Anti Wal-Mart People


 I just don’t understand it.  Why do people have such a beef with Wal-Mart?  It really bothers me.  Now, I’m not talking of the people who don’t want it near their home.  I sorta understand that (but if it was a Target, these same people would, many times, be just fine with it) to a degree but what bugs the heck out of me are all these Commie Socialists out there.  They demand Wal-Mart have a union or they want to ban Wal-Mart from the city.  They demand Wal-Mart increase their hourly wage or that they increase their prices so not to drive their competition out of business.  Do we live in a free country?  Do we have a capitalist system or not?  Give me a break!

Let’s take a look at a few of these arguments.  A union? Please.  Unions are what is driving American Car makers out of business.  If you think you get bad service at Wal-Mart now (which you usually do), don’t expect it to get any better with a union.  Plus, why should they?  I love the story of the guy paid by a labor union to protest Wal-mart.  He was paid $6.00/hour with no benefits to protest Wal-Mart employees making $10.17/hour with benefits.  Classic!

How about wages?  Wal-Mart pays more than many other retail outlets.  Maybe not the most but if you don’t like it, don’t work there.  How many stories have you seen where a new Wal-Mart opened somewhere and they had 2000 job openings and 10,000 people applied?  It happens all the time.    Since when did higher wages and company paid health insurance become a right? 

Check out this quote from some anti site: “In our America, corporations live up to their responsibility and provide their employees with adequate and affordable health care coverage. ” 

What????  What “responsibility?”  How about YOUR OWN responsibility buddy?  Why is it your companies job to make sure you have health insurance? 

This one you hear all the time: “Wal-Mart is driving the Mom and Pop stores in downtown out of business!”.  Really?  Wal-Mart is?  How are they doing that?  If the customers of Mom and Pop never shop at Wal-Mart and continue to go to Mom and Pop, would Mom and Pop die?  No way.  It would be Wal-Mart that would go under.  So, you see, it is the customers that ultimately close Mom and Pop, not Wal-Mart.

 I’m not going to sit here and say that Wal-Mart is squeaky clean.  They have been caught on some issues and their service is usually poor.  Their stores are usually messy as well.  I KNOW THAT.  I don’t go there expecting wonderful service or pristine end caps but hey, bottom line is the price.  I will wait in line a bit longer and have to endure the redneck behind me and her screaming kids if I can get that G.I. Joe with the kung fu grip for $10.00 cheaper than Target.

The Wal-Mart story is a Capitalists dream.  I guess some people (Liberals usually) just can’t stand success.

We need a 10 year moratorium on Wal-Mart whiners.


6 Responses to “Anti Wal-Mart People”

  1. newhoosier Says:

    I don’t particulary like Wal*Mart, but I also don’t have a problem with them. To me, and some other consumers, price isn’t the bottom line. There are multiple factors that go into a purchase or shopping experience.

  2. Politics and Culture Says:


    We go to Wal-Mart at least once a week — usually it is for convenience and price.

    But I also choose to shop at our local hardware store. I know I could get what I’m looking for cheaper at Home Depot or Wal-Mart, but the service at Home Hardware is unmatched.

    The common thread you will find in most of the anti-Walmart people is that they are very pro-union. I suspect that much of their funding probably comes from organizations like the U.A.W.

  3. cheree Says:

    Have you read, “The World Is Flat”? It devotes an entire chapter as to how Wal*Mart perfected getting mass quantities of the things we wall need into thousands of different stores AND they did it from nowhere, Arkansas. It is pretty amazing what they have been able to accomplish. They were the first to do it and no one has really been able to match them. It seems that most people just hate anyone that succeeds, especially if they succeed big.

  4. Roland Says:

    Hey! You found my site! Cool.

    That book sounds interesting. I remember standing in Wal-Mart in Searcy once and a friend of mine said “Look at all the crap they sell”. It’s true though. 50 years ago if you needed a variety of things you would have to go to 3 or more different stores. Now, you can almost just go to one and get everything. Pretty nice.

  5. Bob Sanchez Says:

    Walmart is a bad place, a very bad place/ It’s where bad service starts and customer satisfaction ends. When is the last time more than a single walmart employee has been caught using the register and about fifty guarding the self-checkout systems. their laziness prevents most of them from caring or helping anyone besides themselves.

  6. Roland Says:

    I won’t disgree with you there Bob…their service is poor but they make enough money to not have to worry about that.

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