Christmas lights? Sure.  ANY other holiday lights?  NO!  In our neighborhood we have folks who put up lights for Halloween (that is a maybe….but they have to be spooky lights such as strobe lights), Easter, St. Pats day and Valentine’s day.  Give me a break!  Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t Christmas the only day that lights actually have a meaning?  You know, it’s bad enough that people put flags up for every holiday, we don’t need lights as well!!

 BTW, don’t get me started on people who leave their lights up or on for the year.  Did you know that in the lending business, many lenders used to look unfavorably on Borrowers who still had Christmas lights up way past Christmas?  It was a sign of bad credit since, if you lazy enough to not take your Christmas lights down, you are probably too lazy to make your payments on time. 

Give us an 8 year moratorium on any decorative lights except for Christmas.


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