10 year Moratorium on Medical Dramas

Grey’s Anatomy

Ok, first things first…Medical Dramas on TV.  Puke shows like Grey’s Anatomy, ER, House, Scrubs (yeah, I know, it’s a comedy but still takes place in a Hospital) and the like.  Give me a break! They are ALL the same and you have a new one come out just about every year.   You have  everything that can possibly go on or go wrong in a hospital happen to THAT hospital.  You have everyone sleeping with everyone else (and never any VD outbreaks…imagine that!).    It’s become a bore and I don’t care if it does get great ratings, I am tired of them.  There needs to be a 10 year moratorium on any new medical shows.


2 Responses to “10 year Moratorium on Medical Dramas”

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    […] up with that?   Are they running out of new ideas?    I’ve got an Idea…stop making Hospital and Lawyer shows and concentrate on NEW […]

  2. ER « The Moratorium Site Says:

    […] It’s the last season….FINALLY!!!!  My very first post on this blog was about medical dramas and how we need a moratorium on them.   How every single […]

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