Award Shows

Golden Globe

Ok, we just got thru the Golden Globes last night.  Now, how many more will there be this year?  It seems like every time you turn around there is yet another one.  Oscar, Grammy, Tony, AMA, MTV Video….you get my point.  Does it not cheapen the award just a bit when they have so many shows that just about everyone gets an award?  What needs to happen is they need to have a 15 year moratorium on any new award shows then, on year 15, whatever shows are left, they need to narrow down the shows to only 3.  That way, no matter how long the show is, at least there is only 3 to endure.  Either that or they need to have one channel dedicated to only award shows.  Well, no…because we would still have to hear about what everyone wore or said the next day.  Just give us a break from them…just for a little while!


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