Rachael Ray

R Ray

She is EVERYWHERE!!!!  Ugh!!  When she had a show (or two) on the Travel Channel, that was fine and cute and interesting but now….you cannot go anywhere without seeing her face and hearing her stupid sayings (“Oh my Gravy!”).  I walked into a Wal-Mart the other day looking for a magazine and there she was…on the cover of multiple mags including her own.  I turn around and there is a Rachel Ray DVD.  I put my head down and walked very quickly over to the grocery section.  Maybe some snacks will get my mind off her.  I turn the corner and there she is on multiple Nabisco boxes!!!    I then drove home and decided to veg and really get my mind off her with some TV….and she is all over that as well!!  Just about every channel either had a commerical for her show or a commercial she was in or a talk show she was on!!!  Did you know that even the Oxford American College Dictionary is thinking off adding her term EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)? 

It’s not that I minded her in the beginning…but when the media OD’s on someone or something it gets bad. 

Did you know she was named #92 on FHM-US’s 100 sexiest women 2004?  She was 71 in 2006.  She should not even be on that list much less moving up!!!!  Just because someone is splattered all over the media marketplace does not make them sexy.  If that was the case, Hillary Clinton would be number one (gave ya shivers, right?).  Also, someone who uses words and phrases such as

“Insanely good!”
“Juzsh” (just stir)

does NOT deserve a ranking of “sexiest”.

20 years.  Yep.  20 yer moratorium on anything Rachel Ray.  Either that or limit her to one appearance a week on any media outlet. 


12 Responses to “Rachael Ray”

  1. Jeff Says:

    But she is just soooo cute!

  2. I.P. Freely Says:

    I don’t know…..

    She looks pretty good Here. And Here. And Here. Oh, and Here.

  3. Roland Says:

    Cute, yes. Sexy, no.

  4. Marty Says:

    How about a moritorium on perkiness? That would catch a lot of fish in one net. Including Rachel Ray.

  5. Marty Says:

    But not Hilary…

  6. Roland Says:

    In what way are you using the word “perky”? 😉

  7. newhoosier Says:

    When the alternative cooks that I could be looking at include Emeril, The Iron Chefs, and the Barefoot Contessa, I’ll take Rachel Ray and put her on any magazine, book, or DVD.

    Would you rather it be a different over-used celebrity face, say Dr. Phil, Elmo, or Jerry Springer?

  8. Roland Says:

    Don’t get me started on Dr. Phil (yet!).

    Like I said, I didn’t mind her…but the fact she is plastered EVERYTHING is what drives me crazy!

  9. Serena Says:

    I had to laugh when I read Roland’s original statement. I said the same thing to a friend last week. One or two shows are fine, but this is overkill. She reminds me of an over eager acquaintance, you enjoy visiting with once in a while, but want to screen your calls when they push too hard.
    Enough is enough.

  10. Cc Says:

    I think that all these people that have negative comments to say about rachael are just jealous.

    Maybe if you had a life, you wouldn’t let your inadequacies reflect towards other people’s success

  11. Amanda Hugginkiss Says:

    It appears the ugly green monster rears it’s head…Yes, she IS that sexy and yes, you all ARE jealous.

  12. Roland Says:

    Hey, I used to think she was cute…that is until we got overload of her face plastered everywhere. I can’t even get a snack without seeing her face!! What’s next, toilet paper?

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