Misleading and Misrepresentation

Nothing bothers me more then when the media misleads someone with a headline or a story.  This is not about the Liberal media (that will be a separate post later on) but just a small footnote on that.  Of course, a footnote is at the bottom but this is my blog and I’ll do it my way and make the footnote before the actual reference.

Take a look at this:

The article states “Global warming sees polar bears stranded on melting ice”.  What a bunch of garbage!  Polar Bears can swim over a hundred miles before even needing a rest.  I know this because not only does this article state it (“Swimming 100 miles is not a big deal for a polar bear, especially a fat one,” said Dr Ian Stirling of the Canadian Wildlife Service”) but also from watching wildlife shows with my kids.  However, if you didn’t bother to read the article and just read the headline and saw the picture you would begin to panic and buy into all this Global Warming crap (another post on that later as well). 

Another wonderful note about this article is this:

“Scientists say the survival of polar bears may rely on special conservation areas, but even that seems a forlorn hope with a United Nations report expected to say that sea levels will carry on rising for over 1,000 years even if greenhouse gases can be curbed.”

So, we don’t stand a chance anyway.  We can’t do anything because now it’s gonna be 1000 years of this.  1000 years!!!!!  They can’t even predict the weather for the next 24 hours with 100% accuracy yet they can for 1000 years from now??? 

Anyway, this just stuck in my craw.  Thought I would share.  Hmmm..maybe I should rename this site to “Stuck in my craw!”.  

How long should this moratorium be?  How can you put a time limit on something this stupid and bias? 


2 Responses to “Misleading and Misrepresentation”

  1. newhoosier Says:

    1000 years sounds like a good amount of time for the moratorium. If the UN can use a nice big, perfectly round number (only one sigfig), why can’t you?

    1,000 year moratorium on junk science and subsequent predictions for the future.

  2. Marty Says:

    I wonder how much of our tax money they spent “discovering” that there’s nothing to be done about global warming…and I’m good with 1000 year moratorium here. After all, that’s when they’re telling us to check back.

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