Motivational Books

Understanding Self-Motivation

Every year it seems someone comes out with the new must read motivation book that every CEO or Manager requires his staff to read.  Now, how many of those books actually say anything new?   Having read several over the past few years I can tell you that they usually have very little new ideas.  They are all just repackaged junk you have heard a million times if you are in business.  Can we name some?

  • To grow and be productive, you must be able to change
  • We are all leaders in our own way
  • Be proactive not reactive
  • Understand your employees
  • Burn the bridges
  • Yada, Yada, Yada

It is like there is one big book out there from 1980 and everyone is just going back and rewording everything.    What is worse is that some of these authors make a living writing multiple books.   Look, if your first book was so great, why do I need to be motivated again? Can’t I just reread your first one?

 Don’t get me wrong.  There are some GREAT motivational books out there for the business world that are very helpful.  It’s just that…do we need any more???

There should be at least a 10 year Moratorium on any new motivational/sales book.


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