Makeover shows

I was going to just do a moratorium on Ty Pennington and how much we need to STOP seeing his face on everything but the more I thought about it, the more I am just sick of these types of shows.  It’s the same thing…one channel starts something such as “Trading Spaces” and it’s a hit then before you know it, every channel is doing one.  Every talk host is doing it.  As in any moratorium, the idea starts out good but just gets waaaaaaaaaaaaay over done.

A big problem with these shows sometimes is how phony it all is.  They take a cute person and take the worst photo of them.  Make sure the lighting is bad and they look like they lost their best friend  They give them bad clothes and no makeup.  Then, for the “reveal” or final product they give them great lighting, great clothes and have them smile huge.  It’s so fake.

Yes, sometimes they really improve these people and yes, it is touching sometimes…but even “Where the Red Fern Grows” is touching..until you have seen it a dozen times and redone in 6 different ways. 

I think we need a 10 year moratorium on any new makeover shows.

Oh..BTW, we also need one on Ty Pennington for at least 20 years.  That dude is as bad as Rachael Ray!!!


5 Responses to “Makeover shows”

  1. Miss.Penington Says:

    What is wrong with shows like these?? They aren’t phisically hurting anyone. Are they?? NO! They help familys i just shook Ty Penningtos hand and took a picture with Michael and my friend Sarah talked to Paul on the phone ! They are in Billings Mt helping the Carter Family! B-cuz the carter family lived in a chicken coop and have a rare disease! They help and if someone in your familys needed help im sure you would only want the best for them just like ppl like Ty Pennington are doing. So ppl who hve no lie find one else where ! Where ur not ragging on ppl who arent doing anything!

  2. Miss. Pennington Says:

    These shows arent staged these ppl need help! They dont taketheir worst photo. I have spent mny hours watching this house get built ihave herd the carters story its ot fake! So again stop makin stuff up and et a life!

  3. Roland Says:

    Hmmmmm….not staged huh? How do you explain the pictures on this post? Why not take them both exactly the same…same pose, same smile?

  4. Antinea Says:

    to Roland and the bittersoul who started this…. Ty and his crew HELP PEOPLE, he re-builds their house!!!!!!! not their face or body!!! besides just because you thinks you don’t need anybody’s help doesn’t mean the whole world is full of bitter, envy and all the poison you have on your veins…

  5. Antinea Says:

    The part from besides till the end was just 4 the person who started this discussion, sorry Roland

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