Asking Questions

Why is it when you ask questions about something it is automatically viewed in the negative by so many?  Have a question about the war in Iraq?  You don’t support the troops and don’t love America.  Question a Police shooting?  You must hate the Police.  Question authority? You are a trouble maker.  I’m really sick of this.   Unless we want to live in a dictatorship, questions need to happen.  We need to be asking questions then questioning the answers.  I have seen far too many times where an elected official gets all upset when his policies are questioned.  They must be hiding something if they don’t like you asking questions.

Can we please have a moratorium on ripping on someone who is simply asking honest questions?  Oh, and when you get an answer don’t be like the stupid reporters of the Washington Press Corp who ask the same question again once they get an answer. 

This moratorium is in two halves.  The second part of it is ASKING questions.  I am sick of Liberal reporters constantly asking question after question after question to Conservatives but Liberals…just little softballs with no follow up.  Can someone point to me an instance when Hillary was asked any hard hitting questions?  Please..someone show me one interview where she got the kinds of questions that the President gets.  Bottom line is she doesn’t.

So, let’s also have a moratorium on more questions being asked…fast pitch hardball ones.


4 Responses to “Asking Questions”

  1. mahafreed Says:

    Interesting. An active press is essential for good governance.

  2. Roland Says:

    I wish we had an “active” press. The press we have now is simply a tabloid one that doesn’t necessarily lean left. They just hate Republicans.

  3. newhoosier Says:

    Another problem I find is people not answering the question. Like a kid on a test, a politican will effectively repeat the question–if not dodge it altogether.

  4. Asking Questions part 2 « The Moratorium Site Says:

    […] another question type moratorium is on people who ask you a question, you give an answer, they thank you […]

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