Burning Popcorn

 As I sit here now, working away trying to meet deadlines, the smell of burnt popcorn permeates the office and is causing a major distraction.  How hard is it to microwave a bag of popcorn?  Most microwaves these days have preset timers just for popcorn so only a complete idiot would burn it. 

Actually, the reason people burn popcorn is because they throw it in, press “Start” then walk away and go chit chat with others, completely forgetting what they are cooking.  Then, they start to smell something and run back to stop it but it’s too late.  Just like B.O. in a crowded elevator, the smell is out there and ain’t leaving for a good while!

I move to remove all popcorn from office vending machines and to have a 5 year moratorium on microwaving popcorn in an office. 


4 Responses to “Burning Popcorn”

  1. Marty Says:

    I admit it. I’m a popcorn burner. BUT, I did at some point realize my limitations and stopped buying it to burn (waste).

  2. Jill Says:

    Instead of removing the popcorn, how about removing the people from the office who cannot work a microwave? Why should others suffer because of the “microwave challenged”? We just had the burnt popcorn smell in the office yesterday!

  3. Roland Says:

    Very true. That is a great idea for a new post. Watch for it soon as there are several areas where people are “microwave challenged”. Same thing for ATM’s, VCR’s and other. Thanks!

    I guess I should also point out it is mainly the office I am referring to. Not at home.

    BTW, have any of you tried Jiffy Pop in the past..oh…20 years? That was always a lot of fun.

  4. newhoosier Says:

    I’d rather smell burnt popcorn in the office than properly cooked popcorn, personally. It comes down to the fact that the properly cooked popcorn smells good to me, so I’d want it. They can keep their burnt popcorn!

    Hey, maybe that’s why they do it–so no one else comes to them looking to share.

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