other dogs that tear childrens faces off. Maybe you should get your facts straight because Jack Russel Terriors are more prone to attack children then any pitbull. And just for your own information people who have pits and treat them well and keep them socially interacting with people end up having a great people caring and loving dog. I have a Sheltie that has bitten numerous ppl. and I have a pit that would NEVER bite someone. If you dont own one then you wouldnt understand. You are just a very ignorant person who doesnt understnad breeds and temperments of dogs. Oh and let me guess you must be a cat lover. LOL

  29. Joanna Says:

    anyone who thinks the Pit Bull breed is terrible, is crazy. pits make the BEST family dogs, they LOVE children and love to please. i work at an animal shelter, and i can not tell you how many dogs have to be put into foster care because they are “viscious”. and out of ALL of those dogs, not one of them has been a pit. at our shelter we have 10 pitbulls, all of them loving, every SINGLE one of them LOVES other dogs and LOVES the puppies we have in their. We have a training program where we train all the dogs before they go to a new home, and the pit bulls learn the fastest and enjoy learning. it took me 2 hours to train a POODLE to laydown and about 10 minutes to train Pinkie(Black and white pitbull staffordshire). ANY dog can be made into a viscious dog, the only reason why people keep choosing to choose the pit bull is because of the way they look. ((oh ya and to whoever thinks pitbulls were originally bred to fight, is stupid and hasnt done their research))

    pit bulls were originally farmdogs. they have the strong back legs and body, which gives them the ability to jump very high. The pit bulls are fast runners and therefor could flock sheep/cows/bulls/etc. easily. Unfortunately their very muscular look attracts the eyes of many bad people who abuse and take pride in watching two dogs tear eachother apart.

    check out this website, if it doesnt move you or touch your heart in any way, you have no heart.

    -look under aggression issues

    oh and another thing,, to the people who are going against the pitbulls, its really annoying and i think your doing it for attention, because the people that are for ppitbulls have given you A LOT of information stating how wonderful, and beautiful pitbull breeds are.

  30. Roland Says:

    Thanks Joanna. That was such a good laugh!! “Pits make the BEST family dogs”. That was so funny!!!

  31. Joanna Says:

    pit make better family dogs than a lab do, labs have more aggression in them than pits do. Roland has anyone ever told your a dick? good god your a jackass, your not very openminded.

  32. stm Says:

    nou ik vind het zo gemeen om allleen maar enge en gevaarlijken fotos zetten want een pitbull kan ook heel lief zijn hoor!!

  33. Roland Says:

    No Joanna. I am very open minded actually. I also do my research. If you would take the time to click on some of the links I provided and read the stats, you might understand it a bit more.

  34. Byron Says:

    The real problem is that people own pitbulls for the wrong reasons. i’m not going to blanket everyone in the same pile but it doesn’t take a genious to realize that these attacks on people are a result of recklessness and irresponsibility by the owners. Also take into account the socioeconomic factors regarding many pitbull owners. Pitbull owners will always be quick to defend the breed because “my dog is the sweetest, cudliest, most wonderul dog EVER”…of course they are, why else would you still have it if you hated it?

    Coincidentally, i was at a bar on sunday night and while i was checking out this nice lady i noticed that she had a little puppy with her. i walked up after i realized it was a pitbull and started asking questions about the dog. Her boyfriend walked up, killing my game but also reafirming the notion that idiots are the reason behind bad pitbulls. he’s dressed like a clown, acting like Tony Montana was his only role model. In a few short moments he completely convinced me that the poor dog was going to have an abusive life much like a the lives of child stars you see on “E! The true hollywood stories”

    i don’t care about statistics because they are almost always less than impartial and never weighted on level field. If pitbulls weren’t such “cool” dogs, muscular, reputably menacing, pimped out by rappers, bred by some idiot 17 year old trying to make money, then the problem would rest on the shoulders of another breed.

    Back in the days of dog fights a dog that was aggressive to a person was shot. To think that pitbulls are dangerous is not ignorant. However i’m not convinced that they are more dangerous than any other breed.

  35. Joanna Says:

    it just sickens me how Roland just HATES the breed, dont hate the breed, hate all the dogs that attack. and NO not all of them are pitbulls, there have been 3 cases of lab attacks in my town. 2 of akita’s, and about 6 of mix breeds. none of wich were related to the pitbull. yes it is very sad how most pitbulls are raised, but that doesnt make the BREED itself bad. instead of banning pitbulls, why dont we euthanize the people who made them that way? just a thought.

  36. Byron Says:

    Roland does not hate the breed. Everyone is saying that we shouldn’t make judgments without all the information…well…where does it say that he hates the breed?

    and please folks i know we all have opinions and there are some educated people out there along with the idiots but c’mon when you say things like let’s kill the people that raise these dogs, or let’s ban the people that own these dogs…that’s just stupid. Answers like that take away your credibility and flush your comments down the toilet. There should be heavy fines and punishments for those people…yes, i agree.

    my dog was attacked by a golden retriever and i’ve had several yellow labs scare the ish out of me so what does that say about those dogs?

  37. Crystal Smith-Solomon Says:

    THIS HAS TO BE THE STUPIDEST THING EVER! my pitbull plays with my little cousins and is fine she sleeps with me every night and never leaves my side she wouldnt hurt a fly.
    check the statistics of how many legit pitbulls there are in the world and how many of them have bit mayb 1 in a million… and the answer to that qestion should show u whos fault it is. you would never let anyone hurt ur child becasue they were misunderstood. i would never let anyone hurt my dog because she is misunderstood becasue of the shape of her head.

  38. scott Says:

    Yes, shelties do attack more people! However, when was the last time a sheltie put someone in intensive care? I hear polar bears make great pets too they are just as sweet as can be! Only problem is when they wake up on the wrong side of the bed they tend to tear your arms off! Can’t anyone respond to the solution of having the oweners of any dog that puts a child in intensive care uthenized? thats fair right? come on pit oweners, get behind your dogs, you have nothing to fear, fido wouldn’t hurt a fly!

  39. Brian Says:

    Good idea, lets kill all the pits and Rottys, it’s their fault that they are raised for violence. My family has had many pitbulls and they are the nicest dogs, I take mine to the park to play with other dogs and people love him until they find out his breed, then they won’t go near him. This is due to all you idiots that sit in front of a TV all day and listen to the gossip. Try going out into the real world and experiencing life with your own eyes and you will see an actual animal and not just a name that has been dragged through the gutter.

  40. Jessica Says:

    Come on ppl……I’m 23 years old, and have been arround pitbulls since I was 2. My parents are breaders and if this breed were half as agressive as you say I would have been mauled infinite times by the age of 23. Let me state that I was not raised with one pitbull, or two, or even three….I was raised with about 20 dogs. None of them ever attacked anyone…… I just laughed my eyes out readind the coments of ppl that say that pits are “evil”, or “killing machines”. But of course…if I go to the park with my pit, and he is on his best behaviour, that fact dosen’t make the news, now does it?? OH….but a pitbull biting of a child’s face does….of course. And all these news addicted people just make me sick….. News flash for you……I have a friend that works in a TV’s news departament and he told me that in many cases the attacks that appear on the news are not caused by pits…..but it makes the news more dramatic if they say that a pitbull was involved in the attack and not a collie, or a lab. My suggestion would be….if you don’t like them, don’t own them…..but cut the bull**** about the “killing breed”…and just once in your life time…try petting one…

  41. Frank Says:

    You ignorant ignorant people. have none of you ever come across a pitbull raised by a responsible owner? obviously you people would like to jump to conclusions on killing this breed. These dogs are very loyal, loving, and caring dogs, just like any other dog they live to please you. Let me ask you this, studies show that the #1 biting dog in the world is actually a cocker spaniel, yea that cute little curly haired puppy next door is actually very vicious. can i assume that? no, and i’ll tell you why… other dogs working in your community or even just someones pet have a more likely failure of a test of temperment and aggression. The local fire dog down the street yea that black and white spotted dalmatian can be just as vicious as the chow your next door neighbor has, or the husky your best friend has but the thing about these dogs is that they show no emotion when they bite and they are just as capable of doing the same if not more damage to any kid or adult for that matter. yes, this country does have a problem with dog fighting and pitbulls are used for this demeaning activity but if have ever been around a pitbull that was raised right you would think differently. Not only that but do any of you know what a true pitbull is supposed to look like? there are 25 other breeds ( not to mention mixes of these breeds) that have similar looking traits to the real apbt but are from all different countries all over the world. Bite statistics are difficult to obtain accurately. Dogs that are referred to as “pit bulls” in statistical reports actually are a variety of breeds and mixes all lumped together under the “pit bull” heading. so really the media gives them a false name. most of the time the mauling or attack that they talk about on tv is usually a mix breed that everyone just ASSUMES it is a real pitbull. unless you have been around pitbulls for a long time and know what to look for all you people pointing the finger are too arrogant to realize that you really don’t know WHO your talking about. just hop on the bandwagon and join the rest of blissfully white america. i own three of these dogs 2 full and one mix with a lab and i also own a bassett hound and my bassett is very charming and would not hurt a fly and she acts more aggressive than any of my other dogs. Look past the breed, these dogs know and act like they are apart of my family and i intend to keep it that way. For the record… the day they pass a bill where i have to give up my family is the day somebody walks into my yard to get them and gets bit. until then you people need to be more open minded into what this breed can do for us and not just on the false information all you people put out there to hate this breed. That would be like saying ban all minorities from the states cause of what we hear. So r u prejudice?

  42. Jessica Says:

    Totally agree with you Frank……most of these ppl could’t recognise a true pitbull. My parents have been licenced breaders for over 20 years and the best baby-sitters i ever had were the 20 pits my parents owned. If this breed was half as dangerous as they say it is i would have been mauled beyond recognition by now. I totally agree that a pit can be vicious, but so can a pudel if raised improperly. A pitbull is what his owner is!!!! If his owner is a hooligan, it’s sure that his pitbull will be one too, but if the owner is a gentleman, you can trust your life in his mouth……People are too narrow-minded…

  43. Roland Says:

    Jessica and Frank, how do you write off the stats, esp the ones from 1982 to 1996? Those are pretty strong.

  44. Jessica Says:

    Stats also sustain that African-American people are more agressive than Caucasians, or Asians…..how do you esp that? Are African-American born killers?….Come on…….. It’s just like I said before….if I take my pit to the park and he is on his best behavior…that fact dosen’t make the news, does it? The fact that 2-3 year old children ride my pit like a pony dosen’t make the news. I only speak from experience…..I raised until now about 5-6 pitbulls and none of them had behaviour issues. I said it before….I can’t argue with the fact that SOME pitbulls are vicious, but when my pit was 5-6 months I took him to the park and he was beaten unconscious by a golden retriever. His owner didn’t even appologise…….If you don’t like pits don’t own them, don’t let your children play with them (although a pit’s tolerance for pain makes him a great companion for a child)…but don’t blame us…..the people who have discovered the true potential of this breed, for loving them.

  45. Frank Says:

    let me ask you something roland… have you ever raised any type of bull type dog? i don’t think you have. My great grandfather, grandfather, and my uncle have all raised pits since before i was born and still do. My other uncle raises and breeds some of the finest champion bloodlines akitas in the u.s. This is my credibility, i have been around them all my life as well as my family has with their babies who are now grown. What credibility do you have? owned one? raised one? bred one? so you obviously make your mind up as society has based on someone elses statistics? and what credibility do they have unless they have put themselves into situatuations where they have to deal with this kind of breed on a regular basis. I’ve been around some pretty unstable dogs that somewhere in their life they have been scarred by some irresponsible owner and never have i ever been bit by un unstable pitbull. Dogs just don’t bite for any reason i’m sure your statistics won’t tell you that right?

  46. Midnight Says:

    pit r gangsta and the best dog anybody could have

  47. Byron Says:

    for the record i am PRO-Pit Bull, having owned one for 14 years and now with a new puppy…i can’t see myself owning any other breed. Perhaps my earlier posts were too objective but regardless…the numbers don’t like. If people so choose to rely on the data provided it is their right too. The problem is that their personal convictions against the breed get translated onto us who love the breed. Pit owners are outnumbered even though the number of pitbulls keep growing.
    Any and every dog that is popular is exposed to poor breeding practices and distempered misrepresentations of the breed making headlines. But pits have one problem that will never let up…and that is the IDIOT factor. The same way you see Paris Hilton with her little ankle biter in her purse…you have idots with big, muscular pits as accessories where the emphasis is placed on looks and gameness rather than companionship and temperment.

    Pit-bull expert Carl Semencic makes a more sophisticated argument as to why pit bulls shouldn’t be singled out for regulation. Pit bulls, he says, were bred not to be aggressive to people. “A pit bull that attacked humans would have been useless to dog fighters,” he contends; “the dogs needed to be handled by strangers in the middle of a fight.” Any dog that went after a handler was immediately “culled”—that is, put to death. But Semencic’s argument assumes that the culling of man-aggressive dogs is still going on—which it isn’t. As Robin Kovary, a New York-based dog breeder and pit-bull fancier, acknowledges, “Once the word got out, 20 years ago or so, to youths who wanted a tough dog to show off with, the breed passed into less than responsible hands—kids who wanted the dogs to be as aggressive as they could be.” Geneticist Zawistowski gives the upshot: “Irresponsible breeders have let the dogs’ block against being aggressive to people disappear. They’ve created a kind of pit bull with what I call `undifferentiated aggression.’ ”

    history tells us that the pitbull was bred to be a human loving animal and an olympic athlete among dogs, Experts in both dog behavior and aggression/protective training agree across the board that a pitbull is not the best choice for guard dog work because they are “naturally” non aggressive toward humans, (Carl Semencic, “Pit Bulls and tenacious Guard Dogs” )

    Recent media says that they should be banned for the danger they present…but what the data doesn’t tell you is how many pits are represented in the sample.
    Are pitbull statistics constant internationaly?
    Are the bite statistics based on all bites, good dogs gone bad, and are dogs with previous history seperated from those who just “snap”?
    all these criteria are important to know when making a judgement on the natural tendency toward aggression.

  48. Jessica Says:

    Let me tell you a story that I’ve heard about in Ohio, where a black&white pit, named Marley, saved a child from a burning house. This dog was not owned by the child’s parents, he was just visiting them with his owner. When the fire began, the dog was alone at home with the child, he went to that little girl and began pulling her with that killer mouth that you so much fear. He saved that child’s life…and he was a pit. He could have left the house alone, when the fire began…but he didn’t….he was found with all of his paws burned, and glass cuts, from when he broke the glass off the door to get out. This didn’t make the news, did it?……Come on ppl…..if you don’t like them, don’t own them, but don’t blame us…the people that have found the true potential of those dogs.

  49. Roland Says:

    I’m sure that some Nazi’s also helped out people. Once in a while.

  50. Jessica Says:

    Oh Roland…you crack me up….. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA…….Nazi’s also had Dobermans, which they used to hunt down and kill jews. Let’s call those dobermans to the stand to answer for their crimes. Let’s observe that the Nazi’s used dobermans not pitbulls…..this proves that at least one breed is just as vicious if not more vicious as you say pitbulls are……..I rest my case…….

  51. Roland Says:

    That’s right. That proves it all. Case closed.

  52. Jessica Says:

    No Roland, that does not prove it all, it just proves that you have something against pitbulls, even though other breeds are just as “vicious”.

  53. Rebecca Royden Says:

    I think you are irrational and you have no common sense…
    You need to interview people who own pitbulls and provide good homes for them. People pick out pitbulls and act as if they automatically have intent to kill. This is not true. I have worked with animals in a vet clinic in up state New York for 6 years, and pitbulls were the nicest dogs i have come across. Might i add i was attacked by a Jack Russel and need a numerous amount of work done to my hand. Doesn’t seem to vicious in pictures right? What about shepards? they have an enormous amount of attacks. No one publishes that…
    It is the people who take in the dogs. They aren’t born and come out snarling like you make it sound. You train your dog to be the way you want them to be. People take pitbulls and train them to fight. This is not fair to the breed. Pitbulls get a bad name because these fools who think its a game. Well its not and for you to sit there and say that its all the pitbulls fault, that just makes me sad to be the same species as you.
    It doesn’t surprise me how a person ,like you, would hold such disregard and say pitbuls should be ban. I for one do not. I own two of my own and they are the best thing that has happened to me. they have never raised a lip or barked at any one in their entire lives. Every sunday, my boyfriend and i get together with all of our friends (who own pitbulls aswell) and go to a field and let them run and play. They play just like any other breed. They get tired out just like any other breed. ANd most people you talk to, who have pitbulls, will say they are MORE faithful than any other breed you will come across.
    So do us all a favor, and before you go on a rampage about banning pitbulls because they are naturally vicious, why don’t you do a background check on them. You’d be surprised. They actually used to work on farms and they were used in nurseries with CHILDREN! They were even called nanny dogs. LOOK IT UP! AND NEXT TIME WHY DONT YOU GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!
    Yours truely,
    A loving pitbull owner

    • Lisa Says:

      Rebecca I also hope that they took the correct action against the owner of that pitbull and put the dog down but how in the world does that make it all pitbull and pitbull owners faults, I myself am a pit owner and agree that any dog that attacks out of anger should be put down and I would put mine down if they did the same thing but to say that we all are guilty because of some idiots and their stupid dog is rediculous and unfair. I hope that your dog was ok and maybe someday you will change your mind about pits.

      • Lisa Says:

        sorry i guess i posted this under the wrong name but it was meant for lisa not rebecca sorry

  54. Lisa Allen Says:

    I never cared much about the “banning” of pit bulls either way. I would have never owned one. Today, my opinion DRASTICALLY changed. I took my 12 yr old sheltie to the vet for a routine visit. My dog was leashed ( as is required in NY), and 2 men that had a pit bull that they just picked up because the dog warden had it were there apparently getting ready to leave.

    Their dog was in their car but i guess they saw no need to watch the dog, or keep the door closed while they fumbled in the trunk. I didnt even see the dog, i was almost inside the vet building and the pit attacked my dog and locked onto his throat and WOULDNT let go. The idiots who own it couldnt even pry him off! they screamed for help from the vet staff. Eventually the dog was pryed off and my dog is in critical care. These people will be sued, the dog was reported as a dangerous animal and the police took reports. I am SICK of people saying, oh…….a few bad dogs ruin it for the rest- BS! I hope they put this dog down.

    • Lisa Says:

      Lisa, I also hope that they took the correct action against the owner of that pitbull and put the dog down but how in the world does that make it all pitbull and pitbull owners faults, I myself am a pit owner and agree that any dog that attacks out of anger should be put down and I would put mine down if they did the same thing but to say that we all are guilty because of some idiots and their stupid dog is rediculous and unfair. I hope that your dog was ok and maybe someday you will change your mind about pits.

  55. Byron Says:

    that dog should be put down immediately.

    sorry about your dog…how is he doing?

  56. newhoosier Says:

    The media is at it once again. http://www.wthr.com/Global/story.asp?S=6486978

  57. Sonia A. Moore Says:

    I own two Pit Bulls at the present time. One is fairly oversized, as he is a rare breed of Pit. However, I bred Pit Bulls for 20 years. I had the smaller breed and also the American Staffordshire. We always had several Pit Bulls at a time running around. I never had a problem with any of them. They are very intelligent and loyal dogs. It is definitely the owner’s fault if they are agressive and vicious. This is when most owners abandon them at the shelters, after they have already trained them to be vicious. These dogs ARE NOT good pets. They could be used as watchdogs outside or fenced in a complex. But in most instances, it would be necessary to humanely euthanize them, because the agressive behavior will most certainly surface unexpectedly. However, Pit Bulls raised from puppies in a loving family are truly the most wonderful pets, as we have four cats who actually push the Pit Bulls around.

  58. jen Says:

    all these stereotypes about pitbulls are stupid, pitbills are great, fun, and loving animals, and if a pitbull is aggressive, then its the owners fault because if the owner was responsible, the dog wouldnt be so aggresive, i work at an animal shelter and most of the pitbulls that come in that are aggressive, but they all came from owners who chose not to take proper care of their pets, and all the other, non-aggressive pitbulls came from nice families that didnt have the time or space for the dog anymore. I don’t pay attention to the statistics because they arent true, they dont count most other dog attacks, and all the people that that have posted on here that have said that every time they hear of dog attacks thatit was mostly caused by pitbulls…..well im sorry to say it, but thats a load, yes pitbulls do attacks sometimes, but its only because their owner was irresponsible, it was scared, or somebody was picking on it. Thats probably why kids are more likly to be attacked by a dog, because they pulls on the tails, and ears, and arent careful with dogs, so therefore, dog attacks involving pitbulls and kids, are the parents responsibilty, they should be teaching their kids how to act around animals and teach them what not to do. I would happily le my children play around pitbulls, it doesnt bother me, i know that there is a chance that they could attack but there is always a reason and you should never blame the dog!!!

  59. Scott Says:

    Just remember that when one of your children has reconstructive surgery to replace the left side of his/her face! You can tell them that it’s their fault. We aren’t talking about an agressive lap dog here! you might as well tell your kids to go play in a wood chipper! When they get hurt, I suppose you can always say “you should have followed the operating instructions better!

  60. Roland Says:

    I have a pitt that lives behind us. If I went along with all the pro people here, I should just open the back gate and let the pitt in! After all, they are such lovable dogs and I should be just a bit more trusting…esp since this dog NEVER stops barking at me. No matter what I do. I have never yelled or made ANY aggression towards the dog. I have been soothing, I have gotten down to it’s level, I have even offered it treats and it NEVER stops barking. The dog it is with (some mutt) is very nice and friendly to me.

    Yeah, maybe today I will just throw the gate open and let the dog come in and play with my kids. Yeah…

  61. Scott Says:

    Those of you that are on the fence right now should take a trip to your local animal shelter/aspca. Count out how many pitts you see. It’s almost a guarentee 40-50%. Now out of that 40 to 50% how many have tags on their cages that say Vicious dog or hold for court?

  62. BRENT Says:


  63. Roland Says:

    So, banning people who murder is wrong because God created them? Your argument, at least in that area, makes no sense.

    I never said that any dog cannot be lethal. What I pointed out (with stats to back it up) is that the majority of dog attacks are by the little, sweet and precious Pit.

  64. crystal Says:

    i have a red nose pit and, she is the biggest baby ive ever seen. my daughter can do whatever to this dog and, she doesnt care. i know there are bad pits ive seen some, heck ive seen mean dogs of all types. ive worked in vets and, have got bitten by all sorts of dogs. but the only dog that gets publizied are the pits. my brother was attacked by a dog when he was just seven thank god it wasnt bad, and it wasnt a pitbull. some people are just ignorant

  65. Roland Says:

    Yes Crystal but some people have the stats and numbers to show that the majority of certain attacks are by Pitts.

  66. Jennifer - Blue Island, IL Says:

    Anyone who thinks that pit should be banned needs to actually own one first. I have 2 pits and a half rott/lad mix, all of which are some of the best behaved dogs I have ever had. It’s not the dog that needs to be banned or put to death, it’s the people who train the dogs to it fighting dogs that need to be jailed or maybe put to death. People are treating these dogs like they are guns or a weapon of mass destruction. If I had a choice to save my dogs by insuring them or registering them like a firarm I would. I have a 4 year old daughter who plays with these dogs every day and has absolutely no problems with them. And yes, I had the dogs before I had her, so it’s not like she was here first. My dogs are very loyal and loving, they love to cuddle, and are attention hogs, they play outside with my daughter everyday and she never has any problems with them. They never hurt her, NOTHING!!!!! People need to understand, that it’s not the breed, it’s the owner, just like it’s not the GUN the kills people, it’s the IDIOT behind the IT!!!!! Everyone is trying to outlaw these dogs and they are very smart and very loyal, people should try learning a little more about the breed before the decide to try and make it extinct. Could we make a race of people extinct because they are responsible for more shootings than other races… no, that wouldn’t be fair to humanity, so why is it fair to do it to a breed? People who think this dog should be banned don’t know anything about it and most of them own little dogs and don’t even know what it’s like to own an average sized dog to begin with. Learn to do some research before just decided that a breed should be banned. Have a heart, not every dog is the same and not every owner is the same either!

  67. Jennifer - Blue Island, IL Says:

    OH, by the way… Rowland— pits will bark at people because they are protective of their property, also, they will bark because they want attention… pits love attention and just want the same attention you give to people. My dogs will bum rush a person when they arrive at my house, they think that you should say hello to them to, so if you actually stoppped and talked to your neighbors, you might find out that they have a nice dog… did you ever think to try that, instead or just ignoring the poor dog?

  68. Stephani Says:

    If you read the whole thing on CDC. They actually state that thier results should not be used to back up breed bans nor to prove a breed is more dangerous. They also state that they do not separate attacks and fatalites by breeds anymore due to the fact that the results are always inaccurate. 1.)a “pitbull” is not a breed. It is a type.
    2.)When it is said that a “pitbull” leads the attack and fatality factor they are adding not only 4 different pure breed dogs but also any breed that looks like a “pitbull”, including a lab/boxer mix.
    4.)If you look at the stats broken up into different years. They statistics will show you a whole different picture.

  69. Roland Says:

    Never advocated they should be banned. Just said it is worth discussing.

  70. jen Says:

    fisrt of all i have owned many breeds of dogs including show old english sheep dogs, cocker spaniels, and many more i am now a proud owner of pitbull and she has been thee best dog i have ever owned and even the easiest to train i have done alot of research on the breed and no they arent even in the top for attacking anyone never mind children yes there are cases where pitbulls have bitten and have even been fatal bites but last year they didnt even account for 10% of fatal dog bites, german shepards are more likely to turn on humans than a pitbull..and did you know they make better police dogs and seeing eye dogs for disabled people i think you need to do a little more research on the breed before you start to judge them i have small children and she plays great with them but with all dogs people need to supervise their children while playing with any dog even the family pet.. and even if they were to be banned you dont think dog fighters wouldnt find another breed of dog to turn vicious even a golden retriever can become vicious under the right circumstances….

  71. jen Says:

    oh by the way your stats are wrong you should look it up again and then maybe again if you didnt get it the second time……………………

  72. jen Says:

    hey i have a better idea lets ban all breeds then there would’nt be anything to argue about!!!!!!!! fck it lets do cats to…

  73. Roland Says:

    My stats are wrong? I see you didn’t post any of your own to prove them wrong.

  74. connie Says:

    Roland…just got done reading this FUNNY FUNNY post and all of the comments. Thanks for a great laugh! All I have to say is…1) Some people need to look up what the word Racest means…I mean come on! Racest about a DOG.PLEASE do a moritorium against that word! 2) These are animals people…animals! At any time any animal can attack anything…they are not people..ANIMALS. In the same breath, to deny that some “types” or “breeds” (whatever hairsplitting word you all want to use) are more agressive when provoked than others is to know NOTHING about animals in general. Most people are just to close to their animals to talk rationally about it. They want to think of their animal as a person. THEY ARE NOT PEOPLE! Thanks for the grat laugh. I know how much you are enjoying the debate….hehehe

  75. Jennifer - Blue Island, IL Says:

    Well Connie you were right about one thing, some people dp look at their pets as people, but that’s because they are truely animal lovers. I have 4 cats, 3 dogs, an iguana, and birds. I treat all of my animals as if they are family, most people do. I’m sorry you don’t share the same empathy that most people in the world do.
    As for everyone else, I just wish people would learn to understand that Pits are not bad dogs, they are very loving and loyal. Alot of people on here that own pits do know that and I thank you for showing your support. For the people that are too afraid to own a Pit, I’m sorry that you were either misinformed or that you had some traumatizing event happen to you that made you turn on a dog that wasn’t rasied right and wasn’t part of a loving family. Any dog can turn on any person if no raised right. I have 1 pit that was raised right and I have another that was beaten down bad a puppy and to this day is very jumpy around new people. She doesn’t growl or bark, she pees because she gets nervous. Yes, I do watch her carefully and in the 2 years that I have had her, she has come a long way and hopefully will recover over time from the past that she had. I couldn’t even hand feed her when I got her and now she sleeps in bed with me and cuddles. Dogs, if saved early enough, can turn in to great dogs and learn how to experience life in a normal household. I hate the fact that people fight dogs and what they do to them to make them that vicious. People should actually learn to read up on what they do to trian fighting dogs and not read so much as to what the media likes to play out, remember, they are just trying to fight to have a better story, not neccessarily tell you the truth.

  76. Roland Says:

    Jennifer, that is pretty sad. I love my dog and treat animals with respect but if you look at your pets as people….who do you save first? Your pet or your child?

  77. connie Says:

    OOO Good point Roland. I love watching that dog whisperer show because that guy is clearly a dog/animal lover ( as are MOST people..very few people just hate animals) BUT…he clearly knows that animal instinct and needs are much much different than people.Smart man!

  78. Stephani Says:

    Connie and Roland are right about that one. Dogs are not people. Being part of the family and being treated as a human are 2 completely different things. And Cesar Millan has to tell that to almost every family that he helps.

  79. MrGrills Says:

    First of all do a little research on the statistics of dog bites to humans. I think you will find yourself a little bit suprised and a lott bit wrong. Second of all when you say its not the owners, well there are good, responsible people who raise wonderful loving pitbulls, then there are the ones you are referring too who constantly abuse, beat, and train the dog to attack. THOSE PEOPLE ARE JUST SICK!! How would you react if to people if they were always forcing you into confrontational situations with other dogs, or constantly abused you. You would probably bight your children as well. And for those of you who say dogs are not humans and should be treated differently, well I hope reincarnation is real and you come back as a pitbull who is owned by an abusive owner. I am a current owner of an American Pitbull and he is the kindest, sweetest, smartest dog that i have ever come encounter with. I hope your kids do play with bees and they sting them and cause great fatality. Does this mean i am in favor in banning the individual who wrote this article…..Well possibly…actually….YES!!! And everyone else who agrees with her. I hope your kids get mauled and torn up by a toy poodle. Then you will feel as dumb as you are!

  80. kenny Says:

    pitbulls does leash out at people but that dont mean they should be put down us pitbull owners need to keep controll of our dogs and know what you do when we get into any mess with people or dogs me myself keep my eyes and hears open at all time when ever Im walking my pitbull

  81. Roland Says:

    MrGrills, I did do research. See the stats and links I provided.

  82. bruiser Says:

    ok look dude i have owned a pitbull for the past 4 months. i have helped raise pitbulls for the past 4 years, and i will tell you from personal experience that how a pitbull or any dog in fact gets aggressive is 100% on how they are raised by the owners. i had friends that raised their pits to be fighting dogs and if they had been in city limits would have been a problem for public safety. i raised mine a completely different way and that was how i have always raised a dog no matter what the breed. mine have always been really well-mannered and have never acted aggresive towards anybody that has come into my house. i have raised chows, rotts, and boxers and have raised them all the same way and none of them, except for the one chow, have been aggresive. a dog should not be banned because of a bad reputation. thats why now if somebody is mauled by a dog the owner faces the consequences in court. and it just kills me that you have all this time to worry about an issue that kills 5-8 people a year. thats bullshit because cigarettes kill 1200 people a year and yet we are still worried about pitbulls and how they should be banned.

  83. Zaid Bethanie Says:

    when you say it’s ove. Zaid Bethanie.

  84. Frederik Kyleigh Says:

    you had me suicidal, suicida. Frederik Kyleigh.

  85. Lisa Says:

    OMG, People. Give it up we are all giving Roland what he wants and thast an arguement. He wants to get people riled up and he did. GOOD JOB ROLAND!!! The truth is that all dogs are apt to be vicious. i for one was bitten in the face by a Pekenese, My sister was bitten ib the face by a mutt, My friend was bitten by a chow, My Fiance had half his face riped off bya German Shepard. The problem is that everyone wants to argue over whether Pits are aggressive. Well they can be as can any of these other breeds. Through all this in my life I am not afraid of dogs. I am an owner of 2 pits and a boston terrier(he is the mean one). I have a cat that they all play with. My pits love all people and animals. I think that a responsible owner of dogs(any breed/type) needs to be aware of the fact that animals in general a a risk of showing an aggressive behavior. I hope that everyone that doesnt have or know a pitbull someday will give this animal a chance. Pits are very territorial. So for the dog in the fence by Rolands house barking, he is doing what he is supposed to but warning that someone is too close to its territory by barking. If we are going to Ban Vicious breeds lets ban all breeds from small to large, they all have teeth and can bite. Hell, lets ban cats too they have claws and teeth also.

  86. Lisa Says:

    ROLAND havent heard from you in a while. NO VICIOUS ATTACKS to quote.

  87. Roland Says:

    Lisa, all you have to do is take a look at the stats I posted as well as read the news stories. Just about every week there is some story about a pitbull attacking someone. How many stories do you read of Labs viciously attacking and mauling someone?

  88. Lisa Says:

    Not the point. just because you dont hear about these attacks doesnt mean they dont happen. i am not argueing the fact that Pits can be dangerous. i am stating that all dogs big or small can attak someone. I know that you see it your way and apparently go just by stats but I use common knowledge of animals. I am an avid animal lover but believe that if any animal that I own attacks anyone or any other animal- other then protecting me and my family they will be put no quwstions asked. i am not just reffering to my pits either. I am sure that the stats you are reading ave some truth to them but when you were growing up didnt you ever hear BELIEVE NONE OF WHAT YOU HEAR AND ONLY HALF OF WHAT YOU SEE!!! I do believe that there are vicious Pits out there but I also believe that there are vicious labs, poodles,chows,greman sheperds, and so on… Please be open minded all things that god created, they arent evil animals, no more than a Lab or anything else. You raise it to be what it is.

  89. Lisa Says:

    Oh and Roland since you are so into stats, what you would like to call fact well here are a few for you…

    There is a Dog Statistics done on every breed/type each year that shows what dogs are more aggresive than others. Are you ready? Don’t believe me look it up.

    ATTS- Amercian Temperament Test Society
    Anything above 80% is good!!!!

    Dalmation 81.8%, Husky 86.6%, German Shepard/ cop dog 83.5%, Rotts
    82.6%, Mastiff 83.9%, American Pit Bull Terrier 84.3%, American Staffordshire 83.4%, Staffordshire Bull Terrier 85.3%, and Boxer
    84.3 I don’t know where they got there information but it’s wrong.

    Now the beloved little dogs..
    Collie 53.3%, Bichon Frise 79.3%, Corgi 75.4%, Chihuahua 70.3%,
    Dachshund 70.2%, Setter 75%, Schnauzer 75.5%, Lhasa Apso 69.2%

    I think we can all see that the little ones are far more aggresive than the big ones.

  90. Lisa Says:

    OK Roland you want some stories about VICIOUS LAB ATTACKS AND MAULINGS, well here are a few. Come up with another arguement.

    Dogs held after three attacks
    Tuesday, August 04, 2009
    Three men were treated for bite wounds on
    Sunday after being attacked by a dog in
    Windsor’s west end, two days after a similar
    incident involving a pair of loose dogs on
    University Avenue.
    The men, who did not suffer serious injuries,
    were all bitten on the leg by one of two dogs
    who were loose around Donnelly Street.
    “(I was) playing soccer … a dog came from
    the driveway and bite me,” said Xilin Chen,
    21. “(The dog was) a huge one … the police
    car come, I just hide in the car.”
    Police, ambulance and the humane society
    responded to the 3200 block of Donnelly
    Street near the University of Windsor, where
    Tharun Kumar Mandala, 23, was headed when
    he was bitten.
    “I was going to the university … (a black dog) came running after me. It hurt me. I was
    just standing there,” said the first-year graduate student.
    The dogs, a black lab or lab mix and yellowish lab mix, were captured by the humane
    society and will remain at their centre until today, said Melanie Coulter, the Windsor-
    Essex Humane Society’s executive director.
    “There are a couple of things that will take place. Any dogs that bit someone would
    have to be quarantined. Also, because of the bite, there will be an investigation,” she
    The investigation will determine whether the dogs will be declared dangerous. If they
    are declared dangerous, the animals may have restrictions placed on them or may be
    Coulter thinks the dogs came from a residence in the area. It’s unclear if the yellow lab
    mix bit anyone.
    Lei Yue, 24, was also bitten in the area by a black dog while playing soccer.
    “We were just doing some warmups … somebody just said ‘Don’t move.’ A dog come, a
    black one bit me,” he said.
    “It hurt like a knife.”
    Rita Poliakov
    The Windsor Star

  91. Lisa Says:

    Sedgwick dog bites 15-month-old in face
    By Cristina Janney

    Newton Kansan
    Posted Jul 24, 2009 @ 11:55 PM

    A 15-month-old girl was taken in critical but stable condition to Wesley Medical Center Friday night after being bitten in the face by a
    dog in Sedgwick, Newton Fire/EMS Battalion Chief Jerry Conyers said.
    A Sedgwick ambulance crew was called to the scene about 6:30 p.m. where a labrador, possibly the family pet, had bitten the girl, Conyers said.
    Newton EMS met the Sedgwick crew after a request for advanced life support and transported the girl to Wichita.
    The girl’s name was not released.
    Conyers said as in most dog bite cases, the incident likely will be investigated by local law enforcement.

  92. Lisa Says:

    Here are some Story Titles

    Rochester awaits verdict after Lab bites
    neighbor—-Souix city journal.com

    Lab attacks again–KSPR News Springfield
    Former state representative Mark Wright’s labrador “Charlee” struck again on
    Wednesday injuring a 22-year-old student from Baptist Bible College.
    In February the dog bit a 14-year-old boy, and Wright issued a statement saying the
    dog would be put down, but after a change of heart, and a different story to the health
    department, the dog stayed at his residence inside the Springfield city limits.

    TDN.com | Labradors attack several goats in Mount Brynion Road area

    InjuryBoard.com–A delivery man was bitten through storm door and received a puncture wound to his hand. The innocent
    delivery man had to undergo surgery for the tendon and nerve damage caused by the dog’s attack.
    In this case, the plaintiff was a UPS delivery man who was bitten in the hand by the defendant’s white
    Labrador Retriever.


  93. Roland Says:

    Never said all dogs don’t bite.

  94. Lisa Says:

    No you didnt but you did say that you dont hear of labs viciously attacking anyone but i gave you stories that you cant argue with. So why do you say that all pits are bad because there are some that attack. It really is all about how you raise a dog. I just want you to see that Lab and all dogs can be just as dangerous. Its just that the National News Media doesnt emphasize on all dogs attacking, you have to look in the local media for that. PITS make better stories. I just had to say that to argue that Labs dont attack is completely crazy. Guess now you need a new angle now…

  95. Santorelli Says:

    Hey are you a professional journalist? This article is very well written, as compared to most other blogs i saw today…. anyhow thanks for the good read!

    • Lisa Says:

      No I am not a professional journalist but I am a strong minded woman that thinks that to believe that only pitbulls attack is absolutely rediculous. I have 2 pits and they are sweet and loving but yes i am a realist and do know that any dog can snap at any time. I just cant belive that people thimk that there is no other kind of attacks out there because they dont see it on the news. Well I know that the media doesnt always tell the truth either. I just wanna get out there that other dogs and even cats can be just as vicious as Pits. Thanks for the Compliment though, Keep Blogging. At least I know one person is paying attention to what i am saying.

  96. Lisa Says:

    Wow it sure is quiet around here. I was hoping to get some more feedback about how vicious and horrible pitbulls are but I guess everyone has had a revelation… Im loving it…

  97. The Dude Says:

    No, Lisa, it’s just that everyone can clearly see the proof provided by Roland and they don’t feel the need to argue with a blabbering idiot.

    • Lisa Says:

      OMG thats was classic. You cant say anything other than calling someone a blubbering Idiot. Really grow up. You have all the facts i can see that from what you wrote. Im not even sure you know what a fact(PROOF) are. i know what statistics are which is what roland put on here, NOT FACTS!!! I hope that you learn the difference. I guess when you can come up with someting better than name calling than you will be the smart one. Oh and by the way at least some of us did look up actual facts, when you do that and have proof then call me an idiot. Have a wonderful day and keep your head up!!!

  98. Lisa Says:

    OH yeah and as a matter of facton NOV 11 2009 Roland even calls them stats himself. He said the stats he posted, NOT FACT OR PROOF!!!

  99. Lisa Says:

    Wow so I was called a Blabbering Idiot and then I replied and get nothing. I still say that the facts are out there if anyone wants to find them. I havent written in awhile and thought that since I have gotten a new dog that everyone should know how vicious Pitbulls are. I have a
    7 lb. Papillion and Two 55 lb pitbulls and they all play constantly. I know that to let them play together is just aweful because pits are vicious YEAH RIGHT!!!

  100. Lisa Says:


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