Raisins in cookies

I am sure you have done this before.  Someone offers you a cookie.  You look at the plate and feel the saliva forming in your glands.  The smell hits your nose and soon Pavlov would be proud.  You can just imagine the semi-sweet chocolate melting in your mouth.  You anxiously accept and take one only to notice upon closer inspection that it is filled not with wonderfully sweet chocolate but nasty raisins!!!  Maybe you even bit into it first before you noticed.  Yeah, I know.  You just threw up in your mouth thinking about it, didn’t you?

Raisins have NO place in cookies.  None.  Ziltch.  50 year moratorium from putting anything  this gross into a cookie.  However, if you must put some in, at least have the decency to alert people of it.

Something else….there needs to be a moratorium on mixing chocolate chip cookies with raisin cookies.  That is a low down dirty trick.   I believe this goes back to OT times when Moses declared somewhere in Leviticus that a chocolate chip cookie becomes unclean if it touches a cookie with a raisin in it.  Really. 

Want an example?  On Valentine’s Day this year a co-workers wife made some cookies.  He sent an E-mail out saying come over if you want some fresh, yummy cookies.  Of course a few of us made a dash over there.  The cookie I got was very good.  A girl picked one up and after looking at it saw it was full of raisins.  Yes, his wife mixed the two on the same plate.  UNCLEAN!!! UNCLEAN!!  Anyway, this co-worker had to yell out “Hey! Anyone want a raisin cookie I touched?” since, being honest, she did not feel it right to put a cookie back once she touched it. 

So, let’s all remember how the Israelites had to wander for 40 years because of raisins in cookies!


4 Responses to “Raisins in cookies”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Amen! I don’t know how many times I’ve bitten into a cookie only to taste a stupid raisin. Being the nice guy that I am, I just choke it down and don’t say anything.

    Another thing that bothers me is nuts. I love nuts, but I can’t eat them (I’m not allergic, my system just can’t handle them). A lot of peple put nuts in brownies. There should be a law against that. The nuts are nothing more than filler — they take up precious space that could be filled by brownie goodness!

    If you’re going to make chocolate chip cookies or brownies, be a purist. No nuts!

  2. Roland Says:

    That is true about the nuts taking up precious chocoate space. I remember when I used to bake cookies back in the day I was always puzzled why the Toll House recepie called for chopped nuts. You don’t put nuts into chocolate chip cookies.

  3. Marty Says:

    Amen and amen. Both on the raisins and the nuts. I always end up making banana bread when I get bananas (because I don’t eat them before they get old), and NEVER put nuts in it. Or raisins, for that matter.

  4. newhoosier Says:

    Good call…. who the heck puts raisins and chocolate chips on the same plate. It’s a bait and switch! Raisin’d cookies should come with a full disclosure agreement.

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