Hardee’s Burgers and Ad Campaign


Does anyone else think this looks gross?  I must admit that I love a good, thick cheeseburger but Hardee’s just goes overboard.  This one, their chili cheese thick disgusting burger is just one of the many half-a-cow burgers they offer.  Do they offer a role of toilet paper as well when you buy one?

Listen, I am not one of those health freaks who thinks that Govco should step in and regulate what a person eats or who buys into that “Supersize Me” movie crap.  As long as you eat in moderation, I see no problem with red meat, trans-fat french fries or anything else like that.  However, when they pack two or three meals together into one sandwich, it’s just gross.   Have you seen their new Monster Biscuit?biscuit

Here, let me just pick one up and go down to the homeless shelter.  I’m sure it will feed a family of 4 easily!! 

 Another thing is  their ad campaign.  Have you seen these commecials?  They show these burgers then zoom in on some dude eating it and they crank the sound up.   You get to see a close up shot of some slob chewing on one of these half-a-cow with chili and sauce dripping down his chin while you also hear him crunching and chewing and smacking.  As Napoleon would say “GROSS!”

The big question here is, are these ads appetizing in the least?  You look at ads from other fast food chains and they look really good.  Of course, you never get a sandwich that looks that good but at least you don’t start off with a sick looking burger on TV.

Let’s have an 8 year moratorium on Hardee’s.  By that time they will be out of business anyway!


9 Responses to “Hardee’s Burgers and Ad Campaign”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Thankfully, there are very few Hardees restaurants in these parts. We don’t ever see their ads on TV.

    Many years ago I broke a tooth when I bit down on something hard in one of their burgers.

  2. Marty Says:

    I HATE those ads–listening to anyone eat anything totally peeves me. One of the reasons I won’t let my students eat in the classroom. Hardee’s also consistently makes me, well, ill. So after two attempts (they have a location close to work), I imposed a moritorium on them myself.

  3. Roland Says:

    I actually used to work there but it was back in the day when they were normal. Thinking about it now, it was 15 years ago. Wow!! That makes me feel old. It’s now not even a Hardee’s anymore but some pizza or chicken place.

  4. Marty Says:

    I did the Wendy’s gig. Salad-bar gal. That’s me. And yes, I’ll still eat there.

  5. Roland Says:

    Same here! Wendy’s in Searcy. I love Wendy’s.

  6. newhoosier Says:

    In case anyone doesn’t agree with you on this one, here’s a coupon:

    Personally, I think if the breakfast sandwiches look like that, I’d get a normal bacon, egg, and cheese or sausage, egg, and cheese. I’m not Godzilla, so the whole triple-meat-layered, cheese covered bisquit would be too much food for me.

  7. Roland Says:

    Maybe it’s just me as well but I don’t know how anyone can eat ANY double or triple burger, Hardee’s or not.

  8. Leo Says:

    Let’s have a moratorium on you!
    Hardees rawks!!!
    Only wussies weat regular burgers!

  9. Donna Says:

    Personally I think their latest ad for bacon cheeseburger is inappropriate for t.v. If I wanted to expose my children to this type of pornography I’d get them a subscription to Playboy. Not only will I not eat there any longer, I’ll have my friends me us at Wendy’s.

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